Uncredited Art

My good friend deltheor created a fake box art for fun, and included a watermark on it. He put a lot of hard work into it, and Gian removed his watermark and gave no credit in one of his videos. It’s utterly disappointing to see someone would stoop so low for views. Please thumbs up Deltheor’s comment (Switch from Top -> New comments to see it) so he can get credit for his wonderful art.


Kanto University

I screamed a little :]
Pokemon X Walkthrough 01 - A New Dimension

Welcome To The Kalos Region! More Pokemon X:

So baby showed me this Pokemon walkthrough video by the youtuber: giancarloparimango11 for the sole reason that HE SAYS “HELLO” A WHOLE HECKKA LOT!!

And we watched like 5 videos of his and everytime he says “Hello!”, I get annoyed yet laugh…..
Watch his videos!! He will NOT stop saying “HELLO!??”


So I’m going to do 2 days in this post because I’m a day behind.

Day 6: fav bromance?

Don’t have one sorry “^_^

Day 7: first youtuber?

So the first youtuber who I can remember watching is giancarloparimango11 who does pokemon related videos. I really like his videos and all you guys should go check him out :D