This weekend I got to play dress up with my beautiful girl Kate and had a wonderful time at our friends’ wedding in upstate New York.

The outfit consists of:

Pants- J.Crew chinos

Shoes- Sperry Topsiders

Belt- American Apparel

Button down- Uniqlo

Blazer- H&M

Bow tie- J.Crew

Sunglasses- Vintage bought from the Brooklyn Flea

It was a beautiful event filed with fun, laughter, and fireworks.




So tonight I went for it. I got my first big tattoo! I have smaller ones on my body and this was my first big image. I am so happy with it and I have to say I did pretty great. I didn’t flinch much at all.

It was done by Brian at the End is Near in south slope brooklyn.

I am so happy. This tattoo means so much to me. Over the past two years I’ve grown to realize my strengths and just grown as a person in general. I’m finally my authentic self. I am living my dreams and making new ones.

Go see Brian if you are in brooklyn!