giant baby clown

Randon headcanon (clown baby headcanon)

Joker is banned from giving the baby a bath after Harley had to clean up an entire bathroom filled with bubbles (that came from every single bottle of bubble bath they owned…)

To whoever loves him next,

Take care of him. He’s the sweetest and his kisses leave a lingering taste of a hangover on your lips. He may seem tough and that nothing bothers him, but he’s actually a giant baby. He’s terrified of clowns, but won’t show it. If theres a clown just turn his face towards yours and kiss him. When you’re watching a scary movie with him he’ll act brave for you, but deep down he’s actually just as scared. He likes to be adored and babied. Remind him everyday how much you love him and how grateful you are for him. He likes to be kissed on his neck, but his favorite spot is where his jaw and ear connect. He has a smile of a thousand galaxies so when he smiles at you embrace it. When he’s angry, he gets really angry. But just hold him in your arms and let him know that it’ll all be okay. If he cries in front you then that means he trusts you. Wipe his tears and lay him on your chest while you play with his hair trust me that will make his tears disappear. He likes to play video games, but he’s a sore loser. Let him win sometimes. He’s so smart and his mind is one of the world’s wonders. Let him tell you about his ideas and thoughts about an after life. When he loves, he loves hard. He’ll treat you like a queen and he deserves to be treated like a king. He’s my love and some day he’ll be someone else’s too.
—  Luna