Irina Shayk se casca un remake de la mítica escena de Ghost.

Extra: A las zorras les gusta que las soben.

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… I was really hoping I’d be able to have at least one blog where I didn’t have to rewrite my character’s entire story in order to roleplay them. And I can essentially ax that idea now. Not going to spoil anything and I’m not done with the game yet, but as things currently are I could not roleplay a canon Lunafreya. I have too many issues and frustrations with her arc (OR COMPLETE AND ABSOLUTE LACK THEREOF HAHAHAHDCFVBRTJNRFE) in XV. I don’t agree with the way she is handled in the game and will have to do a massive overhaul to make her story into something I’m even slightly interested in exploring.

So… give me a few days to rewrite everything and figure out how I want to proceed with her character – then I should be good to go. God, I’m so salty. No, it’s not even salt – it’s pure and utter disappointment. Le sigh.

There are approximately #25 gif icons of Marie Avgeropoulos, portraying Octavia Blake from the 100 under the cut, requested by @grangershermiones. All of them are 100x100. I didn’t make any of these gifs, but I did resize, sharpen, and edit all of them, as well as create the border. If you plan on using any of these, it’d be swell if you liked/reblog this post.

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charlotte’s supposed to be old enough to have been able to be passed off as Nathan’s or Griffin’s, but the embryo of Lulu & Stavros was still not implanted during the whole clinic thing with Victor and Levi/Peter Dunkelman, in which Nathan had been in Port Charles for a while already, after the whole Silas Clay witch hunt storyline & the Maxie/Levi storyline, which means that the child from that embryo would be younger than Charlotte. I don’t know by how much exactly, but she would have to be younger.

unless they used another one of Lulu’s eggs that they harvested from that ice princess 2 storyline and made a new embryo with Valentin but that would be weird and unnecessary as there’d be a whole unresolved storyline with an embryo already in existence

Okay, I understand we’re all excited about shows like Mob Psycho 100 and Yuri!!! on Ice right now, but I think we should acknowledge the true anime of the season which has slipped through the cracks, boasting beautiful artwork, a stunningly complex plot, and some of the most nuanced characterisation that I have ever had the pleasure of viewing.

I am of course talking about…

Gakuen Handsome.