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Me: Okay, I don’t even like golf, why am I interested in this?!?

My brain: Pfft… Yah. You didn’t even like Basketball.

Or Volleyball.

Also, Swimming.

Or Ice Skating.

Not to mention Biking.

And Running.

And didn’t you just say you’re gonna start binge-watching that Baseball anime today?

Oh, and remember, you even watched that Boxing, Football and Tennis anime when you were a lot younger?

Don’t even get me started when you -

Me: Okay, okay, I get it… I f*cking let you out for 5 seconds and this happens.

“I’ve been training Jiujutsu for more than half my life, and I have never rolled in a gi. When I started, all of my training was geared toward Vale Tudo, NHB, Cage fighting… The term MMA wasn’t even used at the time. So we didn’t train in the gi. I know there’s a bunch of opinions out there for and against training in a gi for MMA. But for a number of reasons, I decided to get outside of my comfort zone, start as a white belt and get friendly with the gi. I got manhandled my first day, and probably will continue to get my ass kicked, but that’s ok, that’s how you grow. We cannot be afraid to fail. When setting goals, reach farther than you can actually grasp. And if you fall, grit your teeth, re focus your intention and try again. I’ll keep you guys posted on my progress”, - Carlos Condit
Photo credit: Will Fox