Any tips for getting rid of a ghost?

Symptoms include: erratic behavior, hearing voices, seeing things. Eye witness account of possession (victim spoke in an unknown language, voice changed, face looked “demonic”, temperature drop and wind during the event, no smells) victim reports that the entity is harassing them and possibly trying to harm them. Also could this be a demon? I don’t think it is very likely but I would like a second opinion.


the derelict building in the photo above is not a place to enter lightly. though the small village of borley, near sudbury, uk, is not the sort of place one would associate with ghosts, it has a dreadful reputation because it was the site of the infamous borley rectory, reputedly the ‘most haunted house in england’.

Built in 1863 for the reverend Henry bull, it sits on the site of an ancient monastery. the ghost of a mournful nun who patrolled the so-called ‘nun’s walk’ had often been seen there. an old story claimed that she had fallen in love with a monk from the borley monastery – to much outrage – and the two had tried to elope together but had been quickly tracked down. the monk was executed and the nun bricked up in the cellars of the monastic buildings!

Spooky time! Just when you think you know what’s real

Two years of age is a little early to start forming memories but it isn’t uncommon. I’ve confirmed my earliest memories with my mother, just to determine how far back my memory goes. I thought of the little things that didn’t matter much, like how I recalled going to my best friend’s house. Her name was Penny and she was a little older than me. She had big blue eyes and yellow blond hair that sort of glowed when the sunshine hit it. She had dimples. Her mom and my mom were friends. Penny and I would play with fly swatters on the living room floor while our moms drank coffee out of coffee cups with owls on them. I loved to play with Penny, but she was very naughty. She would aways do things her mom said not to. I wasn’t like that. My mother smiled and said that was definitely an accurate memory of my friend Penny. I asked her what happened the day we went to Penny’s house and her mom was crying. I remember it so clearly. The sun was shining through the yellow kitchen curtains, the house was very quiet, and our moms sat at the kitchen table crying. Penny was sitting in time out in the hallway-I knew she’d been naughty again and wasn’t allowed to play with me. She kept peeking around the doorway at me, smiling with those dimples, giggling like she was being so sneaky! I inquired about Penny being able to play yet. My mom pulled me onto her lap and just cried, telling me no, Penny couldn’t play with me. I thought it must be hard for her not to play with me when she was just sitting in the hallway waiting for timeout to be over. That was end of the memory. When I related it to my mother she went completely pale, despite it being 25 years later. She couldn’t believe I remembered it. You see, that was the day she’d gone to Penny’s mother to comfort her upon learning of Penny’s death. She’d drowned in the pool the day before.  Penny was almost 3. My mother said she knew Penny’s spirit was still there, but she didn’t realize I was sitting five feet away making silly faces at her. All this time I’d thought Penny was alive and well. The truth was I’d only ever played with Penny one time. While she was alive anyway. 


Hello everyone,

I am creating a documentary exploring parapsychology and paranormal phenomenons (this may take a month or two to create, and when it is done it will be posted publicly). Much of the documentary will be about people exploring their own experiences concerning the paranormal world, and I would much appreciate it if any of you would like to be a part of it. However, this would include either reblogging this post with a video of yourself speaking about any paranormal/spiritual experience you have had (preferably keep the video under 2 minutes long) or you can send me the video privately at either my email or a video private link (Youtube, Vimeo, etc). If you have any questions, feel free to send me messages!

I bet ghosts know about the ghost hunter type shows and just start doing shit to freak them out.

“Alright Steve, go in and throw all the papers out of the filing cabinet! Samantha, do the spooky girl in the white dress thing. I’m gonna yell distorted gibberish into their microphone. Watch, they’re gonna think it’s some cryptic language!”

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eeeeehhhh ok fine. so i believe ghosts r a thing (bc ive had an experience lmao) but i dont think shit like….. hardcore horror movies are real. like i know ghosts can be angry but other than the conjuring, other horror movies are bullshit. the conjuring is one of the few big horror stories that i believe tbh. i think most ghosts dont want to kill someone they just kinda want attention. if the cause of their death is unknown, they might act out so ppl r like “omg!!! lets figure it out!!” but i dont think the majority of ghosts are vengeful or whtvr. and i dont think there are ghosts EVERYWHERE. i think there are a lot but not everywhere, you know? and i think the guys at ghost adventures r a lil extra bc they overexaggerate everything lmao but yeah if u wanna know my “experience” w ghosts, u can send me an ask but other than that, im not gonna tell it lmfao



I need to do more speedarts so here it is :)