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Giancarlo Rinaldi’s 20 Great Italian Games

Remember when El Diego squared off against Platini? The nostalgia and beauty of the past thrives in ‘20 Great Italian Games’, an e-book written by Giancarlo Rinaldi. A devotion to the Serie A over the years has led Giancarlo to select 20 of the best matches ever played domestically in Italy, featuring illustrious, iconic virutosos like Maradona, Baggio, Totti, and Klinsmann. 

We’ve proudly hosted Giancarlo's writing on AFR on numerous occasions, unwinding fascinating stories of the past such as Roberto Mancini’s coaching tenure at his beloved Fiorentina and looking into the future of the Serie A as he focused on Sampdoria’s rising star Mauro Icardi.

Rinaldi is a first class gentleman and a fine writer, a maestro stretching beyond his own calcio-obsessed lens. We’re proud to be supporting his latest work and recommend that you give it a read and enjoy the walk down memory lane with Maldini and company.

'20 Great Italian Games’ is priced at £1.53 or $2.99 and you can find it here.

Blessed were the cheesemakers: the glory days of Parma

By Giancarlo Rinaldi

A couple of decades ago, in a golden age of Italian football, there was a bunch of credible contenders for the Serie A title dubbed Le Sette Sorelle, which translates to ‘The Seven Sisters’. Six of them were traditional powerhouses - Milan, Juventus, Inter, Fiorentina, Lazio and Roma - but one was a team from a place previously best known for its cured hams and cheeses. Step forward Parma Associazione Calcio.

To say the Emilia-Romagna club had little pedigree would be something of an understatement. Serie B was the best they managed in the first 70-odd years of existence with spells in Serie C and even Serie D littered along the way. For a city of close to 200,000 souls, it was a meagre sporting dish to dine from. They would, however, go from famine to feast in the 1990s.

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Rip it Up and Start Again: Fiorentina’s transfer revolution

By Giancarlo Rinaldi

There is still something exciting about opening up a fresh page in a brand new notebook and starting to write. No matter how many times you may have messed up before, you can convince yourself that this time around you will get it right. There is a similar sense of foolish optimism in Florence this summer.

After an amazing 10-year journey under owners Diego and Andrea Della Valle - the brothers behind the Tod’s shoe empire - there is the definite feel of a new beginning at Fiorentina. The manager, backroom staff and many of the playing personnel have been replaced. A real wind of change has been blowing down from the Fiesole hills.

For those who have not been following the last decade of the Viola’s turbulent history it has had more ups and downs than a mountain pass over the Appenines. It is worth a brief resume in order to understand this summer’s upheaval. The tale has as many twists as a packet of fusilli pasta.

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