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Guitar Signed by One Direction’s Harry Styles

This guitar has been donated to Musikhjälpen by one of the world’s best songwriters and also our friend, John “Shellback” Schuster.

Musikhjälpen is a fundraising event organized in order to raise awareness about HIV. Every 15 seconds someone gets infected worldwide, mainly children and teenagers. Without medication, the virus becomes life threatening. Help us prevent the infection from spreading!  (x)

Portal’s protagonist Chell dressed in a Combine Metrocop uniform from the Half-Life series. I wanted it to be slightly too big on her, as if when she had found the suit there hadn’t been any female-cut ones. Chell would make a great addition to the Black Mesa gang.

This is a trade with NateHartmann for a fanfiction commission.

Spell from ECCLESIASTES 4:9

“Together, we make each other better.
When we fall, we will be there to help each other up.
When we are cold, we will be there to keep each other warm.
Together we can be stronger.”

A spell for reinforcing a bond between another! This spell is intended to be recited in unison.

Suggested accompaniments:

  • Rose quartz, for love.
  • Pink candle, for the same.
  • Red candle, for strength.