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91. Meet through their siblings AU - UsUk

Arthur sighed as he drove to the restaurant. His brother had gone on a date that apparently had gone wrong if the teared up phone call was anything to go by. It had been hell trying to convince his boss to let him leave for a bit, but thankfully he got permission as long as he was back on time.

He pulled into the driveway of the restaurant his brother had told him of and put the car in park, removing the key and climbing out. He tried to look through the windows for his brother, but to no avail.

‘El Kioskos huh?’ He really didn’t take his brother as the Mexican food type, unlike himself. He pushed open the door and greeted the lady at the counter.

“Are you here alone?” She asked. He shook his head.

“No, I’m just here to pick up my brother.” He glanced around at the tables. “Do you know where he is? He has bright red hair and a slight beard.”

The woman looked confused as she glanced around as well. “I don’t think there is anyone here that fits that description… but I can look around for you.” Arthur smiled and nodded. “Just take a seat here and I’ll see.”

He followed her to a table and sat, crossing his legs and resting his chin on his hand as the lady walked away.

There he sat for a good ten minutes as the business slowly gained more and more customers. He was slightly annoyed that the waitress hadn’t returned, but he supposed that the whole business took priority over one man just looking for his brother.

Another five minutes and then there was someone else sitting at his table.

“Um, excuse me sir.” Arthur spoke with a slight glare. He was annoyed enough, he didn’t some American coming in here and disturbing him. “This table already has a patron.”

The other turned towards him with a sympathetic smile, blue eyes shining behind glasses. “Yeah, I know. ‘m sorry. But I promise I won’t be here long. I just came to get my brother but they were full so the lady told me to sit here.”

Arthur laughed then. “Seems like we’re on a similar boat then. I’m also here to get my brother. Date gone wrong, apparently.”

“Same.” The man laughed and then reached a hand across the table. “Alfred Jones.”

Arthur did the same, taking his hand and shaking it firmly. “Arthur Kirkland.” He announced with a smile.

“Perhaps our brothers did this.” Alfred joked as he placed his hand down on the table.

“I truly wouldn’t put it past Alistair.” A laugh.

But Alfred just stared at him with a slightly dumbfounded expression. “Alistair? Wait- Alistair Kirkland?” Arthur nodded. “Is he perchance dating Matthew Williams?”

Arthur sputtered. “Y-yes he is. How did you know?”

Alfred laughed loudly,  and it was a melodic sound. “Matthew is my brother!” Arthur fixed him with a slightly confused glance. “Different dads, different last names.” The Brit nodded in understanding.

“Then perhaps our brothers really did set us up.”

“I’ll have to thank them later.” Alfred winked.

TADA! I’m slightly frustrated bc I read the prompt as “Meeting the siblings” not “Meeting through siblings” so I wrote it, then glanced at the prompt, then deleted it and wrote this xD that’s why it took so ding-dang long for such a strange little drabble. I hope you enjoyed anyways!!

One thing I want to get across when I’m talking with people is that I view a mathematics library the same way an archaeologist views a prime digging site. There are all these wonderful treasures that are buried there and hidden from the rest of the world. If you pick up a typical book on sheaf theory, for example, it’s unreadable. But it’s full of stuff that is very, very important to solving really difficult problems. And I have this vision of digging through the obscure text and finding these gems and exporting them over to the engineering college and other domains where these tools can find utility.
—  Robert Ghrist, professor of mathematics and engineering at UPenn