MY TEN FAVORITE PICTURES FOR 2016 (in no particular order because it’s a very subjective ranking)

…after the readers choice, this is mine !

1/Roos Abels, Zuzu Tadeushuk - Chanel - Paris Fashion Week HC SS16

This is really my favorite. I love the composition, the colors, the attitude. I could try to take this picture 100 times, I never get to this result. Maybe I was just lucky.

2/Ondria Hardin - Backstage Sacai - Paris Fashion Week PAP AW 1617

It’s not the picture itself but the moment, this epic moment when Ondria stands up for the safe of photographers against security guy ! Most of the time security guys are pretty cool but sometimes, I don’t know why they are so down to earth. We are here to do our job, like them… Anyway… Thanks to Ondria.

3/Adrienne Jüliger - Rochas - Paris Fashion Week PAP AW1617

Late discovery from my archive. Great portrait I think. Don’t you ?

4/Lary Muller - Backstage Nehera - Paris Fashion Week PAP AW 1617

This is my best portrait of 2016. Lary made it possible by offering me her best profile.

5/Ala Sekula - Backstage Ungaro - Paris Fashion Week PAP SS17

I really like low key portraits in general, and this one in particular because of the position of her arm, hands and her look.

6/Waleska Gorczevski, Sunniva Vaatevik - Bouchra Jarrar - Paris Fashion Week HC SS16

I took this pic the same day as the first one with Roos and Zuzu. It was a blessed day for street portrait with the january light, the winter colors, and the magnificent girls out there !

7/Bara Podzimkova - Giambatista Valli - Paris Fashion Week HC AW17

Great light again and great model ! I only have one regret on this one : the guy who settled himself in the background. Fortunately we do not see him too much

8/Sara Sampaio - Elie Saab - Paris Fashion Week PAP AW1617

I ran a lot for this one. But it was worth it : my best social media picture of the year. Sara regrams and likes the picture on instagram and twitter. The pic became kind of viral and in a few hour I have a bunch of new followers.

9/Nastya Sten - Elie Saab - Paris Fashion Week PAP AW1617

In just 5-6 seconds, Nastya gave me 5 or 6 good pictures, and an excellent one !

10/Bella Hadid - Versace - Paris Fashion Week HC AW17

Bella leaving Versace Couture Show this july. With some fans waiting for hours under the rain.