ghosts of the tundra

361-FROZBUN [Frozen-Bunny]
-The Cold pokemon
-Ability: Snow Cloak - Fur Coat(HA)
-Dex: “To protect themselves from the cold weather, their fur has grown extremely thick, making them round and fluffy. This pokemon will use its long ears to interact with others, often with hugs and nose-kisses.”
    -Powder Snow
    -Cotton Guard
    -Ice Ball

–>Evolves with max. friendship<–

362-ALASKALOPE [Alaska-Jackalope]
-The Invernal Pokemon
-Ability:  Snow Cloak - Fur Coat(HA)
-Dex: “To keep their body temperature stable, even during the coldest nights, this pokemon meditates completely still for hours . Sometimes many will gather in the same place and form a circle, often holding each other with their ears as they meditate together and share their warmth.”
    -Ice Beam

–>Evolves with an icestone<–

478-SPECTUNDRA [Spectre-Tundra]
-The Mystical Pokemon
-Ability: Slush Rush - Stormwalker*(HA)
-Dex: “This lonely pokemon, through intense meditation, has been able to reach a near-death state, making it able to endure even the most cruel blizzards. This pokemon ears are a symbol of its long-seeked wisdom, and they will continue to grow longer for as long as this pokemon lives.”
-Sig. Move: Bone-Chiller “A chilling wind is blown through the opponent, this may leave the foe frozen. If this move is used during a hailstorm, the chances of freezing the opponent rise from 30% to 50%”
   Type: Ice
   PP: 10 (max 16)
   Power: 85
   Accuracy: 90%
    -Ominous Wind
    -Aurora Veil

*This pokemon sp. attack receives a boost during a hailstorm.


Zorua + Zoroark Variations/ Hybrids!

Mystic: While they don’t possess the ability to inflict curses like a Ninetails, it’s said the illusions these pokemon cast have the potential to cause one to lose their minds. If treated with care and respect, it is easy to avoid such a fate however.  

Spellcaster: They are particularly skilled at casting long-lasting illusions on others. It’s also said that if focused (best achieved through the offering of a specifically shaped stick), they are able to see through deceptions and lies. 

Pipe Fox: They are excellent at reconstructing scenes they have experienced (down to the inclusion of the smells they observed). They prefer moving at night and rarely open their eyes during the daylight hours. 

Tundra Ghost: In certain alpine wilderness, tales abound of lost travelers being mysteriously presented with offerings of food, seemingly out of thin air. Occasionally glimpses of this pokemon are seen after the foods discovery, always retreating away from the witnesses like a mysterious, but benevolent spirit.   

I couldn’t resist trying this one out for Zorua and Zoroark. They’re two of my all-time fave pokemons ever, in terms of design, type and just the general lore behind them. Good stuff.