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The Ghost of Abraham Lincoln

Considered to be one of America’s most beloved presidents, Abraham Lincoln was truly missed after his assassination in 1865. But some say he never left the White House and that he may have decided to permanently call it home. He is said to haunt the White House and has been seen on numerous occasions by visitors and occupants. It’s also said you can hear his footsteps near his bedroom and often at night he will knock on the door. Those who have heard the knocks include President Truman and his daughter Margaret who both have heard them while sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom. Many witnesses have claimed to see the former president sitting on the edge of his bed, or laying in bed. Eleanor Roosevelt’s secretary Mary Eben said she saw Mr. Lincoln sitting at the edge of the bed putting his boots on which sent her screaming down the halls.

President Theodore Roosevelt has claimed to see the former president in the White House. And Maureen Reagan, the daughter of Ronald Reagan spotted the president once too. In 1942 Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands was staying in the Lincoln bedroom when she heard footsteps and a knock at the door. She got out of bed to answer only to see President Lincoln standing there in his iconic top hat, which caused her to faint on the spot.

The most famous encounter with the spirit of former President Lincoln was witnessed by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill during his stay at the White House. He was taking a bath late at night with a cigar and a glass of scotch to relax from a day of politics. He got out of the tub, and walked into his adjoining bedroom naked. He was startled when he saw President Lincoln leaning on the mantle above the fireplace. Churchill tapped the ash off of his cigar and said “Good evening, Mr. President. You seem to have me at a disadvantage.” Lincoln smiled and disappeared before Churchill’s eyes, leaving him embarrassed and rushing for his clothes. The ghost of Lincoln still haunts the White House, but he is a spirit that is welcome to stay.


I wanted to doodle a little thank you to @skillshotlabs for giving us a great year of cute wonderful senpai~! so… thank you guys for making me hooked to the only app I’ve played for so long and still love! 
love their winter outfits so much that I had to draw my top five favorite senpai in them. also thank you so much for letting me confess to wakatoshiiwilllovehimforever

Getting my gear ready for the Women’s March on Washington ✌✊ ❤💜💛💚💙

(I’m pretty proud of myself. I found a $6 Hanes, bought a pack of transfer paper and designed the sweatshirt myself. Cost me less than $15)

My friends and I are making a ghost hunter squad of OCs… in which they’re all noobs and none of them actually know what they’re doing HSDFHHSF

HERE’S HUNTER (yes their name is Hunter.. because.. ghost hunter.. Hunter.. ha HA) the leader of their squad who’s always optimistic and enthusiastic their crew will run into some PARANORMAL ACTIVITY one day.

all negative reviews of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (2017) were written by the ghost of former president Zachary Taylor who’s mad that everyone loves Zack Taylor the Black Ranger and still nobody cares who Former President Zachary Taylor is

salem’s 1k follow forever (and other stuff too)

hey all! i’m salem, and i’d like to thank you for 1k! 

let’s take you on a little tour of my tumblr life, shall we?

i joined tumblr in december of 2015 as a lunar chronicles blog, in 6th grade! i found hamilton months later, and became, you guessed it, a hamilton blog! there were a few small phases along the way, i suppose, but after hamilton came stranger things in seventh grade and my discourse began. but we’ll get to that later. i’m shifted from stranger things to IT primarily, but stranger things is still a special love and i am so glad i found it when i did.

i’ve always been, first and foremost, my whole life, a content creator. i made little books when i was as young as 6, i drew for about as long, i love singing and dancing and making up songs. i still do. i love the act of creation, i love making things come to life under my hands. writing is my main focus, but all forms of art run in my family’s veins and i feel them in me. i have tumblr to thank for giving me a platform to post my things- they started off as dumb chat posts, no writing, not yet, but i soon transitioned into writing joint hamilton fanfiction with my friends (i know, embarrassing, but everyone starts somewhere), and then to writing my own independent works in the stranger things fandom. i have too many piece of writing just from my years on tumblr for me to count- only 26 works on ao3, but there are many more on here and in my drive, i promise you. i have never been that great an athlete. i’m not a people person. and i think that goes for most people on tumblr, really- we’re a bunch of anti-social weirdos who can’t make friends anywhere else. but on here, i can always do what i love the most- create. that’s what got me to 1k, and i promise you, i’ll never stop writing. it’s in my blood to write, it’s a passion. my favorite thing to do besides talk is write, because i suppose writing is just talking but you don’t have to do it to people, which is one of my favorite things about it. skill level aside, my work has gotten me to 1k, and hopefully one day, it’ll get me to 2k, and 3k. these numbers matter to me- people see my work. people see me on here, no matter how small the number of people are. reaching people is what i do best, whether it be for better or for worse.

not everything on here is great, though, i’ll give you that- i may love it on tumblr, but some of the stuff that i’ve done on here is not so great. and some of the messages i get on here are not so great. here are just a few of the highlights:

anon hate becomes like an old friend once you get it enough, especially when it’s blatantly a lie like the second one! 

anyways, i’ve been on this site for a lotta things. i met millie bobby brown and got a shitty picture with her! i got a signed st poster from the duffers, personally signed out to me! i got noticed on here by one of my favorite comedians, john hodgman! i’ve made heaps of pals! i went to a ton of places in the states! and maybe most importantly, i had my bat mitzvah! so many good things have happened to me while i have been using this site and i just feel like i now have a way to document that sort of thing thanks to it. 

so thank you tumblr, for being a shitty gritty hellsite we all hate to love and love to hate. you sure are really awful sometimes, and i’m sure my icon is default because i just changed my url, and you have really shitty user interface, but you bring me a lot of happiness and emotions in general and i owe you that. 

now, for the actual follow forever:

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We talked recently about the dire situation going on in The Philippines where President Rodrigo Duterte has declared open season on drug dealers, drug users, drug enablers and anyone who has seen the first five minutes of Blow. Police (and regular citizens) gun down people suspected of being involved in the country’s massive drug trade and, as of September, over 2,400 people are dead as a result of this drug war– that’s a goddamn genocide. But what of the children? They also need to be warned that drugs are bad for you (because the police will gun you down on the street if you touch them). But how do you make a genocidal macho autocrat who calls other world leaders “son of a bitch” and UN experts “stupid” kid-friendly? Well, why don’t you ask President Rodrigo’s puppet surrogate?

Defiling the ghost of Jim Henson, the President has put together a puppet show about himself and the chief of police battling drug dealers, then toured it around for schoolchildren.

Human history has seen a lot of fucked up abuses of power, but at least up until this point no bloody regime has ever had the bright idea of turning their executions into a Saturday morning breakfast cartoon (with an upcoming comic book to boot). But the real mascot of the regime is none other than a full body costumed mascot resembling police chief Ronald “Rock” dela Rosa, who will rhythmically gyrate away any human rights concerns you might have.

7 Goofy Cartoon Mascots (For Truly Horrible Things)

happy independence day everyone to celebrate i’m gonna rub my pussy with the american flag while the ghost of every dead president take turns destroying my pussy


October 14th 1912: Roosevelt shot

On this day in 1912, Theodore Roosevelt was shot while making a campaign speech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Roosevelt, who served as President from 1901 to 1909 was attempting to run for a third term for his Bull Moose Party. He lost the election to Democrat Woodrow Wilson. He was shot by John Schrank, a mentally disturbed saloon keeper, who claimed he was told to kill Roosevelt by the ghost of former President William McKinley. When Schrank shot Roosevelt, the bullet lodged in his chest after hitting his eyeglass case and a copy of his speech he was carrying in his jacket. Roosevelt decided to continue the speech, as he could tell from the lack of blood when he coughed that the bullet had not pierced his lung. He spoke for ninety minutes after being shot. Doctors concluded the wound was not serious and the bullet remained in Roosevelt until his death.

“I don’t know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot; but it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose.”


( still on hiatus, just wanted to put this in a place where I won’t lose it )
Here’s the official outfits and information about my super villain/hero au, I hope you guys appreciate this because I’ve been working on it all day!

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Somewhere the ghost of Alexander Hamilton is strutting around gloating in front of all those other asshole ghosts who were president once because they never won a Grammy.