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Some members of the fandom always complain about Touka being too “mean” to Kaneki, but it’s one of the things that I love most about her – and their relationship.

Touka is that she is one of the only characters in the series to always be upfront with Kaneki. She has always told it to him straight, while other characters have glossed over his issues and secretiveness, or just never brought it up (especially when he was the leader of his little group). Touka was even the first person to come out tell Kaneki that he was being selfish through his self-sacrificial actions as he fought a pointless and endless battle. Kaneki is such a good actor, that even he isn’t aware of his own true motivations, telling himself lies that he believes. That is, until Touka is the first person to hit the nail on the head.

Touka doesn’t sugar coat – and she doesn’t treat Kaneki with kid-gloves. Even Kaneki later admits that what she said was entirely accurate. Even after his revelation during his torture, he was still doing the same thing as his mother did – trying to sacrifice himself for others just so that he wouldn’t feel alone. Becoming the person who was hurt.

Even during the infamous, “Are you a virgin?” conversation, Touka confronts Kaneki about his actions. She has certainly gained more tact over the years, but she is just as blunt as she always is. She tells him that she’s afraid that he’s going to disappear and asks him why he has left her behind on important missions.

Time and time again, Touka is one of the only characters in the manga to call Ken out for what he has done wrong. She demands accountability, where as other characters have let “bygones be bygones,” even about situations that demand accountability from Kaneki. Despite what some of the fandom likes to think, Kaneki has done a few things wrong – being a survivor of abuse does not excuse him from accountability of his actions, even if his past does explain his actions.

It’s what I love about her.


im…. almost done with this

no i’m not i’m like 2/3 through and im probably gonna redo the coloring. anyways have this

prompt: after kaneki left, hide stayed in his apartment to take care of it. every day he would prepare a cup of coffee to welcome kaneki back with, should he come home. hide never drank it himself, but he would pour every ounce of effort into the perfect cup each day with the slim possibility that his friend would return. perhaps one day kaneki does return to his apartment, only to find his best friend curled up and unconscious on the couch with a cold and untouched coffee before him.

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What do you think will Juuzou's role be in stopping dragon and going forward? 👀

My son is going to show up with candied human flesh in his pockets to apologize to Kaneki and everything will be fine.

Kidding. But actually, I think the axe needs to fall on everyone in the CCG, including Juuzou, and soon (axe falling=/=them dying to be clear! I don’t think Juuzou will die). It’s funny, Furuta says this to Kaneki after his defeat at Juuzou’s hands:

However, he really might as well have said that to Juuzou as well. Juuzou’s learned nothing. I mean, he has learned to love others like Hanbee, Nakarai, and the other two in his squad, and Mutsuki. However, he also learned to love Kaneki, we can say pretty confidently, and that meant nothing in the end because he’s still clinging to Shinohara and was willing to brutally slaughter his own friend, the only one who never looked at him like he was disgusting, just because Furuta told him to.

It adds irony to the statement he makes to Big Madam here:

Essentially, this isn’t a declaration of freedom from Big Madam, but rather a declaration that he is still Rei. He is still a puppet; the master pulling the strings just switched from ghouls to ghoul-killers. Juuzou, on some level, even seems to recognize this:

Basically, Juuzou has no reason to fight ghouls. He really doesn’t hate them, unlike, say, Ui or Urie or even Mutsuki. He doesn’t see the difference between ghouls and humans; the only difference is that he’s been ordered to kill ghouls whereas he used to be ordered to kill humans. 

Unfortunately for Juuzou, the one thing that caused some change in Juuzou beforehand was this:

His own reckless behavior led to Shinohara sacrificing himself for Juuzou. Juuzou’s calculated behavior here has resulted in Dragon and we don’t know what happened to his squad. It’s possible Dragon killed Tamaki and Mikage and/or Hanbee will die from his injuries in the fight (since he is the one who is closest to Juuzou, based on what we’ve seen), but I’m not even sure that would work entirely to get Juuzou to change his mind; they were both told to prepare their wills, he knew it was a possibility, and he decided to do what Furuta told him to anyways. 

However, there is this:

Here Nakarai and Hanbee imply Shinohara is already dead and Juuzou doesn’t know. I do wonder if Furuta was hoping Dragon would revive Shinohara like he hoped to revive Hairu, but that doesn’t actually matter. If Juuzou loses some members of his Squad, caused his other friend to turn into a Dragon by savagely attacking him, and sees it was all for a lie, a moon arc illusion–well. That might just break him, and Juuzou needs to break. 

It’s funny, Juuzou has no particular empathy for ghouls, but also none for people either, aside from people he’s close to. He’s kind of Extreme Kaneki in many ways. If he learns that he failed to appreciate Hanbee and the others in the same way that he failed to appreciate Shinohara until it was too late, he might be able to make a decision (he is tied to Judgment, after all) and decide to help the people he still does care about–any remaining members of his Squad, but more obviously, Mutsuki, who needs help, and whom Juuzou has failed utterly at mentoring. He might be able to become Shinohara insofar as mentoring broken children goes (dare I hope for Hajime), and when he finds out Mutsuki is actually a ghoul now, that might help spur him to reconsider whether it really is okay to kill ghouls just because someone tells you to. Because Shinohara? He would never have killed Juuzou. 

Juuzou needs to stop killing. 

Thank you for the ask, friend! 

The sheets create a reversed number 19, guys...

Could be an upside down 16 too

Remember the Tarot? Ishida likes using dem cards. I really don’t like this, because it’s reversed…

Either Tower (16) or The Sun (19)
(Sun has been associated with Uta before my guys, but it’s reversed either way.)

So what does it mean?

Sun (19):
Optimism, love, vitality, life, energy, engagement, happiness, accomplishment, success, joy, good fortune, warmth, blessings

Reversed Sun:
Being overly sentimental, broken marriage or engagement, no or only partial success, clouded future, difficulties, losses, unhappiness, loneliness, lack of friends, false impressions, hoping for an improvement, sadness, reduced vitality.


Tower (16):
A sudden change, an accident, upheaval, unexpected events, ending a friendship, sudden money issues, ruin, destruction, catastrophe, release, revelation, loss of security

Reversed Tower:
Entrapment, being caught in a bad situation, being trapped in old norms, obstacles, difficulties, imprisonment, losses, a disruptive person, a volatile situation, fearing the worst, corruption and illness.

I have a bad feeling….. what do you guys think?


Okay. I will try to make smth more “BÄM” later.. but because I am a bit ill (I throwed up the hole night) that tattooed and pierced Kaneki has to saticfied you until then ^^; 

ANDI wanted to show you one of my first “accidents” from 1 year ago :D i see a little progress ;) Or what do you think?

Kaneki Ken King of Fakes

So in chapter 21 of Tokyo Ghoul we hear investigators talking about how Sasaki Haise fights a lot like Arima and that got me thinking is that so weird?

I mean most of what we know about Kaneki/Haise points to how good of a mimic he is. Even before he lost his memories he would mimic other ghoul’s kagune. Like Tsukiyama


Even Rize.

And everyone knows the finger cracking habit he picked up from Yamori

Heck Kaneki even learned a lot of the martial arts he uses by reading mimicking diagrams in books.

He’s always seemed to be a master at fakery even when he was a kid.He’s described by Hide as a good actor and someone who always wears a mask.

Maybe him fighting like Arima is less a sugestion that he is somehow related or connected to him and more a comment on Kaneki’s nature itself. 

Much of how well Kaneki can fight and act bridges on the fact that he can learn quickly and mimic well. 

Even his existence as the strongest artificial ghoul a “fake” ghoul, and the fact that ghouls wear masks, his multiple personalities all add to the image of Kaneki/Haise being the perfect eponymous fake.

Perhaps that is what Ishida has been hinting at all along Kaneki Ken’s nature is that of a perfect actor, a mimic a chameleon so…

I certainly think so

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I don't understand the whole pregnancy theory. Now I understand that Kaneki didn't use protection but still... you're the only person I can go to ~ do you believe she'll be pregnant?

The whole pregnancy theory came out mostly from a poem Ishida wrote last year in Touka’s birthday, along with the touka/ayato/yomo illustration. There’s a part of the poem that says “the children who were meant to be born, died,” and then “her womb smelled like it was burnt” 

then Touka’s cover page comes out, with her belly filled with blood and the words “bloom me a flower of my own” in a chapter where she says she will have sex with Kaneki, hours later they do have sex and they don’t use protection… you gotta admit that it’s very, very suspicious, anon. Also, as this meta (x) pointed out, in chapter 34 from the first Tokyo Ghoul, Itori makes an X with her fingers while saying “what do you think happens when you mix a human and a ghoul together?”, chapter 125 is named “X”

I don’t know, i just think its very weird… I’m open to all possibilities.


Tsukikane week day one: Confessions (feat my awful handwriting)

In which Tsukiyama hasn’t confessed to anyone since kindergarten and still uses the same method since he’s a dork.

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Hello :) In chap 99 Kaneki mentioned the reason why the mutual relationship between ghouls & humans were never fixed is cause they have never together attempted to do so. What do you think the ghouls in goat are doing/will do about the food? We know Kaneki wants to change both species' point of view on this. If the world wants to change, "Ghouls shouldn't be exterminated by mankind and humans shouldn't be eaten by ghouls" Sorry for the long ask and thank you ^^

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner anon! Well, the way I see it there are three options here:

1. Cochlea Soup

Give all the Ghouls whatever they give to the Ghouls in Cochlea. However, since I think this Soup is produced from the moral abomination that is the Sunlit Garden (churned up failed half-humans), this is obviously not a viable option for a morally brighter future.

2. Empty The Mortuaries

This is logically the most obvious solution, but due to sentimental attachments and prejudice it will definitely have a hard time getting pushed through. We know from the Anteiku’s scavenging methods that Ghouls can eat humans that have been dead for up to a few weeks - there is no need for them to have live prey. So, instead of burying or cremating the dead, they ought to be given to the Ghouls as a food source. Ghouls only need to eat once every two months, so it’s a viable solution. However, not many people will be willing to let the remains of their loved ones be devoured by monsters they think should be removed from the face of the earth. So suddenly a simple solution becomes a complex one.

3. A Cure

All of Kanou’s research into breaking the boundaries between humans and Ghouls will, I think, end up having a higher purpose than his petty sadism. Kanou was a CCG coroner and saw the endless cycle of violence between Ghouls and Humans first hand - perhaps it was this that stimulated his desire to “break this twisted birdcage”, even if it meant sacrificing his soul to do so. I think he saw the solution in flat-out eliminating the difference between the two species so they no longer would have anything to fight over. People have speculated on a cure for Ghoulness before, but I think Kanou’s goals are as much about a cure for Humanity as well. 

The themes of the series explore deeply the strengths and weaknesses of the separate worlds of Ghouls and Humans and the characters’ experiences in crossing between them, often to their greater strength - so it wouldn’t surprise me if Kanou’s end goal is converting the next generation of all Humanity and Ghoulkind into Half-Ghouls, with the strength of both species. Furuta’s CCG regime would be powerful enough to access and tamper with all the children in Japan, and perhaps his influence will spread worldwide as well. In any case, I doubt Kanou will survive this series so I wonder what Goat will decide to do with his research afterwards. Perhaps they will decide on so simple a change as altering RC levels in Ghouls to allow them to eat human food. Can you imagine an epilogue where all the (surviving) Ghoul characters try human food for the first time? Kaneki going to Big Girl with Touka, and Amon eating donuts again? That would be pretty sweet.

So I think 2 or 3 are the real options, but I lean heavily towards 3 due to both viability and thematic aptitude.