TFP and Dario Argento

Are you prepared for some more horror movie (or Giallo) parallels:

From Dario Argento Profondo Rosso (1975), in which this little girl, Olga, draws pictures of a murder when she’s not torturing animals…

(Yes, it’s a little boy with a knife).

This boy:

Is this the horror version of this?

Ah, yes, and there’s, of course, a creepy picture gallery…

Oh, and a creepy doll:

Another burning house, from Inferno (1980). Classic shot.

This is the film poster:

And here is Victor Trevor:

Or take Phenomena:

… in which the telepathic Jennifer is thougth to be diabolic and transfered to a mental hospital.

The films soundtrack features, among other heavy metal bands, Iron Maiden, Mrs Hudson’s favourite band.

I could probably go on and on…