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Why are you so scared?

“O-ok, t-they m-might have g-gone, but.. I’m j-just g-going to stay semi t-transparent for.. f-for a bit, ok? U-until I’m 100% sure t-they’re g-gone.. I have n-no clue how you don’t know t-the Tem S-Scouts!.. T-then again, y-you didn’t know about Princex Chara, s-so… A-anyway, um… T-they’re… I t-think humans have something…k-kind of like them on t-the surface? C-clearly much less… uh… scary, t-than ours… T-they call t-them ‘Girl S-Scouts’?… Anyway…Tem Scouts.. are kinda l-like that.”

“Ok, t-this is a picture of.. ok, t-this one is of a r-regular T-Tem Scout. T-they’re just regular T-Temmies, but w-with an agenda.. t-they have one m-mission; s-sell you Tem Flakes…w-which are l-literally just colorful s-scraps of cardboard and c-construction paper… Um, it w-wouldn’t be so b-bad if they weren’t.. t-terrifyingly persistent… Temmies c-can, um..d-do a lot of strange, inexplicable m-magic that no one understands, l-like s-stretching limbs, which is.. not that strange in t-the grand s-scheme , b-but… t-they can. um,.. l-look, I d-don’t know how t-to describe w-when someone’s f-face literally v-vibrates off their… f-face, and sort of… f-floats there?… It’s creepy.
T-that’s just regular Temmies. N-now, T-Tem Scouts are.. very m-much focused on t-their goals… t-they really, really want you to buy Tem Flakes… and… um… t-they have 4 ears, s-so h-hiding f-from them is really hard… t-they can s-stretch up s-so even i-if you locked t-the door, t-they knock on the window.. and.. um… also l-leave their faces around?.. and… d-don’t leave until y-you buy Tem Flakes. A-at r-ridiculous prices, c-considering, well.. I m-mean, they’re literally cardboard. N-not even magic c-cardboard, j-just c-construction paper and cardboard f-from the dumps painted colors! W-when I s-said I knew w-what my least f-favorite food was, I didn’t include Tem Flakes, b-because calling t-that food is… an insult to tea cakes... But they’re n-not the bad g-guys… They’re kind of like.. um…Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors, like how he w-was only c-carrying out w-what Audrey II wanted him t-to do?.. T-the real problem is… t-the Head S-Scout….”

“T-this is T-Temmie. Well, a-all of t-them are Temmie… b-but… t-this is… she’s.. um.. d-different. T-Temmies n-normally all look t-the same, all of them, e-exactly alike… it’s just one of the t-things that makes a Temmie a T-Temmie.. b-but.. she’s.. um… w-well, bigger ears, l-lighter hair… a-and a whole lot smarter… N-not that Temmies are stupid, b-but most of them have… t-their own way of thinking…H-Head Scout T-Temmie is… d-different.
S-she’s…s-scary. I k-know, I know, s-she looks c-cute.. a-all Temmies do.. She m-made up the w-whole Tem Scout b-business, S-she makes all t-the Tem Flakes. She’s.. um… o-one of t-the richest m-monsters in t-the Underground..a-and… no… I’m n-not joking.
W-well,actually, n-no one knows how m-much gold s-she has, but m-monsters have counted how many Tem Flakes h-have been sold, and t-the gold earned… s-she’s gotta be r-rich… I t-think s-she’s saving up f-for college, w-which, um…is a n-nice goal, but.. r-running an e-empire b-built on h-harassing m-monsters until t-they buy c-cardboard ‘food’?… I f-feel like l-learning how to make Tem Armor c-can’t possibly b-be worth how m-many monsters s-she’s… is i-it extortion if t-they agreed to buy t-the flakes?.. Anyway…um… if y-you run into her… y-you… you’re p-probably d-doomed. I d-don’t want to talk about her.”

“A-a lot of e-establishments s-seem to c-chase away T-Tem Scouts, e-especially nicer places l-like NHU o-or C-Cozy’s, w-where the worst y-you deal w-with is Jerry.. I t-think the Tem S-Scouts are afraid of C-Cleaver… b-but, um, if you l-live in a.. y-you know, b-bad neighborhood.. or a g-good neighborhood… o-or anywhere without a b-bodyguard… y-you might run into a T-Tem Scout… my best advice?… D-don’t buy t-the flakes. T-then they know where you live… M-maybe comparing t-them to human girl scouts is inaccurate… I f-feel like maybe t-the mob might be a better comparison….
L-luckily, t-they have really s-short attention s-spans if you can hide f-from them.. um.. b-but you h-have to be really good at hiding.. l-like ‘b-being able to turn invisible’ good. T-they have 4 ears… and d-dog noses…or c-cat noses?..I’m n-not sure.. It’s h-hard to s-shake off a T-Tem Scout once y-you’ve got one on y-your trail… t-that’s why I’m s-still transparent… oh, and scared.”

  • Me: *chapter 1 of DR:AE* Aoi has a brother? What a cutie! Yuta is a cute name, too. Look at those big blue eyes. Just like his sister. Oh, he runs track instead? I bet he misses his sister a lot! I hope they can be re-united, he seems so good and pure. What a little cinnamon roll.
  • Not even five minutes later: The world is cruel. Despair is endless. And yet here I am, enjoying it. Truly. This is a game for sadomasochists.

yay!! (ノ◎ヮ◎)ノ*:・゚✧ I’m working on this spooky ghostie girl for My Boo GhostZine ♡ ♡ ♡ a new spooktacular zine curated by the amazing brettmanningart and sarahcatface ♡ ♡ ♡ I’am super excited to be a part of this new amazing project ‘cause most of my fav artists are involved in it!!! stay spooky!!!