5 Most Under Rated Films of the 90s *

1 : The Crush; ‘93

A girl develops a not so healthy crush on a houseguest.

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2: Buffalo ‘66; ‘98

A girl gets kidnapped and must pretend to be her captors wife. She, of course, falls in love with him.

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3. Gia; ‘98

Based on a true story. Gia Carangi becomes the worlds first super model in the 80s, and is introduced to hardcore drugs which will later cause her death. RIP.

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4. The Basketball Diaries; ‘95

A boys dreams are crushed once he and his friends start doing heroin. This is based on a true story and a book written by Jim Carroll.

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5. Fear; ‘96

And who doesn’t love Marky Mark? In this movie a girl falls in love with what seems to be the perfect guy. Only things start to escalate and it reveals that he’s not so perfect.

And plus, Marky Mark is just so fine in this movie though.

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