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“I’ve been training Jiujutsu for more than half my life, and I have never rolled in a gi. When I started, all of my training was geared toward Vale Tudo, NHB, Cage fighting… The term MMA wasn’t even used at the time. So we didn’t train in the gi. I know there’s a bunch of opinions out there for and against training in a gi for MMA. But for a number of reasons, I decided to get outside of my comfort zone, start as a white belt and get friendly with the gi. I got manhandled my first day, and probably will continue to get my ass kicked, but that’s ok, that’s how you grow. We cannot be afraid to fail. When setting goals, reach farther than you can actually grasp. And if you fall, grit your teeth, re focus your intention and try again. I’ll keep you guys posted on my progress”, - Carlos Condit
Photo credit: Will Fox

A summary of Hunter X Hunter Arcs
  • Hunter Exam Arc: 12 year olds will kick your ass.
  • Zoldyck Arc: Killua's family is awful.
  • Heavens Arena Arc: Schwing fighting/Return of the killer clown.
  • Yorknew City Arc: 1. Kill spiders 2. ??? 3. Profit
  • Greed Island Arc: Yu-Gi-Oh/SAO/DBZ/Sports and it somehow all works.
  • Chimera Ant Arc: Furries make you cry.
  • 13th Chairman Election Arc: Politics and Killua's family is still awful.
Make A Wish

For Fairy Tail Fluff Week 

Day 3 - Starlight

AN: Hallo people!

Also found here.  This is an outtake from The Keys of Fire, so TKOF universe Nalu oneshot.  I thought it would distract too much from the plot to put in a chapter, but it seemed to fit day three’s theme, so I decided to post it separately.  :)  You probably won’t understand it very well unless you read The Keys of Fire, my main Nalu fic, and if you choose to read TKOF in order to better understand… you are a brave soul and I wish you luck for such an endeavor.  

Summary:  “A simple day at the guild turns into an evening that Lucy will never forget.”

“You are doin’ great, but you just gotta move faster,” Natsu sighed, scratching the back of his neck as he paced slightly.  “If your opponent gets the chance to hit you under the leg, it’s gonna trip you up bad and you’re a goner.”

Lucy breathed out slowly through her mouth.  They’d been working on this one move for nearly an hour, and Natsu was not yet satisfied with the progress.  While he was encouraging, that didn’t mean his expectations weren’t high.  Not to mention, the Grand Ninjitsu Games were drawing scarily close.  “Alright… I guess I just need to stretch more.”

“Maybe.  Okay, give it another try – I’ll focus more on your extension…”

Evening her breathes with her motions, did the movement again, kicking high above so that her food could hit the head of a tall opponent–

“No, nonono,” Natsu interrupted, marching forward.  “Don’t twist your foot like that – you’ll sprain it.  Try stretching upward again and keeping your balance.  Then we’ll speed it up again.”

“Okay,” she muttered.  Slowly, she lifted her leg upwards to stretch by her side and–

“Get used to pointing it forward,” came Natsu’s voice from behind her, and she let out a small shriek when he placed his hand under her thigh to turn it.  It was warm and tingly and so not okay.

On pure reflex, she shoved backwards with her elbow, hitting him square between the eyes.  With a dog-like yelp, he stumbled backwards, clutching his face.  “OW!  What the blazing hell, Lucy!”

“You do not touch girls there!” she screeched, fists at the ready and cheeks blossoming with heat.  “It is an inappropriate, sensitive area!”

“You have clothes over it – why can’t I touch it?!”

“Because it’s inappropriate!” Lucy snapped.

Hands on his hips, Natsu scoffed, “I was just showing you how to move your leg!”

“You could’ve done that without touching it!”

“Yeah, well, maybe you’re a hands-on learner or somethin’!”

“In this situation, it sounds very wrong when you say it like that.”

He only groaned.  “Sometimes you make no sense, Lucy.”

“Okay, we’re done with training for today,” Lucy demanded, glaring pointedly and stripping off the Gi over her sports bra and shorts.  “I’m giving you a lesson on proper touching.”

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Sports in Japanese 2/2

Index          Archive

ウォータースポーツ [wo ー ta ー su po ー tsu] = water sports

水泳 [すいえい sui ei] = swimming

シンクロナイズドスイミング [shi n ku ro na i zu do su i mi n gu] / シンクロ [shi n ku ro] = synchronized swimming

飛び込み [とびこみ to bi ko mi] / ダイビング [da i bi n gu] = diving

スキューバダイビング [su kyu ー ba da i bi n gu] = scuba diving

サーフィン [sa ー fi n] = surfing

ボート [bo ー to] = boating

ヨット [yotto] = yachting

セーリング [se ー ri n gu] = sailing

カヌー [ka nu ー] = canoeing

ウィンタースポーツ [wi n ta ー su po ー tsu] = winter sports

スキー [su ki ー] = skiing

スノーボード [su no ー bo ー do] / スノボー [su no bo ー] = snowboarding

スケート [su ke ー to] / アイススケート [a i su su ke ー to] = ice skating

フィギュアスケート [fi gyu a su ke ー to] = figure skating

ボブスレー [bo bu su re ー] = bobsleigh

リュージュ [ryu ー ju] = luge

カーリング [ka ー ri n gu] = curling

アイスホッケー [a i su hokkeー] = ice hockey

陸上 [りくじょう riku jou] / 陸上競技 [りくじょうきょうぎ riku jou kyou gi] = athletics

ジョギング [jo gi n gu] = jogging

ウォーキング [wo ー ki n gu] = walking

トライアスロン [to ra i a su ro n] = triathlon

登山 [とざん to zan] = mountaineering

ロッククライミング [rokku ku ra i mi n gu] = rock climbing

体操 [たいそう tai sou] = gymnastics

新体操 [しんたいそう shin tai sou] = rhythmic gymnastics

ヨガ [yo ga] = yoga

重量挙げ [じゅうりょうあげ juu ryou a ge] = weightlifting

スケートボード [su ke ー to bo ー do] / スケボー [su ke bo ー] = skateboarding

自転車 [じてんしゃ ji ten sha] / 自転車競技 [じてんしゃきょうぎ ji ten sha kyou gi] = cycle sport

サイクリング [sa i ku ri n gu] = cycling

カーレース [ka ー re ー su] = auto racing, car racing

F1 [エフワン e fu wa n] = Formula One

クレー射撃 [クレーしゃげき ku re ー sha geki] = clay pigeon shooting

ライフル射撃 [ライフルしゃげき ra i fu ru sha geki] = rifle shooting

アーチェリー [a ー che ri ー] = archery

乗馬 [じょうば jou ba] = horse riding (as a hobby)

馬術 [ばじゅつ ba jutsu] = horse riding (as a sport)


The following four are publicly‐managed gambling sports in Japan.

競輪 [けいりん kei rin] = keirin (motor-paced cycle racing)

競馬 [けいば kei ba] = horse racing

競艇 [きょうてい kyou tei] = boat racing

オートレース [o ー to re ー su] = motorcycle racing

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