giant black sweater

First time (Yoosung Kim/MC)

Hey guys! This is a Yoosung/MC first time fic anddddd it’s way longer than I was planning. I am so ashamed (not really).

It had been six months since they’d started dating and Yoosung hadn’t touched her yet. They’d had heavy makeout sessions, some grinding…but he had adjusted himself and stopped every damn time. MC was running out of options and dry underwear. She usually spent every night in his apartment- either studying or playing LOLOL…but neither of those things were what she really wanted. Just imagining his innocent face between her thighs had her panting. Tonight, damn it. It was going to happen.
To (hopefully) throw a wrench into his self control, she’d invited him over to her spacious apartment tonight. She worked at a company doing office work so she was slightly better off than her boyfriend who lived in a glorified closet. MC pulled on a lacy thong and her new set of black lace lingerie, throwing on a giant oversized black knit sweater that reached mid thigh. She surveyed herself in the mirror, and put on some red lipstick and dark mascara. Perfect. Just about that time the doorbell rang, and she strode toward the door to let Yoosung in.
She wasn’t sure what to expect when she opened the door, but Yoosung didn’t disappoint. He took one look at her bare legs and the shoulder that was hanging out of her sweater and turned bright red. MC leaned against the doorway and looked him up and down. Same hoodie…same jeans. She wanted to tear them off of him.
“Come on in babe,” she said as she swung out of the way, “don’t be a stranger!” Yoosung took a moment before he could move, his legs jerking forward. She’d invited him over under the guise of a guild raid in LOLOL but those plans had changed…well, quite a while ago. Since she’d invited him, actually. MC grabbed his hand and led him into the dark bedroom.
“Um…MC…wh-where’s the computer? Wh-what’s going on-?”
He stopped mid sentence when she turned around and dropped the sweater to the floor. She thought he might faint if any more blood rushed to his head he was so red. His fingers started to reach for her until he pulled them into a fist at his side. “MC…I’ve never…I’m not s-sure…”
She stopped him with a kiss. She tangled her hands into his hair and slipped her tongue into his mouth, and Yoosung let out a groan that had her soaking. His hands wrapped around her and he gasped when he felt the bare skin of her ass while one hand fisted in her hair. “Don’t worry,” she murmured,“I’ll teach you…” Yoosung’s pupils were blown out as she unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants off, leaving on his boxer briefs. His hard length had already smeared precum on the gray material and she felt her insides clench at the thought of that for HER.
Yoosung pulled off his jacket and shirt, leaving himself bare. He wasn’t a very muscular guy, but her mouth went dry seeing his face above her, eyes hot and uncertain. She pulled off his briefs and he gasped as the air hit his length. MC took his cock in her hands, asking him if this was okay. His head jerked into a nod as she licked the precum from his tip and took him into her mouth. Yoosung gasped and groaned so loud she thought she must be dripping onto the carpet - the sound went right through her. She wasn’t sure how long she could drag this out if he was making noises like that.
When she started moving her head, taking his entire length into her mouth, he fisted his hand into her hair and gasped her name. “I-if you keep d-doing that I’m gonna - I’m gonna-” she heard the need in his voice and swirled her tongue around his tip, pulling his cock out of her mouth. “We can’t have that, not yet anyway. You’re here to learn, right?” Yoosung jerked his head in a nod as she led him to the bed, letting him explore and take the lead.
His hands pulled at your breasts as his breathing hitched. “I-is this fine?” She grabbed one of his hands and moved it to the slit between her legs, and he gasped. “I-I can’t wait, MC. I need you.” She shook as he pulled her thong to the side and rubbed his cock along her cunt, rubbing into her clit. She moaned and his control snapped. He slid into her wetness and pumped his hips, as he moved a finger over the spot that had made her groan. MC saw stars behind her eyes as she felt her walls contract around his hard length and the orgasm roared up to take her. Yoosung’s eyes rolled as he took her nipple into his mouth and rolled his hips again, getting closer with every pump.
MC was panting his name when she remembered that this was his first time. “Ah! Yoosung - ah- wh-where do you wan-t to f-f-finish-?” His eyes flew open and he gripped her hair with a strength that surprised and made her even hotter. He pumped his hips and said “I want to finish inside you, is th-that ok-okay?” She breathlessly nodded as he took her tongue into his mouth and she wrapped her legs around his hips. His thrusts began to get harder and more erratic as he groaned and spilled inside of her.
Yoosung collapsed on top of her, sliding his face along her neck and leaving marks there. “You know I love you, right?” She nodded as her breathing returned to normal and he slid out of her - leaning down to watch his cum drip out of her. She giggled a bit as his face turned bright red and his length started to get hard again. “Round two?” His eyes darted up to her and a wicked grin smeared across his face. He didn’t bother answering her with words.