Ten punks

1. Bibliopunk. In which you put on your vellum coat and sneak out at night into dark underground libraries to swap first editions with a guy who has the whole of The Tempest tattooed on his body; they cut their gin with ink down there; at three in the morning you’ll go out bounty hunting together, drunk, there’s a lot of paper to be made in collecting late and lost fees.

2. Lavapunk. In which the floor is literally lava; vast protective suits; everyone has a giant fashion heatshield; she has a pet phoenix and you think you might fancy her but it’s hard to gauge physical attraction when you never see any part of each other’s bodies; long technical discussions of extremophile bacterial protein, but with sexual tension.

3. Rainbowpunk. Party-balloon airships, unicorn stud farms, science in search of colours never before seen by humanity; mountain-waterfall cities; the mists lifting over the skyport in the morning.

4. Bunpunk. In which everyone wears and also eats bread; new bread each morning; maybe eclairs or a croissant or something for a special occasion; you and your maverick loner mates prefer sourdough, which you ferment in crumb-littered suburban rooms; the city is sweltering in the heat that comes off the bakeries, but smells fantastic; oh god the pigeons.

5. Aviopunk. Archipelagoes of solar-powered aircraft circling the globe; the staging points of space elevators; Earth’s surface as something mysterious, hidden under dense forests of which we harvest only the tops; balloon-mounted algae farms; rogue pilots rescuing gliders who have fallen into the sea.

6. Socialpunk. All need for work has been automated, leaving humanity alone with itself at a party for the rest of time; the formalities of infinite conversations; someone liking things, endlessly; the propagation of truth and lies.

7. Dracopunk. Cities built out of old dragon-bone; great scaled cupolas crawling with tiny, jewel-bright lizards; slick molten-gold patches at the sites of old battles, not to be discussed; dragons grown human-sized hiding out in basements, wondering if they will grow to the size of their great dead ancestors; everyone is terrified of fires, and of what they might mean; this also not to be discussed.

8. Ghostpunk. In which the apocalypse came already and now only the dead are left; the conventional dead, largely trying to do day-to-day what they did in life, through ruined cities; some preferring to sleep in great hibernating piles against the day that they may rise; and the unconventional dead, sloughing off their bedsheets, what can we make out of ectoplasm, what walls can we now go through, who can we bring to justice.

9. Forestpunk. Chlorophyll tattoos, bacchanals, bio-solar panels; pine-scented lovers from the North; over time you and your trees grow together, you become a graft and bear fruit; the manipulation of leaves to transmit data, by sound and the obscuration of light; rough scrumpy, dirt and fox tracks.

10. Memepunk. In which the humans are the infastructure, their brains the dull suburbs through which the ideas that we are interested in dance; we see brilliant and ridiculous ideas meet, flirt, grow old; some merging together and some falling under the waves of consciousness only to rise up again later; whilst scrappy young ideas kick around at the edges of thought at night, always on the verge of going viral, sizing each other up and tearing each other down.

I’ve been a part of hockey fandom for almost exactly a year, and since my hockey anniversary (lmao I’m a dork) + my birthday + hitting 1000 managed to coincide, I wanted to do a follow forever! 

Hockey fandom has been so welcoming and lovely to me, and I’ve even?? made friends here?? which still sounds fake tbh. I’ve been more involved here than any fandom before and I’m so happy that I jumped in. Thank you all so much, I appreciate every one of you. I love all of you, from the people I’ve never talked to, to the people I’ve chatted with once or twice, to the people I talk to almost every day. You’ve all made the past year so much brighter for me.

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Heyo Kennedy here! and WOW! I can’t believe I hit 1000 followers! That’s crazy! I’m so glad some people enjoy my obsession and rambling tags. but anyways here’s my list of my fave people I love seeing on my dash or talking too. Ya’ll make my world spin round.


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Personality wise i'd say that GhostPunk!Vriska had grown a lot more than Alive Vriska and that makes me sad, we went through all of that adventure only to have it all reset.

I agree that Punk!Vriska went through the growth that current Vriska hasn’t, but Punk!Vriska’s still around, maybe she’ll become plot relevant again. Only time will tell.


a power point presentation about part of the colorado avalanche made by @ghostpunkers and myself