We fucking did it! Just want to thank every single Ghost Town Fan out there!👻😸⚡ We couldn’t have done it without you guys! I’m so grateful for all the love and support! Big things happening..I’m working on my life’s very first comic book featuring the Ghost Town World..I’m putting everything I’ve got into this. My whole life’s been leading up to this and my skills has finally caught up with my imagination..I’m making the comic book I’ve always wanted to read and I actually am hand painting each panel so it more of a gallery of paintings creating a provoking storyline connecting to the depth of Ghost Town’s lyrics. I’ll be posting previews of the comic book soon and I want all the fans to get involved in the creative process. Stay tuned everyone. And thank you thank you thank you!! #imaghost #imadreamer #ghosttownfans #ghosttownforlife

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