FRIDAY 29/03/13



  • 3 x 120 kg
  • 3 x 130
  • 3 x 130
  • 3 x 135
  • 2 x 140


  • 6 x BW
  • 6 x BW
  • 6 x BW
  • 6 x BW


  • 12 x BW (ea leg)
  • 12 x BW
  • 12 x BW + 8kg kettlebell

Prone holds (30 secs on each side; no breaks)

  • Worked up to 6 mins unbroken. PR! Goal is to get up to 10 mins.

Deads are my fave. It’s been a while since I’ve hit 140, they felt good. GHRs are bloody hard! And the pistols surprised me today, didn’t know I could do them weighted :)

* * * * *


21-15-9 for time.

  • Deadlifts
  • 200m run
  • 1 muscle up

The run and muscle up are done in between each round, so the rep range applies only to the deadlifts.

COMPLETED: DNF (time cap: 30mins)

The deads and run were easy, as was the mu in the first round. It was just that single mu in the second round! After several failed attempts, I left the rings and just moved on into the 9 deads, then the run, and after a few attempts got a mu rep in the third and final round.

The point where I kept failing was the transition. I’d be a smidge behind the catch, but then my momentum would stop there and I’d fall. Just gotta work on the progression for that part of the movement and I should be sweet.

Tonight was a big night for me! I got to RX the WOD which is super rare and it included snatches (which I fear)!

Strength: 5 x5 1 ¼ front squat: 85 lbs
4x 8 GHRS (my glutes!!!)

10 min AMRAP
10 hang power snatches (55lb)
10 box jumps (20 in/step ups)
10 KB swings (35lb)

3 + 13

I put 55lb on the bar and immediately told Kyle I wasn’t sure if I could snatch that and he replied without flinching “sure you can”. And I was able to. Still need to work on form but it wasn’t too terrible. They let step ups be Rx tonight. I think it was partly because someone’s shin met the box in an earlier class but I wasn’t complaining (also sorry to whoever was scarred by the box). It’s still a lot of work to step up 20 inches. The KB swings felt great.

When Kyle wrote my score and name on the RX side he mentioned how he was proud and a few other people cheered. My CrossFit family is one of the best. Way to make me feel like a million bucks guys.

Dinner, shower, and OUAT for the rest of the night.

Feeling super proud and great right now.

I also unintentionally packed the same tee as Amanda. TWINSIES!

Submitted by @destr0y-something-beautiful

Oddly specific t-shirt options.

Oddities Note: Maybe it was for some charity walk that took place for Saint Patrick’s Day? 

I actually had to look it up because I have never heard of it. 

“Fragile X syndrome is a genetic condition that causes a range of developmental problems including learning disabilities and cognitive impairment. Usually, males are more severely affected by this disorder than females.“


1) my sister was at CrossFit tonight! I was so surprised. It was awesome!

2) since I’ve been home I’ve already showered and prepped 2 days worth of lunches! Using this good energy for all it’s worth.

3) tonight’s WOD was a good one!

Okay, I’m done with numbers before my thoughts.

For strength we did some back squats (5x5 at 100lbs for me) then followed by some GHRs (glute ham raises) so by WOD time we had jello legs!

Deadlifts (125lb)
Pull ups (scaled to jumping)

I really am a fan of the deadlifts so tonight’s workout was one I liked. Honestly I’m just really slow when they’re heavy which is good because I focus on my form. I was dropping the bar after every rep but Natalie had me do a few unbroken which surprised me. Like I said, I try to focus real hard so I don’t hurt my back with those. The pull ups just kinda wore me out cause of the heat but a nice quick workout overall.

I’d say this is a very good start to this week! The rest of the week has no choice but to be as great as my Monday.

The end.

My co worker brought me a piece of cake randomly at 3:30 pm. Not the best pre workout snack. Then we went to Skinny Pete’s after my workout and someone gave us free cupcakes!! Like I said… S t r u g g l e b u s.

Given the fact that I had like 5 hours of sleep and my eating was sub par I didn’t feel the best in tonight’s workout.

Strength: 4x10 front rack lunges (55lb)
4x 8 GHRs

50 cal row
50 air squats

My back felt alright during the WOD. Not super painful but not super strong. I stretched a lot before and was real careful. It’s going to take a lot of resting, mobilizing and icing to get my back back to proper condition. But I dealt with a knee injury in the past and got past that so I’m willing to work with this one. It is just such an emotional roller coaster an injury is!

There were 4 babies at dinner tonight. I was partially in heaven and partially overwhelmed. It seems as though I’ve reached that part of life where kids being around is normal. Aunt ToTo is my now frequent role.

Shower then off to bed since I have to get up early. Oh weekend, I’m so happy you’re here.