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Old and New Mistakes (Future Beth)

i told u it’s only goin downhill from here

“Calm down,” Ghost gently held his daughter’s shoulders, “We’ll find him.”

“We haven’t these past few days and we looked everywhere,” Beth sighed, a tightness in her voice. “But I did find this in his study,” Beth’s still shaking hand held out the blueprints for Shaun’s watch. Ghost quickly began to read it over. His distressed look worsened Beth’s. Alex pressed his hand against her shoulder to root her.

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Misunderstanding (Future Beth)

this one’s gonna be multi fic length kids, strap ya self in

“Shaun? Shaun! Where are you now?”

“Up here, Ma.”

The Queen of Hell turned her head up, to see her young teenage son, at the top of an ice ladder he made himself, goggles on and holding a drill as he repaired some large contraption that almost touched the roof of his study (which acted more as a workshop). Beth crossed her arms.

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To Dance (Chill Pill)

did someone say birfdae

I have a crap ton of fics lined up to do, this week I’m gonna see how many I can do before I crash n burn


“One, two, three,” Mabuz nodded in tempo, leading Beth, “one, two, three. It’s very simple.”

“One…” Beth whispered to herself the beats, staring down at her feet. Mabuz frowned.

“Lift your head.”

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Shallow Girl (Truffula Trench!AU)

pppbllmbpp idk whatever I just wrote this on the fly, I’m trying to write fics again, so this ain’t that good lmao


“They’re shallow. Those girls.”

“You just say that because you don’t know them, Jonathan,” Moirin sighed. She sat with her friend in the special AB booth, watching a group of the young girls singing together. They danced in pretty, brightly colored and with the illusion of sparkles on the dresses. Neva went up to do a solo. Doc pointed at her as she sang and swayed.

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ok so I’m writing a some fics but they. require certain context. so basically @genjis-girlfriend and I have been Skype rping and they’re pretty much canon?? so here is a basic summary of every one we did in chorno order (I have the actual rps saved as notes on my phone), some were completed and some weren’t, some were au rps so. I’ll mark all of them accordingly, explain where they were going and give summaries!! prepare for long post in three. two. one

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Rise to Crash (Ghostbusters!AU)

hey guys look I finally wrote a fic again and hey look it’s that au I made forever ago and keep falling out of continuing. it’s a day after Halloween and I’m supposed to have another fic for tomorrow as day of the dead which I haven’t even started but hhhhEY one battle at a time

we’re finally reaching more intense and deeper plot, if you don’t remember what happened last here’s the sum: Doc found Beth had some mysterious book about stuff, doc’s gotten pretty panicked about it and it’s a constant worry in the back of his mind. a little time has passed since then, they’ve all been on call a lot, been busy but that’s alright for a business! but things might be rearing their ugly head soon. there ya go


“That spirit guide gives summonings to any and all well-known ghosts and demons,” Ghost muttered, adjusting one of the proton packs energy dispenser. Tumb lifted the goggles that created a reverse raccoon mask from his eyes.

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Unforgettable Kindness

I managed to write the fic I wanted in one day hooray I’m tired and still feel like crap but I have therapy in like five minutes

anyway y'all know what today is so u know what that means


“Marigolds are the main flower used in celebrating,” Alex twirled the golden flower in his fingertips. “But really, you use any flowers they liked! And you put out food, and drinks, and objects they used to love…”

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I’m scared

I had a life I thought I understood

I took it and I squeezed out every bit of life I could

But the edges of the world that held me up have gone away

And I’m falling into nothingness

Or flying into something so sublime

And I’m a man I don’t know

Who am I now? Where do I go?

I can’t go back

I can’t find my way through

i worked on this for two hours

i listened to the whole album and this song on loop for two hours

click the link and listen to the song already because i’m making an animatic of it and if you think this is bad well, son,

After I deactivated my first account I lost track on constantly changing URLs and people behind them. I know I am missing blogs I followed from the very beginning - and who followed me - and persons I still keep in contact with via other means, but I guess that’s a casualty I was ready to face when I made a decision about a fresh start.

Some of these people I know, some I have never spoken to.

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(( rlly fast and shoddy sketches of annie au

i just played around w/ how doc was supposed to look pbbtbtb

this is supposed to be for the new one bc I watched that earlier today w/ may

Beth is Annie, doc is stacks, webby is the assistant lady, ellis is that one guy (im blanking on both their names)

yea beth is supposed to be younger but I messed up on her sketch in the first one

that’s all I got rn 8,DDDD ))

Round One (Ghostbusters AU)

(I’m tryin to write again wOOPBOOP but I can’t think of titles lmao)

“…So,” Beth continued, “we got patches made that have your guy’s last names. Thought it was more professional than nicknames.” She tossed out the beige jumpsuits to the three she was talking with. Moirin looked at the uniforms with her always caring and encouraging smile. “I think these work out pretty nice. Straight to the point and if you get that goo on them, it isn’t a loss.”

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