ghosts of xmas past

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I had a dream a few weeks back that Sarah Sugden would appear in a dream to speak to Rob and I KNOW that's not going to happen because it'll be Andy etc but oh god could you imagine. She could be the ghost of Xmas past, the sweet one. Someone like Liv for the present who is positive and close to him and who he loves and can learn from and then someone like Katie for the future because he needs the wake up call. CAN YOU BELIEVE WE ARE GETTING SO MUCH ROB. As in, his own story?!

if sarah appears… look i just don’t know that we as a fandom will be able to handle that

do they want to make me cry on christmas

g o d oh my godfdfjdj 

it’s good too bc - if last year was aaron’s story then this year really has been robert’s story, and it sounds like they’re gonna actually tie it up at the end of the year - so that they can move on (to liv’s story!)


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I think the time travel plot could've worked even with Hook. Granted, if you dissociated him from the romance subplot. Have him travel back in time: Emma's arc is accepting her fairytale origin; Hook's arc is seeing how revenge and obsession could drive and consume someone, when he sees the Past!Evil Queen under a new lens. This could've made an impact on his redemption arc, instead of trying to "win" Emma's parents' approval.

Hook is too boring to even discuss (and in my native language we have a perfect portmanteau for boring/annoying/tedious, but it’d be lost on 99.99999% of you out there, unfortunately) but sure, you make a compelling point. I still think that you’d have to treat Hook’s storyline like a really, really problematic project on Holmes on Homes. Rip out every wall, smash it right down to the foundation, then rebuild. He’d have to time travel back to season 1 in order to be relevant and if they pull that little stunt, they’ll probably inspire even more frustration. He’s a veneer on an otherwise beautifully crafted antique coffee table. Sorry, I’m staring at my coffee, which is so far from me right now (at least a foot away!), and that’s the only analogy I could come up with.

Anyway. Wasn’t Hook’s revenge arc was already over by the time they sent him into the past to ogle Emma in a dress? He came back with his stupid magic bean and then he was finished avenging Milah because hayyyy, new cleavage to ogle. That was really the fault-line of his story, right there—the indication that some heavy-handed decision had been made and they’d have to re-write his arc. So sending him with Emma, back in time, made zero sense. If they were really going to give us a zinger of a story, they’d have sent Regina back—disguised face and all—to see what a d*** she was being to everybody around her. She still doesn’t always get it, and slamming her into lamp posts wasn’t necessarily the best way to show her herself. They should have done a Ghost of Xmas past thing. Lost opportunity.

Instead, this episode was some inept, clumsy way of showing how ‘changed’ Hook is now, by showing what he was like before, and with the new (v.2) Hook ‘protecting’ Emma from old Hook, and… I don’t know about you, but I saw no difference really. Both of them gawked at her cleavage. And the new one only pprotected Emma from his old (rascally naughty) self because you know, he’s so selfish that he doesn’t even want to share her with himself. Not that he had her at that point, but you know. You catch my drift. They are both self-serving lying bastards.

So of course, all of this proves your point, Anon. it could’ve been done in at least FIVE dozens of different better ways, than this Hooknale we got. And yes, they could’ve used to really honestly truly set him on the path of redemption, for starters merely to learn what ‘regret’ is and what a decent and deserving human being he could actually be. But as always with OUaT lately, coulda woulda shoulda.

Day Twelve: “Merry Christmas”

A/N: Wahhhh it’s the last day!! This has been so much fun <3 <3. By popular demand, I’m steering clear of angst and this one is 120% pure fluff!! (Unconnected with any other fic.)

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“Merry Christmas”

Naruto traced his finger gently over the outside of Sasuke’s ear; around the top and down the outer shell, and just lightly over his earlobe. From there he traced down Sasuke’s left cheek and jaw, so softly, barely touching him at all. He smiled to himself to see Sasuke’s nose twitch in his sleep, reacting to Naruto’s touch. 

Sasuke was such a light sleeper. When Naruto had started spending the night- just every now and then at first, then a few nights a week, until it was virtually every night- Sasuke had hardly gotten any sleep at all. It had taken a long time for him to relax with someone there beside him. 

But see- now Naruto was touching him and there he was sleeping soundly- peacefully. Naruto brought his hand to Sasuke’s shoulder next, tracing his fingers down his arm to his elbow, his touch feather-light. Naruto had, in fact, thought that this would wake his jumpy boyfriend up right away- that had been the plan. He wanted to give Sasuke his presents now, but he just kept on sleeping and sleeping!

So he kept on tracing over Sasuke’s skin, up and down his arm, until Sasuke finally shifted, wrinkling his nose again, frowning in his sleep. And then eventually his eyes peeked open, so slowly; he blinked and stared out at the world. 

“Good morning, sleepy-head,” Naruto said to him, keeping his voice low- Sasuke was not a morning person!

“…mm,” Sasuke murmured back, stretching out under the blankets, un-curling and arching his back, yawning softly. 

“I wanna give you your present,” Naruto went on. He knew Sasuke was still sleepy, but he couldn’t wait any longer!

Sasuke looked confused. “Present…?” he asked. 

“It’s Christmas!!” Naruto said to that. 

Sasuke blinked and yawned some more, shifting closer to Naruto with a shiver. “Is it?” he murmured. 

God, he’s so adorable! Naruto squealed to himself. No, I can’t wait any longer! “I’m gonna go get it now!!” he cried, jumping out of bed and running for the door. “I’ll be back in a second!!”

“Naruto…” Sasuke whined, staring after him forlornly. Well, it couldn’t be helped!

Naruto raced out the front door and to the neighbour’s apartment, thanking them profusely for being part of the surprise. And then he sped back home, cradling the basket in his arms carefully. He placed it in front of Sasuke with a bright grin. 

“Merry Christmas!!” he announced. 

Meoww,” added the three kittens in the basket.

Sasuke gazed at the basket, silent, and then sat up and crawled forwards. One of the kittens jumped out the side and skipped over to him, falling forward onto its little face with a surprised mrrr! 

“…what did you do?!” Sasuke exclaimed, reaching out for the poor little furball. “You got me- kittens? Three kittens??”

"Ah, no!” Naruto said. “That would be irresponsible, according to Sakura. No, we’re fostering. And then you can choose which one you want to keep!”

Sasuke stared up at him, stared back at the kitten in his hands, stared at its two siblings in the basket. “…all of them,” he said, his voice matter-of-fact. “I want all of them.”

Naruto’s smile faltered. “Um. …all of them?”

“Yes,” Sasuke said, reaching out to take the other kittens from the basket. “They are ours now.”

“…three kittens?!” Naruto squeaked.

“Yes,” Sasuke said, and then he smiled; a bright, jubilant smile. He leaned over and kissed Naruto on the cheek. “Thank you.”

“Um,” Naruto said. “…you’re welcome.” Shit!! he thought.

And that was the Christmas that Naruto and Sasuke officially became crazy cat ladies.



p.s. yes, those kittens will sleep in the bed with them every night. Much to Naruto’s annoyance.