Here is the first of many behind the scenes videos of the making of “Party in the Graveyard!” These videos have stories from us about the start of Ghost Town to where we are today. This is for you Ghosts who were there from the beginning and those Ghosts just joining the family! We are all in this together and it’s time for us to take this party all over the world! #ghostsunite

See you UK Ghosts in a couple days. ;)

<3 GT

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“All the hate that you have…
Just throw it away
Life is meant for more,
But we’re too distracted..
Too caught up in the anger and judgment..
Caught up in the web of lies
I’ve heard these things keep our blood boiling,
Keeps us alive, and moving forward…
Well fuck that!
If that’s the case I was born a dead man.
And I’m forever a ghost.
Hatred is something that we’re brought up to see.
Now everybody’s looking at me
I hope they know…
They won’t get their satisfaction.
Hated is something that we’re brought up to be
Now everybody’s looking at me.
I hope they know…
That they won’t get their satisfaction.
they won’t get their satisfaction.”
#GhostTown #Massacre #NewSong #Hehe #GhostsForever #GhostsUnite <33

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