So I got a message out of the blue on deviantart yesterday from a guy called GhostofWar909 who said he’d used one of my pictures to make something.  Normally when I get a message like this someone has made a wallpaper using my artwork or a stamp…maybe even a graffiti stencil…..

This time it was a guitar

…..I just….

I mean just LOOK AT THAT.  LOOK AT THAT.  He’s not just painted the guitar he’s SHAPED THE GUITAR TO THE OUTLINE OF THE IMAGE.

I just can’t

And all the little details and the lovely paint job and the fact this came out of NOWHERE.  I include my original pic to show a comparison, and I like how the artist made a few changes but kept the style perfectly.  Those extra stars….

….no one can tell me there aren’t some bloody talented ponyfans out there