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Tokyo Ghoul :Re Invoke Team Menu Guide: 編成 (Formation)

Hello! This is my first guide for Tokyo Ghoul :Re Invoke. This is for people who does not understand the Japanese in the game.

I’ll start off with the Team Menu guide. When you tap on “Team” in the main menu, you can something like this below: 

(I translated the selections for your guidance)

We’ll take a look at the very first selection called “Formation” in Japanese

When you tap on the button, you’ll see something like this below:

There are two tabs for your type of team. 

The “Story/Event” tab displays teams that you will use in Story/Event battles. 

The “Assault” tab displays teams that you will use in Assault battles.  

If you tap on the “Undo” button, all of the team members (except the leader) will no longer be in that team.

Selecting Team Members

You can switch around your team by simply tapping on a character in that team. It’ll display the list of characters you currently have in your possession.

If you select one of the characters in that list, they’ll be switched with the character that you previously tapped on. 

Let’s say for instance that I want to switch out my SR Amon with R Touka. I’ll tap on SR Amon, and my character list will appear. Then I’ll tap on R Touka in that list and then this happens:

Changing Teams

Notice that you can only create up to 5 different teams in the “Story/Event” tab and 5 different teams in the “Assault” tab

Just slide your finger across the screen to create your next team.

Notice in the screenshot below that the second dot is glowing. That indicates that I’m looking at the second team I created.


Preserve is when you set that team to be your MAIN team. So when you tap on the “preserve” button (保存する) , The team members in your MAIN team will be shown in the main menu.  

Did you know that…

If the leader of your main team is a Ghoul, the selections will have ghoul related icons:

and if your leader from your main team is a Ghoul Investigator, the icons will be CCG related. 

I hope this helps. There’s more coming soon but don’t expect me to do them quickly. This semester is really busy for me.

Pixiv Tag Guide [Tokyo Ghoul]

When you don’t have enough follower, tags is the only thing that can make your art discovered in pixiv. Likewise when you don’t follow enough, tags is the only thing that can get you around pixiv. (Except google. And other gallery like DA or Tumblr or Twitter with pixiv link. lol)

So, how do you put tags on your work? Here’s a simple do and don’t


  • Put a series tag. In this case it’s either [東京喰種], [東京喰種:re], [東京喰種√A], or [東京腐種]. See the difference of each tag in the tag list. You can put one or more of these tag if you want to.
  • Put some character tags, especially the most featured ones on your work. When you got too many characters in your work, just put the most featured (or popular) one, or use group tag.
  • Put some coupling tags when you want to empashize some character relationship. (romance/non-romance)
  • Avoid uploading stacked illustrations as manga/comic. It can do increase the view, but some might mind. It’s still tolerable for now since manga section is fairly new to the old time user.
  • Avoid uploading a single manga page as illustration since it could decrease the view count.
  • Avoid using English tag, except when the actual tag is in English/romanji (for example: VOCALOID). Not only because the view count is low, it also takes more tag space for most of the time.
  • If your work contains some content that could offend someone or spoiler of the recent chapter, please add a warning in the front. (The first picture in manga/illustration stack, or if your work is a single picture, make it into a stack). PREFERABLY IN JAPANESE


  • Put some some tag like [かわいい] (cute) or [ふつくしい] (beautiful) by yourself.
  • Put some popularity tag like [東京喰種10000users入り] by yourself, especially when the favorite/bookmark count on your work doesn’t reach to that number.
  • Put some unrelated tag just because they’re popular. For example adding [金木研] tag when your work doesn’t feature Kaneki just to increase your view count. Adding the tag when Kaneki is still barely appear in the work is still acceptable for some people.
  • Mark your work as an original work if it’s a fanart. Please do keep mind that some mangaka (including Ishida-sensei under username [sui]) has a pixiv account and mark their work as original. 

So, how? Basically just throw a series tag and some character tags (for example [東京喰種] [佐々木琲世] [米林才子] for work featuring Haise and Saiko). Usually it already could get you some view count (if the thumbnail looks good ofc). If you got more space, put some couple tags when you deems appropriate. Still got some space? Put some event tags. Just remember you could only add up to 10 tags to your work in pixiv, so choose wisely on which tag to use.


  • If your work is a manga/comic, put it as a manga. Manga usually has more view than illustrations
  • On this fandom case, BL works are pretty popular. So don’t hesitate to use [東京腐種] tag if your work contains BL. Don’t forget to put the couple tag too.
  • It’s obvious, but R-18 has a pretty high view count. Especially R-18 manga.
  • Work posted on a special occasion with an event tag could get more view (for example posting something about pocky in 11 November with [ポッキーの日] tag). Try to hang out for a while in pixiv to find out more about those events.
  • Try to stroll around pixiv to find out which tag is more popular, since popular tag give you more view count.
  • Put some extra slot in your tag in case someone want to add something.
  • Work posted only with [東京喰種:re] tag can still be found when searching [東京喰種] tag (Except if pixiv changed their search algorithm). It’s your choice to use which.
  • Use Tokyo Ghoul wiki to copy and pasting more japanese terms/names not listed here

Lastly, feel free to add or correct things in this post (including the tag list). I just post what I usually do or found out in pixiv. I, by all means, am not a popular artist nor a pixiv expert, but at least I have an idea on how to get around and I decide to share it. Hope this can help.


ADDITION [31 July 2015]

It’s important to know if you’re putting a right tag or not. How to know? It’s simple. See this.

It’s a list of tag on a work. See that square with ‘P’ letter in the right of each tag? If it’s blue, then you’re using a pretty popular tag. Popular enough to have an entry in pixiv dictionary. If it’s grey, well it’s either misspell, or it’s not a popular tag (yet?).

Conclusion is, if you tag a main character from a popular series (which is certainly popular, like, Kaneki) and it’s grey, then you have a misspell. If it’s a new or minor character, you have to check it yourself.

In the case above, it’s simply because Kijima and Matsuri is a minor character and SasaKane is not a popular ship… yet?

Good luck.


(Click on Keep Reading/Read More to show the list since it’s quite long. Use Ctrl+F if you have difficulties on finding tags)

Keep reading


Happy birthday Kana-chan!

Hanazawa Kana
February 25

Characters listed:
Kawai Ritsu - Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou
Kosaki Onodera - Nisekoi
Mukaido Manaka - Nagi no Asukara
Murano Satomi - Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu
Saegusa Mayumi - Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
Kamishiro Rize - Tokyo Ghoul
Ubiquitous Seryuu - Akame ga Kill!
Kozakura Marry - Mekakucity Actors
Touzokuyama Megumu - Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara

Please reblog and spread the KanaHana love!!


Those are the things that I bring to university (almost) everyday.

1. My backpack
I found this one at Tk Maxx for 17€ It’s by the brand Custom Deluxe

2. Folder
I only take on folder with me to Uni. In there are papers I still need to read or readings that I need in a lecture.
(If you are wondering, I wrote lyrics on it. It says:“If you never shoot you’ll never know”.)

3. Netbook
Usually, I don’t take it with me but when my exams approach, I work on my course summaries in my free periods.
This is the Asus Transformerbook

4. Notebook
Grid paper. Nothing fancy. The notes that I take during lectures are always messy, so that’s why I use one notebook for everything when I am at uni.
I re write them at home in separate notebooks

5. Journal 1
I use this one for deadlines and to do lists. Sometimes I draw in it as well.

6. Journal 2
Another one? Yes. This is for my creative writing. When I’m on the train I write quite a lot so this one has to be in my bag all the time.

7. Books
Well, not all of those. I like to keep a book in my bag, since I spend a lot of time on the train.
Those are just some examples of the books that I carry with me
(Pride and Prejudice, The Zombie Survival Guide, Tokyo Ghoul)

8. Headphones
Surviving without headphones? Unimaginable. When I’m not hanging out with people, I am ALWAYS wearing headphones.
Those are by Sony but I have no clue what specific model they are.

9. Water
Depending on how long I have to stay at uni, I either carry a smaller or a bigger bottle with me.
In the picture is a refillable, small one.

10. Snacks / Lunch
I’m not a big fan of the lunch you get at the canteen, so I decided to bring my own food with me. (Even if it means that my bag will be really stuffed)
It really depends on the day, whether I bring an actual lunch with me or just a snack. In the picture above is one of my snacks. Cashew and dried cranberries. This lastsme a couple of days.

11. Purse 1
Isn’t this little guy cute?! I found it at Primark for 1€ and it’s been my little change keeper ever since.

12. Purse 2
The important one. All important cards are in here,my student ID and money.

13. Pencil Case
I just got this recently but I am SO in love with it.

14. Deodorant

15. Powerbank
This one is by intenso. My phone battery dies faster than you can say quidditch so this is an essential as well

16. Eyedrops
The air at our library is so awful :( Wearing contacts in there can become a living hell.

17. Blistering plasters
I’ve learnt my lesson. Never without them anymore. N E V E R!

18. Cosmetic Bag
You can’t tell, but it has some sort of Bambi pattern on it :)

19. Sanitizer

20. Face Powder

21. Lipstick I am wearing that day

22. Lip Balm

23. Hand cream

25. Lighter
I don’t smoke but having one on hand is always a good thing

26. 2 in 1 pocket mirror & brush

That’s all I got on me when I am leaving for a day at uni (:.

Tokyo Ghoul Carnaval Fighting in a Battle Guide

Click here for the Menu Guide

Click here for the choosing Battle Guide

Click here for some battle strategies

Since this post is going to be really long, I decided to put the “Battle Strategies” guide on a different post soon.

After choosing a battle you want to fight in, you’ll see a list of other users. Your friends will be the FIRST 6 USERS at the top. You can chose any of these users to be the 4th member of your team. (It’ll increase the chances of you winning a battle)

Just tap on the purple button if you want to choose them.

But if you don’t want a temporary 4th member for your team, you can just scroll all the way down to the gray box and tap on the purple button there.

After you do that, you’ll view each character’s stats before you begin the battle. If you want to change your team, you can do so by tapping on the purple arrows. You don’t always have to use the team where the team leader is on your profile. If you choose another team, it won’t change the team leader on your profile. 

When you’re ready, tap on the red button to start the battle. Excuse my strange team of Tsukiyamas

Fighting Types

What is a fight type? I’ll explain that. Different characters have different fighting types depending on what kagune type they are or what quinque they use. CCG investigators are allowed to change their fighting type by using different quinques. Ghouls cannot, because they can’t change their kagune to a different type. You can see their fighting type by looking at the kanji symbols below the Speed stat.

Here are the different types:

The 2 kanji symbols below the Speed stat is a fighting type for Ukaku ghouls and for Investigators who wield quinques that can shoot. 

During battle, they can attack their target by hitting them up close and shooting them afterwards to cause more damage. 

The purplish area is the damage zone. They can damage more than one opponent if more than one opponent is on that purplish area. However, the extra opponents will deal less damage than the one who is targeted in that zone.

If characters in your team are in that zone, they won’t get damaged. Instead, you’ll make them move away from it and possibly damage another opponent.

Characters with this fighting type can also jump over fences when you make them go to one, and shoot at opponent multiple times, causing a lot of damage. This can only happen AFTER your character jump over that fence and hit an opponent.

If the opponent is on the dark purple area, they’ll be poisoned when attacked. If that happens, their HP will decrease a bit in each turn, and their speed will be very slow. But this is temporary so the poisoning will wear off. 

Characters with this fighting type can also run on a wall if you make them go to it and shoot their opponent multiple times, causing a lot of damage ONLY if they reach them.

Now let’s look at another fighting type:

The 2 kanji symbols below the Speed stat is a fighting type for Koukaku Ghouls and for investigators who wield heavy looking quinques.

During battle, they can attack their target by going to them and hitting them with their kagune/quinque. This will make the target go flying by the impact.

If the target went flying and hit another opponent, the other opponent with deal the same amount of damage as the target. If the target went flying and hit your ally, your ally will just move away from them and possibly damage another opponent.

The green area is the damage zone. Any opponent who is on that zone will deal damage.

(The green area will be larger if your character is on a higher level. Tsukiyama is level 75 on this, which is why the green area is quite large.)

Characters with this fighting ability can also go on a wall and jump off to attack their opponent. The opponent will deal more damage if that happens.

This ability will only happen if your opponent is near the wall and you see a yellow area before attacking.

Now let’s look at another fighting type:

The 2 kanji symbols below the Speed stat is a fighting type for Rinkaku Ghouls and for investigators who wield sword quinques.

During battle, they can attack their target by going straight through them. They can attack more than one opponent when they do this if the opponents are in their pathway. Characters with this fighting ability can make multiple attacks in one turn.

Characters with this fighting ability can also go on a wall and jump off to attack their opponent. The opponent will deal more damage if that happens. After the character jump off of that wall, they can still keep going and possibly attack other opponents.

This ability will only happen if your opponent is near the wall and you see a yellow area before attacking.

Now let’s look at another fighting type:

The 2 kanji symbols below the Speed stat is a fighting type for Bikaku Ghouls and for investigators who wield dagger and whip quinques.

During battle, they can attack their opponent by attacking them and running away from them. They can attack more than one opponent if the opponents are in a position where you can him them both.

Characters with this fighting ability can also smash their opponent against the wall. The opponent will deal more damage that way. This can only happen if the opponent is near a wall and you see a yellow area.

Now let’s look at this last fighting type:

The 2 kanji symbols below the Speed stat is a fighting type for Ghouls who don’t use their kagune and for investigators who don’t wield a quinque.

During battle, they go to their target and simply attack them. The target will fly back a little when that occurred. 

If the target went flying and hit another opponent, the other opponent with deal the same amount of damage as the target. If the target went flying and hit your ally, your ally will just move away from them and possibly damage another opponent.

Characters with this fighting ability can also jump over fences and attack their opponent on the other side. It will cause greater damage.

Characters with this fighting ability can also run on the wall and attack their opponent if they can reach them. This will cause more damage.

Ghouls and Ghoul Investigators fight somewhat differently however. 

If you’re using a ghoul character and they go to their teammate, they’ll bite them. It’ll give their teammate little damage and it will sometimes restore the HP of that ghoul character.

If the ghoul character you’re using bite their teammates, three times, they’ll go into this ghoul awakening mode where their stats will increase and they can inflict more damage on an opponent.

For Ghoul investigators on the other hand, if the investigator goes to their teammate, they’ll make that teammate attack an opponent that is near them. 

Active Skill

During battle, did you notice the numbers on the character’s icon? These tell you how many more moves left until your character’s active skill is available.

The numbers will count down to 0. Once it hit 0, the yellow “OK” diamond will appear. This means that the character is able to use their active skill.

To activate that skill, you must tap on the character icon with the “OK” on it. Once you do, you’ll see the description of their active skill in kanji. 

Tap on the red button to activate it. Tap on the blue button to cancel and use the active skill at a different time.

Different characters have different active skills.

Some active skills just temporarily increase the character’s stats, HP and defense or decrease the opponent’s stats.

Some active skills can also make the opponent skip their turn or prevent their opponent from using their active skill.

Some active skills will show a red or purple area in front of the character. If any opponent is in it, they’ll deal with a large amount of damage. You can drag your finger on that red or purple area to rotate it and pick different target. Once you select your target, tap on the red button.

Red areas can attack more than one opponent. Purple areas can leave a huge amount of damage on one opponent.

Some active skills can increase the stats of your surrounding teammates. 

There are many different types of active skills so be sure to use them wisely when you’re facing a hard boss.

Battle Menu

During battle, on the top right hand corner, you’ll see a “Menu” button.

If you tap on it you’ll see something like this:

The first top purple button will give you chibi instructions in kanji

The second purple button will take you to settings where you can change the volume of music and sound effects.

If you want to quit the battle, tap on the third purple button. Tap the red button for “yes” or tap the blue button for “no”.

Now do you see this below?

These are the three kanji colors. This determines the characters’ defenses. Different characters have different kanji colors. This tells you that:

Red can inflict more damage on Green but less damage on Blue

Green can inflict more damage on Blue but less damage on Red

Blue can inflict more damage on Red but less damage on Green

You can check your character’s kanji color but looking at their icon. For example, Shironeki’s kanji color is Red. So he’ll deal more damage from Blue characters and less damage on Green characters. He can inflict more damage on Green characters and less damage on Blue characters.

Battle Prizes

Sometimes after killing an opponent, the opponent will leave a box. If they don’t, then you’ll just earn more coins. The number of boxes you collect will be shown below.

Bronze Boxes will give you N items such as N Gems, N Orbs, and N characters. You’ll most likely get them during easy battles.

Silver Boxes will give you R items such as R Gems, R Orbs, and R characters. You’ll most likely get them during medium battles.

Gold Boxes will give you SR items such as SR Gems, SR Orbs, and sometimes SR characters. This is rare but gold boxes can also give you SSR items too.

You can only get these prizes if you CLEARED THE WHOLE BATTLE. Your Exp will also go up too. 

Moving on. See that “Auto” button next to the “Menu” button?

If you tap on that, it’ll automatically show a route for your character and if you wait for a few seconds, your character will move for you. You can’t control your character’s route if “Auto” is on. You can just watch the whole thing play out but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll win.

Oh and one more thing. 

If you’re trying to beat a battle and your app suddenly exited out or crashed (My iPad does that sometimes), don’t get frustrated. The app saved your battle progress. Just go back on the app and if you see this below, just tap on the red button to continue from where you left off in your battle. Now isn’t that GREAT?! X3

And that’s all you need to know for now. This is such a long post so I’ll make a separate Battle Strategies post up soon! ^^)/

Fallout4 Romantic Partners Guide

Hancock - ghoul boyfriend AKA flirty druggie with heart eyes
Paladin Danse - tincan boyfriend AKA asshole with a heart of gold
Maccready - sarcastic boyfriend AKA funny af merc who is scared of aliens bless his spirit
Preston - lawful good boyfriend AKA is a total square but a precious square the world doesnt deserve him
Cait - kickass girlfriend AKA looks scary because she is scary also irish????
Piper - cinnamon roll girlfriend AKA everyones manic pixie dream girl
Curie - frenchbot girlfriend AKA she is literally the sweetest most precious soul protect her at all costs
Valentine - no ones boyfriend AKA the Tumblr thirst is so real

Tokyo Ghoul Carnaval Menu Guide

I’ve been playing Tokyo Ghoul Carnaval for… a month I think. I start to understand how things work despite that I can’t read kanji.

So I felt like making guides and tips for people who do not understand how to play it (because they can’t read kanji). I’ll make more guides soon..

First, let’s start with the menu. It looks like this:

To go to the menu, you must press those green papers

Let’s start with this:

This is where you can make teams of 3 characters so that you can use them during battle. You can only make 5 teams of 3.

You can tap on the characters to change members. It’ll show you the list of characters you have and you can choose any of them to change members. 

If you choose a CCG investigator, You’ll see these purple boxes. (Note: If you choose an SR or SSR Investigator, there will be TWO purple boxes. If you choose an N or R Investigator, there will only be ONE purple box)

The letter E means that the Investigator is equipped with a quinque. 

Tap on a purple box and it’ll show you the list of quinques you have. You can choose any of these quinques for your CCG Investigator to use. It’ll be a bad choice to not equip them with any quinque. Try to equip them with different quinques and see which one improves their stats.

(Note: Carrying a heavier quinque will lower the investigator’s speed)

Now the check box indicates which team you want to use for battle. It can also make the team leader appear on your profile and make your friends or any other players use them for extra help in their battles.

For instance, I tapped on the check box and selected my team of Tsukiyamas (lol I have two SR Tsukiyamas so why not?)

And if I exit out to my profile, I’ll see the leader there, which is of course, Tsukiyama.

You can also tap on the blue box to reset your team and start over by picking different characters.

Now let’s go to this:

This is where you can remove any unwanted characters you have for coins. The numbers below them indicate how many coins you’ll get if you remove them. The more rarer and higher the level they are, the more coins they are worth. 

Btw you can’t remove characters that you already put in your 5 teams of 3.

For example, I want to remove a random person I just got. Because I can only keep 60 characters and I’m trying to leave space for characters I actually want to keep. 

So I tap on them and tap the red box

I then press the red box again to remove the character and earn the 100 coins. (You can even remove more than one character btw to earn more coins)

Now let’s go to this:

This is where you can level up your characters and make them stronger. I heard from people that it’s hard to level your characters up. Guys, it’s not hard if you understand how things work. You just need enough coins and gems you can earn by going through a lot of fights.

You can level up characters AND quinques to strengthen your teams. Select any character or quinque you want to level up and go to the second tab to see the gems.

I’m currently trying level up Gourmet Shuu to level 75 so I selected him and select the gems. I can only select 10 at a time. Then I select the red box to proceed. 

The numbers below the gems indicates the quantity of them that I earned.

Once I tap on the red box, it’ll show his future stats if I press the red box again.

You can also press the blue box to cancel the level up process (In this game, the red boxes are the “Yes” while the blue boxes are the “No”. You’ll get what I mean)

If I press the red box again, I’ll have to spend 34000 coins. Since I have 58970 coins, I have enough coins to make him level 41 and I will be left with 24970 coins. If I have less than 34000 coins, I can’t make him level 41.

I can earn more coins by going through fights.

Why do I pick so many red gems? To level him up faster. How so? Well that’s because his kanji is red. (I didn’t pick all red gems because I need to save some)

Tip: Some characters have a kanji that is either red, blue, or green. If you level up your characters with gems having the same color as their kanji, then they’ll level up faster.

Tip: Use N gems for N characters/quinques. Use R gems on R characters/quinques. Use SR gems for SR characters/quinques. Use SSR gems for SSR characters/quinques. The higher the rarity of the gems, the more expensive it’ll be to use them.

Instead of using gems you can also fuse two characters/quinques together to improve their stats or level them up.

For example, I have two of the same quinques.

I want to fuse them together so I tap on one and tap on the other and then tap on the red box.

It will only improve its stats a little but I won’t have to spend any coins because I’m not using any gems! So I tap the red button again.

All characters or quinques have a level limit. It depends on their rarity. 

N characters/quinques can only go up to level 30

R characters/quinques can only go up to level 50

SR characters/quinques can only go up to level 75

and SSR characters/quinques can only go up to level 90

Then why is my SR Tsukiyama’s limit is level 50?

That’s because I didn’t give him the SR orbs yet. 

I’ll explain that by going here:

This is where you can extend the limit of your character’s or quinque’s level depending on their rarity.

Your characters or quinques will be available for that if blue kanji symbols are on them

I wanted to extend Gourmet Shuu’s level limit to level 50. His level limit is currently level 30. Since he’s an SR character, I can extend it to level 50. But in order to do that, I MUST level him up to level 30 first, which is his level limit. Then the blue kanji symbols will appear on his icon. 

His kanji is RED, which means I must gather RED orbs to complete the task. (You can earn orbs by going through fights)

Note: You need N orbs to extend to level 30. You need R orbs to extend to level 50. You need SR orbs to extend to level 75. You need SSR orbs to extend to level 90.

I have enough R orbs and N orbs to extend his level limit. However, I also need to spend 36000 of my coins to proceed. I have 94970 coins so I can spend it. (If I don’t have enough coins, then he won’t be available to extend his level limit)

I can proceed by taping on the red button.

So as you can see, it’s not really hard to level up your characters/quinques. Just keep going through fights and earn gems, orbs and coins.

Now we can go to this:

This is where you can view your character’s and quinque’s stats and abilites. 

Just tap on any character or quinque on the list and you’ll view them

I can’t read kanji so I tried my best to describe what some parts are. I may be wrong

Thanks to kashiwagi-rin, I understand this better

First let’s look at a ghoul (or a half ghoul). Kaneki would be an example. ALL GHOULS have something like this:

His level is 75 out of 75. It means that he reached his level limit (he’s an SR). I made him up level up to 75 by using gems.

His HP is his health points. His HP is 22320. That means he can only take up to 22319 damage. Any more than that is game over for him.

His strength can add up to how much damage he can make to an enemy.

I think the 117 indicates his speed. I notice by how fast Kaneki moves during battle.

I think the first purple button shows his leader skill. It only applies if I make Kaneki a leader of a team. It’ll describe the skill if I tap on the purple button. I can’t read kanji but I already notice his special ability. During battle, he recovers HP if he breaks an obstacle and he also recovers HP if it’s his turn. His special ability is regeneration.

I think the second purple button explains the active skill his kagune gave him. You’ll notice it during battle and you can use it anytime. (It’s kind of like a Final Smash?)

CCG Investigators are different. Let’s look at one. I’ll use Kureo Mado as an example. ALL CCG INVESTIGATORS have something like this:

The only thing that’s different is that he have no active skill UNLESS you equip him with a quinque. The quinque will determine his active skill. That’s a benefit you get for using CCG investigators. 

Speaking of quinque, let’s look at one:

A quinque is not a person, so it won’t have HP and Speed. But it does have strength because it’s a weapon that causes damage. It’ll increase a CCG investigator’s strength when equipped. It’s active skill will also add on to the investigator too IF it’s their PRIMARY weapon.

It’s Passive Skill ONLY works if you’re using an SR or SSR investigator. The passive skill will apply to the SR or SSR investigator IF you make it a SECONDARY weapon. 

And that’s all you need to know about the menu. I’ll make more guides soon! ^^


Many people send me asks wondering if and how they should read Tokyo Ghoul manga after watching the anime. (My answer to the first is “ YES YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY READ THE MANGA. IT’S AMAZING AND WONDERFUL AND GREAT AND A REAL TREASURE.”)

If you have watched Tokyo Ghoul anime and plan to read the manga, here’s my little advice:

  • If you’ve watched Tokyo Ghoul Season One, read the manga from the beginning; there are many many things left out in the anime that will make you fall in love with the story and understand a lot of things better
  • If you’ve watched Tokyo Ghoul Season One and you’re 300% you don’t want to read from the beginning and you just wanna know what happens next start from volume 7/chapter 59;  it’s still better to read from the beginning but if you really want to continue the story, that should be enough.  
  • If you’ve watched Tokyo Ghoul Season One & Two and wanna know what happens next read the manga from the beginning. 
  • If you’ve watched Tokyo Ghoul Season One & Two and don’t wanna read from the beginning start from volume 7/chapter 59 ; season two of the anime is at least 60% anime original and most of the story changes greatly from the original manga, so if you move to the second part of the TG manga (Tokyo Ghoul:re) you will be very VERY VERY confused and wouldn’t understand what’s happening at all.

The bottom line is you might be able to get the story if you watch season one and read the rest of the manga starting from volume 7, but don’t go reading :re to know what happens after season 2 because you won’t know anything really.

Hope it helps.


anonymous asked:

Can I request a ficlet with Poison being out and Ghoul has to do his best to help Kobra Kid calm down from an anxiety/panic attack?

Suggest a ficlet!

(I love this prompt.)

“Can you hand me that wrench?” Fun Ghoul said, bent over the upturned bicycle. Kobra Kid picked up the wrench lying on the workbench and handed it to him. His hand trembled as Ghoul took the wrench. Ghoul looked up and saw that Kobra’s face was pale.

“Hey,” Ghoul said, putting the wrench down and standing up. “You don’t look good. Are you okay?”

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