Shameful G/t confessions: Before we go to sleep, @xyiezjette tells me where she’s going to curl up on my body for the night; usually against my neck. I keep my phone in the place she tells me so it feels like she’s there in the middle of the night, and if she texts me, it feels like I’m getting tiny pokes trying to get my attention.


If a Giant hasn’t eaten their tiny in quite a while, like say the smol is on some trip somewhere, then wouldn’t they get these empty feelings in their stomachs? Like even if they snack on something else the feeling still kinda lingers?

But when the tiny returns, after expressing how much they missed the smol, I’d imagine that the Giant would savor their taste which would of increased ten fold before they get to swallowing them!

Giant Sphinx moth caterpillars, Pseudosphinx tetrio by Andreas Kay
Via Flickr:
from Ecuador: