gianni bab


“We’re gonna have to start preparing soon, y’know. I have a feeling this baby’s not gonna let me stray far from Puebla without coming out swinging.”
“So we’ll stay in Mexico for a while, maybe longer than we anticipated. But that was always the plan, wasn’t it?”
“Yeah, I’m just…nervous. Traveling while I’m this pregnant, the heat, my moods…”
“It’s more than that, isn’t it? You’re nervous about meeting the rest of your family.”
“It’s just…nerve-wracking. Even more so for my dad, I’m sure…but I hope it’ll be worth it, to finally come to know the missing parts of our family.”
“It will be…and I’m sure your abuela will be more than happy to accommodate the birth. She’ll get to meet her great-grandchild as soon as they enter the world, what’s more spectacular than that?”
“Few things in this life, mon gros loup. By the way…have you talked to Santi since the wedding?”
“Not since he decided he wanted to come with us.”