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Happy Thanksgiving to all of my tumblr pals and followers!

Thank you guys for making every day of my life special, at least to an extent! I just wanna say how thankful I am for all of you guys:

@salty-bacon, @sin-artist, @smolnerdtrash, @zone-2-bookworm, @glowyskull, @galactic-android, @artsy-ghostie, @ridashippu, @chiromythn, @dustysandstorm, @floralconversesations, @madhatter123321, @askelsenjuniper (Even if you don’t consider me a friend anymore), @askyunosweet, @rarbug, @the-soothing-elsen, @oneeyecat, @seashelbby, @pocket-the-time-lord, @off-kill-ter, @cosmicchibi, @kekdoggo, @linnea-the-flower, @xinostitches, @nikkoleonworld, @tuppencelog, @bagg-o-bones, and @modbluemuse!

Thanks to all of you, my year’s been so special, and I bet it’s only gunna get better from here! And with my birthday coming up soon, I’m glad to have all of you here to celebrate with me on this awesome day! Thanks for a great year. :)