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Below is the second installment of Tao Lin and Giancarlo DiTrapano’s texting history that began during the summer of 2011 with the infamous, ground-breaking “Andrew,” which has been hailed as both “total shit” and “the best internet writing of 2011.” Some texts were altered to save the reputations of the peripherally involved parties.

Jun 28 2011

Giancarlo: The past 6 times I have texted ‘Andrew’ he responds with “RE:|Okay” Seems like a DealerBot

Tao: He’s evolving, seems promising

G: lol
G: Here’s to another year of invincibly polite texting. Perhaps, if we live to see it, a 2012 VICE post.

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Jun 29

G: That last text had a devilish quality to it. I only mean well.

T: Nice lighting in that pic…nice…working on our sweet ass collage tomorrow.
T: Next year’s post can just be us discussing it for a year. A year’s worth of texts like this text I’m typing now.

G: Yes. Also peppered with life and more kindness. Seems like mostly negative comments so far. I wonder if we will still be texting for drugs this time next year. Hope so.

T: Just reread most of it and felt 'engrossed,’ seems so sweet. Posting on FB now.

G: The piece is indomitable. Excited to see if our extreme politeness cues the commenters to also be extremely polite. Would be sweet if our kindness caused the commenters to be filled with love and to only post kindness-related thoughts.

T: Could be a turning point for Vice. That would be sweet.

Jul 1

G: Just thought, “this post seems like we are Andrew’s apostles, spreading his Word of kindness”

T: Or seeding the Vice demographic for him to expand his drug empire into.

G: The same job. We bring His word, and His word is drugs.

T: We should’ve included a coupon for people to print out and redeem with Andrew at the end of the piece. Or written “this post is a sponsored by Andrew.”

G: Lol. Would have been sweet. Write it in the comments. Sweet.

Jul 2

G: From comments: “I STILL can’t tell if this is real or not. Will somebody PLEASE answer me? I just want to (k)now if this is real or not! PLEASE!” lol

Jul 4

G: Oh shit, I missed your birthday! Happy Birthday, Tao! Feel like I failed on continuing to be thoughtful and kind. :( damn

T: You redeemed yourself with this kind, humble, repentant text, I feel. Hate 4th of July…so loud everywhere…

Jul 5

G: Sweet. I feel whole again, and at peace.

Jul 7

T: Would you or your friend mind calling or texting eric please? He wants confirmation from you or your friend that i’m ok. I could give you some ritalin for your troubles… - T
T: Sorry for all this trouble, will give you the Ritalin I get - me

G: Should be cool now
G: Let me know if there is still a problem.

T: Thank you

G: No sweat

Dazed and Digital Interview w/ Giancarlo DiTrapano

Giancarlo DiTrapano’s imprint Tyrant Books and magazine New York Tyrant have been instrumental in promoting such celebrated writers as Sheila Heti, Michael Kimball and Jonathan Ames, as well as launching the lesser-known likes of Marie Calloway and Ken Bauman. Raised in Charleston, West Virginia, DiTrapano founded Tyrant after interning at a big New York publishing house and becoming frustrated by the dinosaur-like pace. The 39-year-old has been known to hand interviewers cocaine platters on visits to his studio in Hell’s Kitchen, but our interview was carried out remotely. Still, shits and giggles were had as we discussed his imprint’s flippant knack of nailing and tearing apart selfie culture.

Dazed Digital: Why did you decide to start Tyrant? 

Giancarlo DiTrapano: I was interning and saw how long it would take me to climb the NY publishing ladder. I had a little money though, so I started the lit mag arm of Tyrant. The name came to me when I was in Italy. I was walking alone drunk in the countryside and it started hailing, so I took shelter in a barn and fell asleep. I dreamt of ‘NEW YORK TYRANT’ in exploding lights like Dirk Diggler did in Boogie Nights.


DD: Presumably some kind of mission statement came to you as well?

Giancarlo DiTrapano: That I have none. I publish writing that strikes me and then hope that it strikes others. There’s nothing I won’t publish, no restraints or anything. Well, I guess it has to be in English. That’s the one guideline.

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