Been wanting an action figure of Arthur for years, or rather any Ghosts ‘N Goblins merch, and now Union Creative has chosen him to be the first contender in their new series of Game Classics action figures. Who’d’ve thunk?

The armor made the both of them a royal pain in the pingas to pose. It’s forgivable how the armor gets directly affected by each pose since it’s designed to come off to show his boxers, but the pauldrons wouldn’t stay in place (the sholder armor parts). They’re held together by their pegs between the front and back parts of the torso armor, so they don’t rotate with Arthur’s shoulders, making extreme poses seemingly impossible.

Furthermore I appeared to have flattened some of those pegs while trying to will it into place at first, but it was nothing a pair of tweezers couldn’t fix.

All that aside, I couldn’t be happier with these, cuz once you get everything together they just look real nice ‘n shiny, and I’m real glad I got them to pose the way I wanted to in the end. Especially with golden armored Arthur, since I got him to give a mean glare beneath all the power the armor holds. Both of these figures have poseable eyeballs too, so it’s a big help getting them to look nice and expressive.

Also, Arthur’s gold armor comes with a cape, the box doesn’t come with instructions for it, so I kinda had to guess how to equip it to the armor. I wedged the top ends behind his rerebraces (the upper arm parts). It was hell getting it in while also making sure the pauldrons stayed in place, but I’m glad I got it close enough. Now if I could find some monster toys for him to fight… hmm…

Next up is a set of Pac-Man pins I ordered. They’re huge, and they’re meant to be sold as blindbags, so I went with an entire boxed set to ensure a complete collection. I had no idea that I’d end up with two of everything though, that was a nice surprise! Perhaps I could wear the Galaxian Flagship pins as sets of cuff links next time I don a tux for some fancy occasion. Or maybe if I find a friend IRL that wants them.

I believe the Blue Ghost ones were meant to be the rare ones. Unlike the others, these are lenticular, so on top of how the waves on the bottom move, the pin flashes white too!

So yeah, these are everything I could ask for Pac-Man pins. I was literally looking all over for anything like these for a month until suddenly they came into existence. How lucky can you get?


Big Tower Monster
Artist: Harumi Fujita, Yoko Shimomura
Album: Makaimura Ongakutaizen [Red Arremer: Makaimura Gaiden / Gargoyle’s Quest: Ghosts ‘n Goblins]