all-i-want-is-a-lover-deactivat asked:

I LOVE U!!! U r my inspiration. I am obbssesed with you I only follow you and Kian because I think you would be cute together. I want to know if he likes you so i am filling his inbox up with questions. Kian if u c this go out with AManda u 2 would be perfect! But if u dont go out then maybe Zach should go out with you Amanda you would be AMAZING together and then have kids cause they would be perfectly amazing. Zach if u c this then ask out Amanda

umm, thank you? I guess. But don’t bother Kian  because he probably doesn’t like me. Zach I definitely know he doesnt like me so yeah. They probably wouldnt ask me out because they dont know me that well and I am me ,yeah. Thanks though