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Send a symbol for my muse to tell yours whether or not they would ...

♣ Tell a serious lie to someone they cared about
❤ Break someone’s heart
☁ Put a curse on someone who crossed them
♛ Hurt someone out of jealousy
❥ Be unfaithful to a lover
✖ Commit a crime because they were challenged to
▼ Try to scare or startle a friend/loved one
☹ Ruin someone’s day out of spite
™ Steal something precious from someone else
☠ Commit a murder in cold blood
♘ Kill in self defense
❦ Spread around someone else’s secret
✂ Threaten or terrify someone weaker than them
✦ Vandalize someone’s property
☎ Betray a friend for their own personal gain
웃 Abandon someone who relies on them
✿ Refuse someone’s kindness or affection
☢ Kill someone close to them for the greater good
☛ Blame their wrongdoings on someone else
☽ Become obsessed with someone they admire
☻Torment someone as a spirit after death
 ❣ Do something they promised a loved one they would never do
▢ Lose their humanity and embrace a wicked side

the fact that Edward used Oswald’s father and not his mother for his little scheme has really stuck out to me and I’m taking it as proove for Edward not really wanting to “destroy” Oswald. Edward knew how important Gertrude was to Oswald and that using her would have affected Oswald even more. Edward clearly wants his  slightly petty revenge but by choosing Elijah over Gertrude he shows a flicker of something that implies that there is a line he won’t cross

For those who are unfortunate enough to suffer from sleep paralysis, a whole range of terrifying, humanoid hallucinations can appear. One of the most common, are “Static People” as illustrated by a sufferer above. When sleep paralysis occurs, you cannot move or speak, making it impossible to scream out for help. It is recommended that you DO NOT open your eyes, as seeing these scary figures can send you into a frenzied panic that both physically and mentally exhausts you.

The Winchester House

This is the work of a woman named Sarah Winchester. After losing both her child and husband Sarah dealt with her grief much differently than others. With an excess of wealth, Sarah began to build. Some believe her grief led to a paranoid and delusional life which is reflected in the architecture. Some say Sarah never slept in the same bedroom more than two nights a week, constantly covered her face with a black veil, and had bells ringing from her house at odd hours in the night. According to most sources, Sarah built this massive house just to ward off and confuse evil spirits that she thought plagued her. 

We all deal with grief in different ways, but if you had 20,000,000$ to spend at the time, what would you do?

I experienced sleep paralysis for the first time today o_o

@sixpenceee may enjoy this

I could hear the cars on the road outside and feel the weight of the blanket on me, but as soon as I tried to open my eyes or get out of bed I realised something was wrong.
It was at that moment of realisation that I heard heavy footsteps coming from the door really fast towards to where I was laying.
They stopped. I heard the chair from the desk being dragged towards me and the rolling of its wheels on the carpet.
I heard someone sit next the me on that chair, and the creaking of the leather as though that someone were leaning over me.
Then started a groaning noise coming from the mystery someone, and I could feel a presence looming over me.

I woke up moments later and can only tell you though despite loving horror and being scared, how relieved I am to know it wasn’t real xD

It was a seriously surreal and creepy experience which has left me 100% less doubtful if sleep paralysis is real or not. x__x
There will be people who won’t believe this, but I swear this happened. I just hope it doesn’t happen again.


Nobody really knows why the human mind is creeped out by certain imagery. The photos above, for example, are certainly unsettling to most. They don’t have any context, but the brain has a “fight or flight” response to any potential danger. Since we don’t know what it is we’re supposed to be fighting, the only logical reaction is to flee from the danger, thus creating the feeling we know as “fear”: An unpleasant emotion caused by threat, harm or the unknown.

Unexplained paranormal Mysteries – The Faces of Bélmez

The Bélmez Faces or the Faces of Bélmez is an alleged paranormal phenomenon in a private house in Spain which started in 1971 when residents claimed images of faces appeared in the concrete floor of the house. These images have continuously formed and disappeared on the floor of the home.