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Someone needs to tell js/pr/beards to chill. Good lord what a fucking circus this is! 😂🙄🤣

Hello, darling Kristen!

It’s an overkill. I wonder if anyone who hasn’t believed us before is starting to doubt the official narrative now. It’s all so out-of-character, especially with Jensen. I’ll just let Dr. Scully express her feelings on my behalf. Have a wonderful weekend, dear!

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Well, LOVE is supposed to represent how easy it gets to kill again after you've done it enough times, right? Like, shock at what you've done to it becoming completely routine to outright enjoying murder. Why would those psychological effects be completely undone just because none of the people who were killed stayed dead?

That’s actually a fair point. I’m assuming it was done from a gameplay perspective, though all things considered, this is a bit of a non-issue for the main IF comic. When Frisk killed Asgore, they did gain LV, but it wasn’t so much that they were entirely distant, and they WERE hurt enough that they went back with a desire to fix what they had done.

I think the real question one would ask is why someone would do an entire reset if they were already on the Genocide route. Personally, I think from a narrative perspective, it would only happen if they were overwhelmed with guilt and wanted to try again.

So if it were me and I were doing a redemption type route, what I might do is start with the LV as it was but then have it decrease as more enemies are spared.

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while :p
Life right now is hectic for me, to say the least. I do not have time to play or create for the Sims and I do not think I will be able to come back for some time. But I do miss talking to a lot of you guys :D

So I made a new account which I actually now need to personalize badly. If you wish to talk you will always be welcomed, and when I will be able to come back to the Sims I will come back here.

Hope to hear from some of you, and take care everybody!