Done! Wah, I’m just so satisfied with this one. Twelve hours working on it almost non stop (I only had two breaks) and I finally finished it. Sometimes I have this urge to draw non stop LOL. And it usually hits me at 2 in the morning, oh Lord. Anyway… I just love this outfit on him, to be honest. So, had to draw it. I used Taemtree!’s picture as reference. I used F, 2F, HB, 2B, 4B and 6B graphite pencils and a 0.5mm mechanical pencil. I guess that’s it.


My new fanart, yay! I finally found some time to work on it… Sigh, uni has been killing me. Anyway, I hope you guys like it! It took me a few weeks to finish though. Oh, I had to change my signature for uni projects (the name must be really visible) and ended up signing like this on my fanart as well. Dumb. Well… A4 Canson paper. F, H, 2H, H, HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 7B, 8B and 9B Cretacolor Fine Art Graphite pencils. Dassit.

Here it is! Omg, three days working on it… Sigh, but I’m so satisfied! It’s a crappy picture taken with my phone but… Can you believe I finished? Because I can’t! I’ll scan it later but I just want to show it to you guys! One of the most difficult drawings I’ve ever done. 

Dear Lord, this drawing. Well, my followers have probably witnessed the calvary it was to finish this drawing. At first, it was a basic sketch and I was planning on leaving it like that but three days ago I had the wonderful idea of shading it. And guess what? It was horrible. Completely horrible. That freaking chair has too many details and it was just horrible to shade, it felt as if I was never going to finish it. But here I am, four days later, with it complete. It took me around one whole day plus three nights to finish it. But it was totally worth it, I love it. Seriously, this is probably my favourite drawing so far. 

Okay, here’s a lil preview of my homework/artwork/project thingy. I got home at 12PM and started working on it and I just finished it and it’s almost midnight. Sigh… I’m so exhausted. Oh, but so worth it. I like it a lot tbh. I mean, it’s just layered paper. Paper and nothing more. Paper and glue, more paper and glue and paper and paper and paper. It has around 15 layers… Omfg. Sigh… I even cut myself with the stiletto ): Anyway… Here it is. I’ll try to scan it tomorrow but I don’t know, it’s kind of too big. I wish I could have given Taemin a face but I just couldn’t cut the paper so thin and I gave up after trying it for like two hours LMAO. So… He has an eyebrow and that’s it LMFAO. Yeah… I love it so much. I hope I’ll get an A+ for this :3


At first, it was going to be a LOTR!SHINee fanart. But I ended up changing something here and there and made it a medieval!SHINee fanart because I’m kind of really obsessed with folk right now but the drawing now looks more like a fairytale!SHINee but it’s okay, I achieved what I wanted. The main idea was a knight!Minho, Fae!Taemin, King!Kibum, Wizard!Jonghyun and Troubadour!Jinki but it’s up to you what you’re going to see in this drawing. Oh, my dear friend Marina wrote two chronicles based on it: The Tale of Loreley and A Meeting With An Elf. Go read it! And… I’m really sorry about the quality of the scan, the drawing is actually A2 sized and it was really difficult to find a scanner for this size. I found a graphic store that had a scanner for maps and it came out a bit bluish, I’m sorry. I swear I’ll find a way to get a scan with a better quality! Anyway… H, 2H, HB, 2B and 4B pencils for this one and about a month to finish it. I hope it’s up to your expectations, I’m really satisfied and happy with it. Dedicated to Marina, Koral, Claire queen, Susan, Vee and Ildy ♥

finally finished it. oh god. my hand hurts but it was totally worth it. the moment I saw the picture that I based this drawing on, I thought “I must draw this”. And here it is, done! I actually changed it a bit, I added the little lights so it would be night (since the original picture was taken during the day). I reckon that the night-y feeling fits more… or it’s just me! Anyway, hope it’s good! I haven’t touched a pencil for almost a month orz. And I obviously need to improve more because I think it doesn’t look like Taemin that much. I reckon it’s the eyes, I dunno. But oh, if someone wants to know, I used a mechanical pencil 0.5mm, a mechanical pencil 0.7mm, 2B and 6B pencils and a special-for-drawings smooth eraser. And yes, I’m too lazy to take a decent pic.

Okay, here it is. There are like 50 messages on my inbox of people begging asking me to post at least a preview of my recent drawing. So, here it is. I took it with my phone so the quality sucks, so wait for the scan on Monday so you can see all the details! Yeah, this is Taemin, naked, wearing a wet shirt that’s sinfully clinging to his skin (you can see his abs) and - what I’m so going to die because of - he’s smoking. Please don’t freak out on my ask like some people did when I drew him all punk-ish LMAO. I just thought it matched the concept, I don’t know. LMAO, he doesn’t smoke for real - that we know - so don’t panic, it’s just a drawing. But yeah, I hope it’s up to your expectations LMAO, it’s my first “naked” drawing so… It’s also my first time drawing wet clothes so go easy on me LMAO. I just said a lot of LMAO in this post, what the actual fuck. Well, you liking it or not, I liked. Loved, to be honest. I kept licking my lips while drawing it okay, it was weird as fuck. Oh, please, also have in mind that I usually draw looking at a photo  and we obviously sadly don’t have a picture of him like this so I kind of had to draw it by mind so it’s not 100% accurate (anatomy, his face LMAO). I also drew him with the new hair because I love it and I thought it would match the concept as well. Well, this is it. Omg, I wrote a lot LMAO. Wtf, you can ignore this LMAO. Sigh, here goes the LMAO again. P.S: I don’t know why his right hand looks so big in the pic, it’s not abnormal in the drawing. Maybe it’s the angle omg what.