Naked Millie demonstrating her powers!! Ehhh something about life and death not too specific with what kind of creature she is or what her powers are right now. Just working out the basics. oh! BONUS MILLIE PURPLE CURLY PUBES!!!

As per the request of an anon, I am doing another follow spree (this is like what, my 3rd one? omg). My dash has been extremely dead lately, so I need to follow a few more people (where did everyone gooo ;-;). I’m quite picky though, so I’m really sorry if i don’t end up following you.

Please REBLOG if you post the following & put in the tags which series applies to you:

  • *hunterxhunter* (i really really need hxh content)
  • shokugeki no soma
  • katekyo hitman reborn
  • boku no hero academia
  • studio ghibli
  • one piece/naruto/bleach
  • daiya no ace
  • tokyo ghoul
  • art/fan art
  • seasonal anime (mp100,orange,bsd,etc…)


  • you make edits
  • your blog has a somewhat darkish aesthetic 


also mutuals if  you could help boost this, i’d really appreciate it  ♡