When i was doing my doodles of the Chibi Knights I used Roll’s Knight costume from MegaMan Powered Up as a ref, a bit to much on the female knight but it was a first draft. So yeah went ahead and drew Knight Roll in a non-powered up style, and gave this a quick BG that resembles the Ghosts'n Goblins stage pack from the game too, the Bg was last minute which is why the location of the moon doesn’t match the light source on Roll.


Gargoyle’s Quest was one of the main reasons that I got a Gameboy while growing up.  A friend of mine had picked it up, and after seeing this action RPG in…erm…action, I knew I had to play it.  After that I stuck with the series.  It’s too bad Capcom hasn’t really done much with it recently outside of sticking the main character in a fighting game.