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Haaaww shit dude sounds like your meds have real uncool side effects, though those are usually just guides so people aren’t too shocked if it occurs. I’ve found it also depends on the person/how long on meds/dosage of medication/things+stuff. x

a lot of meds i’ve taken for anxiety never really work for me, so i’m not too worried, i guess, but i still don’t want any of that to happen, haha.

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That was one of many ways I wrote sexy when I was fourteen and sXc and IstoleyrXgf keeping it hardcore and then moved on to writing tuff stylez like hXc and sXe and screamoXcore but still had mad appreesh for old times like sXe flXe babeXtownz.

I used to write cum instead of come, as in like “come over here”, and when I finally learnt what cum actually meant, it was a bad day for me. Also I used to say bugger off all the time, and then my mum told me what bugger actually meant. Also another bad day for me. I was a really dirty child without even knowing it.