Aaaannnd here they are folks! The amazing photoshoot from Dapper Chicks of NY to raise awareness for Breast Cancer!

I had the distinct pleasure of being photographed along side of these amazingly intelligent, dapper as all hell women last weekend.

Thanks to adapperchick we are the Dapper Chicks of NY.

I feel very honored and lucky to be alongside such lovely and fashionable ladies.

Please check them all out on instagram or their websites

Nicole’s Instagram: nic_at_nite_

Sara’s Instagram & website: adapperchick and

Ali’s instagram: alimedina_3

Danielle’s instagram & website: shesagent &

Go to for more information and some upcoming shoots!

And a huge thanks to DAG Images

She did an amazing job on these photos and ALL rights go to her.

Until the next shoot…




Another successful photo shoot with the Dapper Chicks of New York

I feel honored to be standing with these six amazingly brilliant and talented women. To Sara, Wen, Nicole, Danielle, Bo, and Ali – I am proud to stand by your side!

And there is one woman who is not shown in these photos and that’s Debbie, of Dag Images, the fantastic photographer of this very special photo shoot!

I’ve had some serious push back from the work place about the way I dress and it’s only made me the person I am today. After many years I am finally comfortable with going on an interview with a bow tie and owning it! I am dapper, hear me roar!

It’s a comfort to know that there are other phenomenal woman out there like these lovely ladies who support equality for women.

Please check out for more photos and the full story!

so much love,

Laura, Girl In A Bow Tie

Soon it will be fall and I can wear bow ties again! 📸 by @bethanymichaela for @kirrinfinch’s dapper scouts! #dapperscout #dapper #kirrinfinch #androgynous #bowtie #bowties #girlinabowtie #giabt #jcrew #uniqlo #inked #boi #tomboy #tomboi #lgbtq #dressup #brianfaulk #brianfaulktattoo (at Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

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Here are a few more photos from my photo shoot with Sarah Deragon. Just to refresh your memory Sarah started The Identity Project. So please go check out her amazing website to see the work that Sarah has done.

I am extremely honored, proud, humbled, and joyful about these photos. I mentioned on my personal instagram that these photos mean a lot to me. For many years I suppressed this dapper look. I remember saying to myself or thinking “I’m not beautiful” “Beautiful only means femme – so maybe I should grow my hair out”

If you’ve followed GIABT for some time I’ve gone through many hair changes and waaaay more before that. So even though I might have been wearing the bow ties I felt the need a few years ago to have long hair again and wear make up and present just a LITTLE bit more “femme”

I was tired of being called sir and being misgendered. I was tired of the looks and the stares and the confusion. It’s funny how when you start to accept yourself, all of that goes away. Although still today I might get misgendered it does not bother me quite as much. I have to say it doesn’t happen as often as it did a few years ago when I had my hair short as well. Once I felt comfortable in my own skin people just saw me as Laura. And that’s who I am.

Laura who loves bow ties. Laura who loves fashion. Laura the future social worker. Laura who lives in brooklyn with her wonderful girlfriend and loves to cook.

I feel very grateful and thankful for this blog and all of my followers. If it wasn’t for this blog I wouldn’t have met Sarah Deragon and I wouldn’t have had this humbling experience.

Please enjoy and don’t forget to check out The Identity Project for my photo soon!

All photo credit goes to Sarah Deragon




It’s rare that we find people in this world we can be our authentic selves with. These 7 ladies (yes Debbie too, our fabulous photographer) allow me to be me. Whether that’s the more feminine side or the more masculine presenting side of me. 

I feel so lucky to stand by them and wear blue to raise awareness for autism.

Thank you ladies for always being you. 

Check out more photos at

All photo credit goes to the fabulous and so amazing Dag Images



@emilywinikerphotography sure knows how to capture my smile! Loved doing this shoot with her and the talented @maddytalias! Such sweet babes! #girlinabowtie #giabt #tomboi #dapperstyle #photoshoot #model #fashion #outfit #boi #thatgirljames #androgynous #lgbt #lesbian #dapper #tomboy #tomboylookbook #smile #inked

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