My classic spaghetti & meatball masterpiece..turned into a sandwich. I love them both.

Angel hair pasta
Stewed/diced tomatoes/tomatoe paste simmered with italian seasoned turkey sausage and meatballs
Lots of garlic and rosemary
*Pile everything on top of garlic bread for the lover sandwich explosion*


Rainy and in Uggs but I had to take my new PUREFIX BEAST (Kieran Pro) out for a test ride!!!

THANK YOU VEE for the CUSTOM paint job and EVERYONE who helped make this happen! 

So happy to be part of Flight Crew sponsored by Elohssa & PureFix…this team has heart and soul and I cant wait to the Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race!

Time to take this beast to the Colorado Rockies for a real test ride!!