Halloween Playlist #1 by CannibalCarnage

1. Halloween I & II by The Misfits

2. I Put A Spell On You by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

3. This Is Halloween (cover) by Marilyn Manson 

4. Ghoul’s Gone Wild by Alice Cooper

5. Dead As Fuck by Motionless In White

6. Halloween by Siouxsie and the Banshees 

7. B-Movie Scream Queen by The Murderdolls

8. She’s My Vampire Girl by Groovie Ghoulies

9. Bloody Mary by New Years Day

10. Came Back Haunted by Nine Inch Nails

11. The Hideous Exhibitions of a Dedicated Gore Whore by Rob Zombie

12. All Murder, All Guts, All Fun by Samhain

13. Sweet Transvestite by The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack

14. Tiptoe Through the Tulips by Tiny Tim

15. Witchy Woman by The Eagles

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DRtL Episode 47: Ghostbusters! (Part One!)

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“Peter Venkman has a lot to answer for in modern society.”

Who ya gonna call?! Well — you can’t call us, exactly, because this is all pre-recorded. (But you can always post comments at our website, and review us on iTunes!)

That’s right, ghosts and ghoulies — Don’t Read the Latin is back with a special two-part episode! For the first time in the entire history of ever, we’re devoting an entire episode to a single franchise! We were so excited by the new Ghostbusters movie, we decided it was time to sit down with some of our favorite guests and talk about Ghostbusters in all media past and present.

Join your hosts @michaelmontoure​ and @jenniferlovely​ and our guests @gothiccharmschool​, @fanboy-news-network​, and @famouspeoplehateme​ for a look at the original films and the animated series! (But first, a discussion of the horror movies we’ve seen lately! If you just want to skip ahead to the Ghostbusters content, it starts at the 24 minute, 27 second mark.)

Then join us in two weeks for Part Two as we discuss the videogame and the 2016 reboot — and the Internet controversy it’s spawned!


Bonus Features

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My FO4 Modlist

Snap'n Build
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch
M1 Garand
T-49 Armor of the Storyteller
Real Nights with Real Lights
WWII Colt 1911
Unlimited Companions
Loaded Loading Screens
Don’t Call Me Settler
Teleport to Companion
Wedding Rings++
Spawn Items
Vivid Weathers
Enhanced Blood Textures Basic
Smokeable Cigars and Cigarettes
Looks Mirror
Rickety Restored Sanctuary Bridge
Pictures of Remembrance
Shroud’s Eyes
Spring in the Commonwealth
Wasteland Imports
Pip-boy Flashlight
Pipboy Overhaul Blackout Edition
Minutemen Morale Pack
Visible Companion Affinity
Realistic Ragdoll Force
More Map Markers
Get Danse Out of His Armor
Clean Water of the Commonwealth
Remove Invisibility Effect
NCR Ranger Armor
DKS-501 Sniper Rifle
Sniper Jacket
Publick Occurrences Expanded
Player Home - Thirty Yard Bunker
Decoration and Furniture Expansion
Do It Yourshelf
Take Cover
Cheat Terminal
Practical Case
Commonwealth Cuts
Full Dialogue Interface
Eli’s Tweaks & Fixes All-In-One
Tales from the Commonwealth
Shirt and Fatigues
HF Blade


I have a lot of mods. Here’s a list of them all for those who are curious.

I really should get rid of some of these… Damn.


Hey guys! Here’s the trailer for my channel! :D

Reblogs would help a bunch! Hopefully peeps that might like my stuff will see it :3 

anonymous asked:

What 80s movies would you recommend? 😊 your blog is cool 😊

what, for horror? ok disclaimer this isnt a list of movies i consider to be The Best theyre just the first ones that come to mind (if u want non-horror movies im afraid u have to ask someone else) & thank u !!

  • the thing (a standard obv)
  • poltergeist !!!! that movie is my mom
  • what was it called. not re-animator, the other one
  • re-animator too tho why not i havent seen it in so long i cant remember it tho lmao
  • pumpkinhead? when was that from. im p sure thats 80s
  • pet sematary is my SHIT
  • ghoulies ,, i dont even remember it but ghoulies
  • from beyond !!!! thats the one. that was fucked up
  • night of the demons is fun
  • dude ,,,,, phantasm 2 ,,,,,,, ho man
  • that goofy texas chainsaw sequel 
  • amityville 3d ,,,, theres somebody from full house in this i think
  • related: jaws 3d aka a Mess
  • silver bullet ??? did that have gary busey in it
  • theres so many movies i cant even think of em
  • whats the one where theres  a cat???? & its like 3 stories & at the end the cat battles some kind of little fucked up gremlin ,, pls h elp me
  • critters is from the 80s right
  • the outing ?? is that the one where they were at the museum. that was fun
  • idk if this counts as actual horror but house of the long shadows !!!!! literally i would die for that cast
  • somebody who can think coherently pls add to this i need a snack
  • mutant !!!!!! that was the one with the brothers !!!!!! i dont think it was very good actually but shit dude why not
  • theres like a zillion more but this list is p long rn

also !! my weird friend antonys list (some of these would be included in mine but ill just put them here) i havent seen all of them but his choices tend to be a little weirder than mine so theres that

  • the beast within
  • the howling (this is good i confirm it would be on my list if it wasnt on his)
  • demons
  • city of the living dead (im p sure he made us watch this once but i cant remember it)
  • house by the cemetery
  • the beyond (literally i dont even remember what it was about but it was def fucked up ,, was this the one w the spiders???)
  • the new york ripper
  • xtro (ive seen clips from this looks wild)
  • videodrome (my response to this movie was largely ‘what the hell’ 10/10)
  • fade to black
  • mystics from bali
  • raw force

It’s your caretaker here! Sorry that you haven’t seen me around in a long while… Some of you may have thought I was dead or crossed over into the light well please be reassured I’m still bound to The Manor indefinitely and I’m not gone!

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