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End-of-Manga spoilers ahead so read at your own risk, I’ve avoided DSoD spoilers tho so don’t worry about that

(Atem gets his own body back AU)

1 AM- Atem is staying the night at Kaiba’s. They are playing card games in bed. This can only end well.

2 AM- Kaiba’s third Blue Eyes is GONE. EVERYBODY PANIC

3 AM- Blue Eyes is not gone, just under a pillow. Kaiba has kicked over both decks.

4 AM- Sorting cards. Neither of them remember who had the foiley Polymerization.

5 AM- Putting cards in card sleeves. Kaiba is putting his deck in Obelisk the Tormentor sleeves. Atem is putting his in Toon Dark Magician Girl sleeves. Kaiba is silently judging him.

6 AM- Sun is up, time to sleep.

7 AM- Kaiba’s alarm goes off. They sleep through it.

8 AM- Time for Kaiba’s first meeting of the day. He sleeps through it.

9 AM- Time for Kaiba’s second meeting of the day. They are still sleeping. Mokuba says a prayer to Ra that they are both wearing pants and goes to wake his brother up. His prayers are answered.

10 AM- Kaiba is out the door in less than three minutes. Atem rolls over and goes back to sleep.

11 AM- Atem is awake. Everybody he knows is at school or at work. Atem is bored.

12 PM- Atem discovers that Kaiba’s laptop lets him buy things. He buys Blue Eyes Toon Dragon card sleeves as a prank.

1 PM- Atem buys Blue Eyes Toon Dragon bedsheets. Atem discovers one day shipping.

2 PM- Atem buys Blue Eyes White Dragon card sleeves and bedsheets as a preemptive apology.

3 PM- Kaiba gets an alert during a meeting that one of his credit cards has been maxed out. He asks his secretary to freeze it. Atem discovers the laptop is no longer letting him buy things. Atem is bored again.

4 PM- By going through Mokuba’s bookmarks, Atem discovers that there are four animal shelters within ten kilometers that kill cats if they are not adopted within three days. Atem is no longer bored. Atem has a Mission. Kaiba is stuck in a meeting and wishing for death.

5 PM- Yugi is out of class but refusing to help Atem. Atem goes to Jounouchi instead. Jounouchi agrees to help.

6 PM- Kaiba finally takes his lunch break and calls Atem. Atem does not answer. Kaiba considers calling Yugi but decides against it. He will come to regret this decision.

7 PM- Somewhere along the line, Honda joined the mission. Anzu is not answering her cell. Atem is sure this is Yugi’s fault.

8 PM- Kaiba is in his last meeting of the day. This meeting is very important. He tells himself this will be over soon.

9 PM- The meeting is not over. It is still very important. Kaiba is playing Pokemon under the table to avoid relapsing into Season 0 insanity. Nobody notices.

10 PM- Kaiba finally comes home. There is Blue Eyes merchandise everywhere. There are cats everywhere. There are probably cards everywhere, knowing Atem. There is also probably cat pee everywhere. Kaiba is hoping the two don’t overlap. Atem is not everywhere. Atem is nowhere. Kaiba screams his name anyway.

11 PM- Atem was not gone, just laying under a pile of cats. Kaiba politely informs him the cats have to go. Atem politely informs Kaiba that cats are sacred beasts and are going nowhere. Kaiba can’t win. Kaiba never wins.

12 AM- Kaiba wants to sleep. Atem wants to play Duel Monsters. They play Duel Monsters.

1 AM- Kaiba’s third Blue Eyes is GONE

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What's the largest caliber 1911 that went into production? (aka other than a custom build here and there)

Well there were some .50 GI ones, although it’s pretty meh. Probably the nastiest would be the LAR Grizzlys in .45 Win Mag.

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Anakin&Ahsoka, 1950s au?

Okay, this may not be an exact fill, but I got the idea in my head of WWII fighter pilot veteran Anakin and non-stereotypical dynamic Skywalker 50s household and…yeah.


On the outside, the Skywalker household looks the very picture of idyllic perfection - sure Mr. Skywalker is missing an arm but everything else is so normal; Mrs. Skywalker is petite and beautiful and terrifying with her pearls and stilettos and the twins are lovely.

“Ahsoka, you’re here!” Ahsoka took in the scene before her; Mrs. Skywalker would have only left for work an hour or so earlier and already Skyguy looked ready to panic with baby food in his hair and engine grease smeared all over Luke’s face.

The Episode 50 milestone, an exploration of Yugi’s terrible decisions! Part one of two!

The episode opens with Anzu coming over to pick Yugi up because they allegedly intend to go to school. (Spoiler alert: they do not go to school.)

Apparently Anzu can’t understand Grandpa! Or maybe just not the meaning of “Good morning, you seem nice!” which is basically all he said? I feel like if she literally can’t understand when he speaks, this should have come up before…

They end up standing - presumably in awkward silence - there for a while, though, because the dorks upstairs are having a very important conversation.

Yugi’s just put a great big heavy chain on the Puzzle instead of the rope, and Yami likes great big heavy chains.

Oh, you flirt. 

Yugi’s worried it looks “too flashy”. I mean … it’s a giant golden pendant almost as big as your head, Yuug. It’s not the chain that makes the effect kind of OTT, babe.

You _would_ say that. I’m taking this as more evidence of Atem’s true self coming through even when he doesn’t know himself – Pharaoh was all about the bling. 


“Or literally painful amounts of gold. Gold everywhere. Totally nonsensical gold too, like shin-bands with no obvious way to put them on or take them off. … Or a bracelet, yeah.”

“Pretty guys with obviously dyed hair and leather and big chain necklaces never wear _bracelets_! Don’t be silly!”

This by the way confirms my theory that the two of them negotiate clothes choices.

Yami doesn’t press it, just tells him to go hang with Anzu and “show her your cool side”, which Yugi takes to be teasing, but Yami’s really got his matchmaker hat on!

Wingman Yami! It is so fucking cute how much of a peachshipper Yami is…

I get the impression that Yami would make a much better wingman for someone else than he would flirting for his own interests. He can be very awkward and almost bashful in social situations he’s not sure about, so he’s quite likely to fall into adorkable if someone’s flirting with him. But if he had a goal and a target and a friend to help out, you better believe that full cocky confident suave persona would come out and that Pharaonic motherfucker would get shit done.

Yugi thinks Yami’s just teasing, and gives out to him as he leaves his room, but–

HOLY SHIT A PARENT the rarest of all anime family members

Oh, yeah, you notice when he’s talking to himself in his room but you don’t notice when he semi-regularly vanishes for days at a time to play death games with adult criminals?! You are a TERRIBLE MOTHER.

Downstairs, Anzu admires neutrally comments on Yugi’s new chain…

“So I have decided to hang this precious gold - one of the softest metals - item on a sturdy steel chain rather than soft rope, so that it doesn’t get damaged.” Hmm.

The “I didn’t want it to get stolen” from the dub isn’t much better. This is all clearly because the writers needed him to not be able to cut the rope free later, but it doesn’t make much sense!

Anzu and Yugi head off to definitely-not-school and Yugi’s mother (I mean, I presume that’s who she is?!) comes out to tells Grandpa she’s a little worried about Yugi talking to himself and acting weird.


Anyway, I have my doubts about that, Grandpa. Unless you also spent your teenage years with a dead guy roommate in your head. In which case, that _definitely_ should have come up at some point.

Turns out Yugi really needs a wingman.

Yes, this is Anzu asking him out and Yugi not even listening. 

Kid, you’re like 4 feet tall, a total nerd, you need style advice from the ghost who lives in your jewellery and also you have a ghost who lives in your jewellery. I’m not saying you need to take what you can get, but if the pretty girl whom you have a massive crush on asks you out, you should definitely jump on that.

What does Yugi jump on instead?

A terrible decision!

I don’t want to generalise, but typically, fortune tellers are not tall buff young men who hide their faces.

Anzu, justifiably, asks what the hell he’s doing and he goes “I’m getting my fortune told!” which is a massive ladybonerkiller for Anzu.

Hate to say it, girl, but there were a few hints that the incredibly nerdy card-game obsessed dork you just asked out might be a bit childish.

The ~fortune teller~ asks Yugi for his Puzzle. Yugi says, “definitely not, no way, it’s much too precious”. Yer man says, “oh, go on”. Yugi says, “well okay then”. Sigh.

“I can’t believe you just _handed_ this to me. I mean, you just fucking handed it over! It’s really shitting magical, plus it’s made of like solid gold, plus your friend lives in it! And you just handed it to me. A really sketchy total stranger. Incredible.”

It goes exactly as well as you think it would.

Tune in next time for part two, wherein Yugi’s Puzzle has been cunningly stolen!

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15, 20, 23, 34, and 50! :)

15. Is there an obscure ship which you love?

I technically already answered this BUT I forgot to mention that I loved (OKAY, kind of still do love) a whole bunch of obscure and lacking-in-fandom-content ships in the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom, I will pair any of those characters, don’t even try to stop me

20. Any ships which you surprised yourself by liking?

Not really, I am predictable and have a well-established Type, anyone who knows me at all who saw me reading Captive Prince would have groaned and put their head in their hands because they would have known exactly what was going to happen there

23. Name a fic you’ve written that you’re especially fond of & explain why you like it.


34. What’s the word count on your longest fic?

168,805, and that is for my tragically discontinued Yu-Gi-Oh magnum opus

50. Rant or Gush about one thing you love or hate in the world of fanfiction! Go!


Episode 50, the thrilling conclusion!

But first, a word from our sponsors my followers; yes, that was Yugi’s mam. Thanks everyone!

So Yugi’s just handed over his Puzzle like an idiot and he runs after the ~fortune teller~ while Anzu runs to school to report Yugi as absent and attend class get Jounouchi and Honda and go on an adventure. But first she runs into Ryou and tells him what just happened and Yami Bakura is verrrry interested.

… Who? Yugi? Yami? The thief? … Probably Yugi. We were all wondering it.

Bakura says (a) the Millennium Items hold memories, all of them, which is pretty interesting and (b) the Millennium Ring senses a bad omen. He’s on the job!

“The enemy of my enemy is also my enemy because I need my enemy alive to enact my vaguely defined long term plan against my enemy.”

So Yami Bakura follows Yugi following Fortune Teller Keith through these alleyways. Keith left arrows so Yugi could find him, but Bakura decides he’d rather not be himself followed by a fourth party.


Yugi’s reached the warehouse at the end of the arrow-saturated path, though, to be confronted with … a duel!

Very good question! It seems in this version, Marik has Bandit Keith duel Yugi to draw Yami out to see if Marik can figure out who Yami is; or, more specifically, to confirm his suspicions of who Yami is. Because yes, it is Marik Ishtar - very pretty, inexplicably blonde and presumably inbred Egyptian - who is controlling Fortune Teller Keith.

This bombshell! Isn’t he pretty? His eyeliner is on fleek. Feel like that chain detail on his hood would hit him in the face a lot, though, no?

So he seems to suspect Yami is the Pharaoh of old, but I don’t know how he formed those suspicions from just hearing about “Yugi Motou” beating Pegasus. Maybe it’ll be covered later. For now, we are as confused as Yugi.

And Yami figures it out and doesn’t want to come and play!

… Why is that bad? Yami says Yugi has to duel alone and he’ll hide in the Puzzle but that doesn’t seem very in character for Mister Seems Like A Trap I Better Trigger It To See What It Is. AKA Mister I Don’t Know What You Want Or What The Rules Of The Game Are But Fuck It I’ll Stake My Life On It Anyway. I dunno. All the character decisions in this episode seem very contrived to serve the plot and don’t fit much with the actual characters!

Well, they go with it, anyway, and Yugi starts duelling Bandit Keith, for yes, it was him all along!


People have really serious face-blindness in this show.

Turns out Bandit Keith was rescued from drowning (after being dumped in the ocean by Pegasus) by Marik and his Millennium Eye themed boat.

… Did he SAIL to Japan? From motherfucking EGYPT?!?! What, they wouldn’t let you have a purple and gold and Millennium Eye branded plane, so you SAILED HERE?! How long did that take?! On a tiny-ass little sailboat like that?! No wonder you need to brainwash people to have any friends, Marik. 

Speaking of friends, let’s go check on Yugi’s. They’re lying to get out of school. They tell the gym teacher that Yugi is dangerously ill and they have to go to see him.

This guy legitimately believes a student might be dying … and our heroes laugh at him. Also, next time Yugi goes to school, that teacher is going to be all over him.

Nah, I’m just kidding. Yugi never goes to school!

Bakura turns out to have been alarmingly thorough, though, in fucking with those arrows…

That turning arrow is well above head height, how long did he spend climbing walls to mess with these? When they can STILL JUST FOLLOW THE TRAIL OF ARROW SIGNS RATHER THAN THE DIRECTIONS THE ARROWS ARE POINTING. 


Back at the duel arena slash warehouse, Bandit Keith once again comes out with a load of strong Machine monsters, initially scaring Yugi. Yugi thinks about what Yami would do.

… Apparently he has not been paying very much attention. I mean, Yami does analyze the enemy really well, but he doesn’t do shit particularly calmly. But what he does do is bullshit like no one else and Yugi has that down!

Water rusts the machines but conducts the electricity. Of course!

Worried by Yugi’s Super Bullshit Powers, Keith does what he does best. Cheat like crazy.

Ooh, Marik’s got him some upgrades! Gone are the days of merely stuffing cards into your cuffs like some kind of peasant!

It’s a double cheat too, not only does he have these cards up his sleeve, they’re also “replica” cards, not legitimately bought or even honestly stolen, but copies, because they’re “Ultra Rare”.

This lame-ass card is rarer than the fucking Blue Eyes? Damn.

Against this onslaught of cheating, Yugi’s getting worried…



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In honor of being less than two weeks away from seeing SHINee up close and personal in concert, I opted to for a photo of my duel SHINee biases. Also decided that Belle needed to get in on this selca action, which she very much wanted no part of. 

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