ghosts of presidents


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Getting my gear ready for the Women’s March on Washington ✌✊ ❤💜💛💚💙

(I’m pretty proud of myself. I found a $6 Hanes, bought a pack of transfer paper and designed the sweatshirt myself. Cost me less than $15)

We talked recently about the dire situation going on in The Philippines where President Rodrigo Duterte has declared open season on drug dealers, drug users, drug enablers and anyone who has seen the first five minutes of Blow. Police (and regular citizens) gun down people suspected of being involved in the country’s massive drug trade and, as of September, over 2,400 people are dead as a result of this drug war– that’s a goddamn genocide. But what of the children? They also need to be warned that drugs are bad for you (because the police will gun you down on the street if you touch them). But how do you make a genocidal macho autocrat who calls other world leaders “son of a bitch” and UN experts “stupid” kid-friendly? Well, why don’t you ask President Rodrigo’s puppet surrogate?

Defiling the ghost of Jim Henson, the President has put together a puppet show about himself and the chief of police battling drug dealers, then toured it around for schoolchildren.

Human history has seen a lot of fucked up abuses of power, but at least up until this point no bloody regime has ever had the bright idea of turning their executions into a Saturday morning breakfast cartoon (with an upcoming comic book to boot). But the real mascot of the regime is none other than a full body costumed mascot resembling police chief Ronald “Rock” dela Rosa, who will rhythmically gyrate away any human rights concerns you might have.

7 Goofy Cartoon Mascots (For Truly Horrible Things)


Anime guys with green eyes and brown hair

My friends and I are making a ghost hunter squad of OCs… in which they’re all noobs and none of them actually know what they’re doing HSDFHHSF

HERE’S HUNTER (yes their name is Hunter.. because.. ghost hunter.. Hunter.. ha HA) the leader of their squad who’s always optimistic and enthusiastic their crew will run into some PARANORMAL ACTIVITY one day.


A chasm opened up between them, a hallway less than ten yards wide. But it might as well have been a thousand miles.
A well-appointed no man’s land with a plush carpet and high ceiling between two bedrooms. In it were two centuries of ghosts, all the Presidents and First Ladies before them. But also the ghost… of their marriage.
A thirty years’ war that left them both dead inside and this dead space between them.


Before she was a Ghost Buster, or a future president, Kate McKinnon was Veronica Moss, an “auto drivers lobbyist” featured in a couple of Streetfilms.

Somewhere the ghost of Alexander Hamilton is strutting around gloating in front of all those other asshole ghosts who were president once because they never won a Grammy.