This weekend I got to play dress up with my beautiful girl Kate and had a wonderful time at our friends’ wedding in upstate New York.

The outfit consists of:

Pants- J.Crew chinos

Shoes- Sperry Topsiders

Belt- American Apparel

Button down- Uniqlo

Blazer- H&M

Bow tie- J.Crew

Sunglasses- Vintage bought from the Brooklyn Flea

It was a beautiful event filed with fun, laughter, and fireworks.



This was when I first started to embrace my dapper style in 2011. It took a long, long time to get rid of all the old band t-shirts I never wore, the really bad jeans, the girly button downs, the dresses that were collecting dust, the heels that were never worn, and to keep my hair short (I grew it out not to long after this photo).

So here’s to discovering your self, your style, and the love you have for all that is you.


Girl in a Bow Tie