The OUREA Christian Grajewski

“317 years after human kind’s extinction, the OUREA reaches her final destination, the planet Aion. Loaded with the genetic samples and the memory of a billion people and the equipment to build a new world. Theia the artificial intelligence has the task to rebuild human society…“


Kolyvan vase  1828-1843.
The State Hermitage Museum - Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The gigantic green jasper Kolyvan Vase is one of the finest creations of Russian stone-cutters, remarkable for its size and beauty of form. The vase that weighs almost 19 tons and is 2.57 m (8.5 ft) high was produced at the Kolyvan lapidary works (Altai). The bowl (5.04 x 3.22 m) was made of a great slab of greenish jasper found at the foot of Revnev Mountain, the stem was composed of three monolithic stones and one more huge stone was used as the base. 

It took two whole years to cut this single slab of jasper from the rock, a thousand men to haul it to the Kolyvan lapidary factory, and another twelve years to produce the finished masterpiece. The vase was designed by Avraam Melnikov and in 1849 it was raised in the New Hermitage by the means of hundreds of workers: it was placed in a hall that was completed after the placement of the vase itself, which would not otherwise have passed through access doorways.