I have been trying out another style, because I never stick with anything. also, filters because my camera sucks and I try to make it look ‘better’.

I have also been practicing 'perspective’ drawings. The tiny figure is my friend @vorefest I hope they don’t mind me posting. Haha. °^°

My players, once in the giants kingdom, found themselves in a fighting tournament ^-^ Their opponent was this lovely lady :) a Rogue giant who used invisibility spells to vanish and sneak attack her enemies >:3 

My players used their magic to defeat her, which led to them being capture and almost made a part of Gisella’s experiments ^-^

Story Excerpt

The sunlight wavered and flickered above him, plunging the world into cold and darkness with every flutter of sunlight. However, Ari’s position remained steadfast.  Ari was a man of constitution and he was not about to be set into a panic over some capricious deer. The caver’s hand brushed up against the tree’s lofty roots, angling his face get a better look at the creature blocking the sunlight. Even in early summer, the forest held a ghost of winter - especially in the mornings. Ari wasn’t particularly fond of most creatures; however, he had a special disdain for creatures that deigned to block his sun.

Witha glance over his back it became clear, though, that was not just some deer.

His heart thudded into his throat.