gi joe: a real american hero

Jem... What the HELL?!

So, we were watching more Jem and the Holograms, usually each episode is like… Jem does some sort of philanthropist rock concert or someone close to them has to deal with some social issue; all the while they try and keep Jems identity secret and having to deal with their Rival band The Misfits. Insert 2-3 short songs and boom, episode. But we ran into one that raised alot of questions. The band was invited to DC to play for the president, and the Misfits try and stop them… But that’s resolved quickly. The episode suddenly becomes about the Government taking there super computer AI who can project Holograms and trying to figure out what it was/ a ledgit villain kidnaps the president and national artifacts to keep in his private collection. Does Jem live in the GI Joe world but it ignores the global terrorism to focus on the Pop Culture side of it? Like, the main reason the band keeps AI mom secret is because they’re afraid of it falling into the wrong hands, stating ether the government or someone who would use it for evil.