gi: footie

every footballer under the sun seems to be getting married and i’m here still waiting for one of them to recognize i’m the real wag™ material,

take meeee, all i’ll be doing is buying food with your money all day, we’re perfect for each other 👰💍💗💒

sungchucks-Today at 4:09 PM
kirby with the Cone on

folsworth-Today at 5:00 PM
damn it now i have to photoshop that

sungchucks-Today at 5:01 PM
i know thats why i said it
are there pics of kirby with his footie up



The above football fan-girls represent all the teams from north-west England that currently play in the Premier League football championship.

So from top-to-bottom the club-team roll-call would read: LIVERPOOL, EVERTON, BURNLEY, MANCHESTER CITY, & MANCHESTER UNITED !

I back for a bit

Today I have a free day so I’m basically just going to fill my queue as much as possible so I can still be sharing the Hutchins family! So yay? Tbh I don’t even know if anyone cared? Ah well

I have also been writing up a new sims challenge in the few days I’ve been away I’ve got 5/10 generations done so in a few weeks I might share that on here, when/ if I do choose to share it I would love for people to test it so I can make any changes ^-^

One last thing there are 3 Simblrs I want to say sorry to for spamming with notifications because I can already tell missing a few days of their posts I have a lot to read and probably will like it all so sorry about that (they all follow me so they hopefully will see this and know who they are 😂)

Temporary hiatus

Recently I haven’t been able to post the 3 posts a day in which I would normally do and a lot of that is because I just haven’t had the time to play the game, I have my final exams over the next 2 weeks or so and that is causing me a lot of stress.

So I’m going to take a week or maybe longer off tumblr so I can study and get the bulk of my exams done then come back and come back with the Hutchins. I love the Hutchins and I don’t want to get bored with them so I feel me having this break will also help that.

I hope that you guys understand and I hope you all are still here after my week - 2 week absence. I love you all, I’m so thankful because this has been an community I can destress in and that’s mainly because of the people who do Simblrs.

See you soon
~Footie 💙

me when my favorite player misses a goal: oh, come the fuck on! you’re killing me. you have to be better than this, jfc. completely unacceptable. get your shit together. this is absolutely ridiculous. god, you’re shit today.

person beside me: yeah, he really is pretty shit.

me: hey, you shut your filthy mouth. he’s perfection.