Tumblr Crushes: god that sounds kinda creepy doesn’t it

I'm happy

Okay, so being a teenager gives me a bad rep already. I’m not saying I don’t deserve some of it, but still. I am literally one of the saddest, most moody people I know. I have a pessimistic outlook on life, not in an angsty teenager way - it’s in a cynical way. I don’t like people, I don’t trust them, and it’s all based on past events that, once again, make me seem like that angsty over-dramatic teenager that I can sometimes be. (whew run-on sentences) ANYWAYS. Another annoying thing about being a teenager is the romance, and how nobody takes you seriously. There’s a difference between a stupid teenager romance that’s just for fun and a real romance where you feel a connection that’s more than skin deep. I’ve recently felt the latter and I’ve never felt better. Well, of course there’s the excessive moodswings and temper issues, but I’m generally happier. I’ve met someone who is shockingly similar to me, someone I can joke with and scream at and cry with, and they understand what I mean. I don’t have to repeat myself or anything, he just understands. I love you. Uh. That sounded cheesy. I value you as a person? I respect you as a friend? I’d still be cynical without you? I don’t know. I care for you. And it’s mutual. We love and care about each other. Love is weird.