Back in 2010 I won J18 1x at Clyde Head, main memory from that race was having to row with loooots of snow under my rigger, I think a fair bit of it must have fallen off by the time this picture was taken though. (ohh yeah, and I’m overtaking that guy on my right, just so there’s no confusion… hahaha)

So here’s me (on the right, stroke seat), Joe, and that guy on the left is my doubles partner, Leo, or should I say was my doubles partner, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

This boat got put together in May 2011 and from the off our coaches had such good aspirations for us, and then in March 2012 I’d managed to get a 7:34 on a 2k, and amazing Leo got his 2k time down to 7:10. But then I got that phone call in April…

He’d broken his humerus and the season was over, literally just before it was about to begin. So the rest of this blog is most likely going to be me showing my attempts to become a Scottish champion another way :)