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Bloom🌱 - A Kaneki Ken Playlist
Another playlist I’ve wanted to do. My last big ones probably Tsukiyama, but that one needs more work. :’D same format as the others, links just go through to lyric videos.

Other Playlists:
Bouquet💐 (Tsukikane)
Metamorphosis🦋 (Ari-Kane) 


Bohemian Rhapsody - (Cover) Panic! At the Disco

Be the one who gets hurt (kuro):
Fine on the Outside - Priscilla Ahn

Be the one who hurts (shiro):
For Reasons Unknown - The Killers

Elastic Heart - Sia

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PokeGhosties Part 2

👻 Ahh finally done!! 👻 I finished a total of 17 Ghost Pokemon in preparation for Fall and Halloween~ They will soon be available as stickers in my stores! I’m gonna compile these into a big poster and list the originals for sale too!

Part 1