the last Pevensie (a song for Susan)

What it must do to you, 
to be a legend in the body of a young girl, 
to have that weight on your shoulders 
and have a lion tell you that you have to let it go. 

What it must do to you, 
to be left alone to decide 
whether to bury your family 
in separate ceremonies, 
or all at once, 
the same way they died, 
all at once and without you. 

What it must do to you,
to stand there in black, 
with your nylons, and your lipstick, 
and feel responsible for these people 
who you will never be able to explain yourself to 
and who you can never save.

—  ejl. (x) 

ahs rewatch: murder house
  ↳ Piggy Piggy -  “ In Heaven, there’s this woman in labor howling in pain. And there’s a red dragon with seven heads waiting so he can eat her babies. But the Archangel Michael, he hurls the dragon down to earth. From that moment on, the red dragon hates the woman, and declares war on her and all of her children. That’s us.”


5 seconds of summer’s story in 5 seconds