FRIDAY 29/03/13



  • 3 x 120 kg
  • 3 x 130
  • 3 x 130
  • 3 x 135
  • 2 x 140


  • 6 x BW
  • 6 x BW
  • 6 x BW
  • 6 x BW


  • 12 x BW (ea leg)
  • 12 x BW
  • 12 x BW + 8kg kettlebell

Prone holds (30 secs on each side; no breaks)

  • Worked up to 6 mins unbroken. PR! Goal is to get up to 10 mins.

Deads are my fave. It’s been a while since I’ve hit 140, they felt good. GHRs are bloody hard! And the pistols surprised me today, didn’t know I could do them weighted :)

* * * * *


21-15-9 for time.

  • Deadlifts
  • 200m run
  • 1 muscle up

The run and muscle up are done in between each round, so the rep range applies only to the deadlifts.

COMPLETED: DNF (time cap: 30mins)

The deads and run were easy, as was the mu in the first round. It was just that single mu in the second round! After several failed attempts, I left the rings and just moved on into the 9 deads, then the run, and after a few attempts got a mu rep in the third and final round.

The point where I kept failing was the transition. I’d be a smidge behind the catch, but then my momentum would stop there and I’d fall. Just gotta work on the progression for that part of the movement and I should be sweet.

Hello! My name is Penguin and I’m a Netherland Dwarf rabbit! My life hasn’t started out quite as happy as I would have liked. I believe I may have been an Easter Bunny present to some family, and after a while, they didn’t want me anymore, so I was released outside to fend for myself. I was found outside in a subdivision not too long after the Easter holiday by a nice GHRS volunteer who took me in. My rescuer was worried about me, so she took me to get checked out by Dr. Colby at Windward Animal Hospital; I’m about seven months old and am in good health.

Since Easter, I’ve been living with my rescuer at her home but I would really like to find a permanent place to call my own. I’m really sweet once I get to know you. I start off shy at first, but then I warm up to you, especially if you pet me a lot! My fur is super soft and I like to lay down while being petted. On some occasions, I’ve been known to run and binky, and I especially love it when I get my papaya treat or Exact!! I like receiving love and attention and will be the best companion, if given the opportunity. If you think I may be a good fit for your family, please call the nice people at the House Rabbit Society and tell them that you’re interested in adopting me! I would love to meet you!

With bunny love and kisses,

anonymous asked:

I know you have posted your split before but what are your accesory movements?

My accessory work is slightly different now that I’m trying to do weightlifting movements, but my constants would be squat variations i.e. front or pause (yes, squats to help squat lol), lunges, ham curls (or GHRs if you can), and hyperextensions for lower body. Upper body favourites would be seal rows, incline bench pulls, pull ups (even though I suck at them), dips, close grip bench and face pulls. 

February 6, 2016

Box Squat 

1x1@430, 1x1@455, 1x1@485*

Yoke Bar Pause Squat


Glute Ham Raise




GHR Sit-up


*PR, at ~15 lbs lighter BW

**skipped final set due to knee pain

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Leg day with @p_trick33 🔹Front Squats: 135x12, 155x10, 185x8, 225x4, 245x3, 135x10. Super-set with 🔹GHR: 5x8 Body Weight. 🔹Leg Press: 335 4x20 Super-set with 🔹Leg Press Calf Raises: 335 4x12.🔹Lying Hamstring Curls: 1 Plate x12, 1 Plate and a quarter 2x8, 1 Plate x12. Super-set with 🔹Hip Adductor/Abductor 2 set each leg 12 reps. #trainhard #muscles #militarymuscle #lifting #gymrat #instafit #fit #focused #motivation #training #Gym #Nodaysoff #igfit #beastmode #boutthatlife #pumpchasers #Bodybuilding #idgt #fitness #trainingzone530 #gains #muscle #fitlife #Allkinds #alpha #iammilitarymuscle #Physiquesofgreatness by will_moore02
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Ground Hog Resolutions 2016

This is my sixth year attempt at creating resolutions for myself and then holding myself accountable by checking in on the following months.

Why Groundhog’s Day and not New Year’s Day?

Because we are still recovering from the stress of the busy holiday season in December. We are not in a right frame of mind to make conscience, applicable goals and hope to stick with them.

So, I take the month of January off to reflect on the past year and the upcoming year. I let my digestive system recuperate from the holiday dinners too.

I begin the resolutions on February 2nd (2/2) and then every month on the corresponding day such as March 3rd (3/3), April 4th (4/4), etc.

I want to tweak the format a bit too for better results. By breaking goals up as a monthly focus I should get maximum benefits. I’ll go into specifics within the next couple of days but here’s some focus areas. 

Spiritual- I’ve moved away from God and not kept the faith. Since then, I’ve paid a price for it with my spiritual health. I’m not the same person I was and I don’t like it. Bitterness and cynicism has set in. Ill need to find a church that has a group of like minded people to share with. Read more scriptures, serve people from my heart not obligation. 

Financial- Time to make a realistic budget and stick with it. Become more aware of how to make my money work for me and pay off some debts. Be more frugal and appreciate the value of low/no cost activities to enjoy.

Physical- This one is obvious: eat better, exercise more, right? Wrong. Eat clean and train dirty. Nutrition has always been my downfall. Fast food, sodas, late night snacks have wrecked every attempt. A family member recently kicked the diet soda habit so I should be able to. Cutting fast food has multiple benefits like saving money, eating better and if lucky, a social occasion by preparing and sharing meals.  

Mental- I love to read and haven’t kept it up. My favorite authors have died and haven’t yet found anything to interest me. Time to discover new talent I suppose. Self discipline is a huge problem for me. Got to ficus on that. Speaking of focus, I want to do more relaxation and meditation. Mindfulness of what I am doing or not doing and make course adjustments. 

Social- I have got to get back out there. Being around smart and fun people just make me a better person. I feed off that and used to project it as well. With a promotion at work I am around more people and that has helped. For a few years I was so isolated and am grateful that has changed. I’ve signed up for a few groups from Meetup and haven't’ made the opportunities to go. Shame on me. 

Leftovers from Years Gone By-

Digital Asset Management (DAM). This is a multi-year challenge to organize my decades worth of film and digital photos from multiple devices, multi-backups. Why is this so hard? Organize, archive, back-up and present it on a photo server for easy access.

Software- First up is DAM, second is Linux administration and even get certified. Boost my MS Office skills for work.

Travel- I hit my 2015 goals and I’m ready for more this year. Las Vegas coming up in a few weeks but my priority is Marfa, Big Bend and Carlsbad Caverns National Parks out in west Texas and NM.

Conclusion For Now

I’ll check in and review on March 3rd to go over which items I am tackling first.

Here’s hoping you can make similar commitments.