gianpiero moretti


01  ——-   Porsche 917s lined up in preparation for FIA homologation. (Porsche AG photo)

02 ——- Ferrari 512s lined up at the factory for FIA homologation in late 1969

03 —— Porsche 917 in Gulf livery upon announcement in 1969 of the cooperative agreement between Porsche, Gulf Oil Company and J.W. Automotive Engineering of England. (Porsche WERKFOTO)

04 —– Mario Andretti driving one of three factory Ferrari 512s entered at Daytona in 1970.

05 —– the Daytona Speedway showing the new Gulf Porsche 917K in Gulf livery and a new Ferrari 512S.

06 —– Private entry Ferrari 512S of Corrado Manfredini and Gianpiero Moretti at Daytona in 1970