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Mary Warren, a straight C+ student voted most likely to become famous. Mary could get you to do things you wouldn’t normally do. One time, the PTA tried to implement this dress code, like no ripped jeans, no bare midriffs, stuff like that. So Mary organised a school-wide streak across the baseball field in protest, and safe to say, the dress code never passed. She just had this charisma… but it was the kind that could turn dangerous

Because someone thought it was appropriate to ask me to stop making resources for Native fcs and called all Natives ugly, that just called for me to make more resources for more Native fcs, right? Right. So, under the cut, you’ll find approx. #218 gifs of Martin Sensmeier, who is an actor and model (that I couldn’t find the age of) of Tlingit (Native Alaskan), Koyukon (Native Alaskan), Irish, and French ethnicity with American nationality. All of the gifs are textless, either 208x143 or 208x146 sized, roleplayable, and, most importantly, made by me from a couple of his interviews.  Please like/reblog if you found this helpful and please read my gif pack rules here for what you can and cannot use these in/for.

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To all the Google History blogs, STOP REBLOGING FOR A SECOND PLEASE!

//Okay, so I was thinking, what if I made an account for one shots about our ships (the GH’s) and posted them on a Tumblr page..? Would that be alright with you muns…? I’m sorry if it’s not, I’ll make sure not to include your muse in anything if you do not want this


I hate showing my face on here,, but I wanted to share my little Mae cosplay test! I wanted to see if the wig looked good enough but I’m not sure,,,
☢I did this for fun! Im not sure if i’ll put effort into perfecting this cosplay☢