The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall is known as the world’s most famous ghost photo. The two photographers saw the misty figure descending the staircase and managed to capture this amazing photograph. The full report appeared in Country Life Magazine.

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The “White Lady” is a ghostly apparition of a woman dressed all in white, who is said to appear whenever a descendant of the House of Habsburg is about to die.

According to folklore, she was seen at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna the night before Marie Antoinette was executed. She was also reported to have been seen by some near Mayerling, where crown Prince Rudolf committed suicide, and by his mother, Empress Elisabeth, shortly before she was assassinated.


In life the Lady in White was Bianca, the coquettish, pretty young Mistress to the Lord of the Manor upon the hill. She liked the finer things in life, and even though she did not love the Lord she like the trinkets he showered her with. She was poisoned by her jealous lover, a groundsman of limited means, after she refused his proposal of marriage, preferring to stay with the wealthy Lord. Now her unhappy spirit lingers on in the afterlife, sometimes seen carrying a flickering candle searching for something unknown. Her shimmering apparition is accompanied by the scent of burnt almonds, the scent of the cyanide that ended her life. Don’t be tempted to take the hand she offers in dance for her touch is the icy touch of death and she will dance you to your grave.

Custom Action Figure made by me.

Nancy Drew Dream GamesThe Haunting of Hollow Oak Woods

Nancy accompanies her father Carson on a business trip to Oakley House, an elegant property in the Pennsylvania woods, whose owners are embroiled in a land feud with a neighboring family. The 200 year-old country mansion is a historical landmark; Abraham Lincoln once stayed under its roof, and it served as a safe house on the Underground Railroad. That isn’t its only claim to fame; ever since the Civil War ended, a ghostly woman has often appeared at night, wandering the halls, watching from the windows, or sitting on the porch gazing off into the trees. She’s such a fixture that the residents have gotten used to her, hardly giving her a second thought. But now, a maid and one of the owners’ adult kids have been scared away from the house by terrifying encounters, causing the family to wonder why the peaceful spirit has become hostile after all these years. While her father tackles the legal drama, Nancy is tasked with finding out. The Drews suspect that the rival family is using a hoax to try and scare the Oakleys off their land. But the truth is complicated, and more than a little surprising.

  • Get help from phone friends Alexei Markovic and John Grey
  • See Carson Drew for the first time and work as a father-daughter team
  • Help prepare (and eat) homemade breakfast foods
  • Explore a beautiful mansion, underground tunnels, and scenic autumn woods
  • Sleuth in the day and at night, and have spooky experiences

Ghastly Apparition Photographed at the Fort Worth Museum.

While visiting the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History in Texas with their niece, Reddit user ‘KRAMERisCRUNK’ captured this image of what is believed to be a ghostly old woman. Upon returning home, the photographer says their niece asked them what the strange figure in the background was. They say they don’t recall seeing anyone who resembled the figure.

Another user, who goes by the name ‘CagedGod’, claims to be an employee at the Fort Worth Museum. They report that when the museum was hosting the Titanic exhibit, museum security guards would report that the bed sheets in the 1st class bedroom mock-up would randomly get messed up as if someone had been in the bed. The door in the boiler room mock-up would also reportedly open on it’s own.

It’s been speculated by many that the figure could have been a person whom the photographer overlooked when taking the picture. Personally, while the image is quite creepy, I have to agree that this most-likely just a case of mistaken identity. What do you think? Did this person capture proof that a ghostly presence haunts this Texas museum? Or might this simply have been a person?


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My Mexican Disney Story

So I have come up with a story because I want a Mexican Disney movie. It all starts out with Rosaura, the young and beautiful protagonist who is being pursued by Don Federico the rich but secretly evil owner of the beautiful Rancho de las Alcatrazes. Rosaura father is gravely ill and needs money for his treatment which forces Rosaura to seriously contemplate Don Federico’s offer but she’s constantly haunted by a ghostly woman looking for her children and a monster known in the village as El Chupacabra who keeps saving her from dangerous situations. It turns out that la llorona was once a rich heiress that Don Federico married for her money then disposed of her and her children. She’s been haunting Rosaura in order to warn her and El Chupacabra is actually a Mayan prince (or it can be a Huicholo prince from Zacatecas because I am partial to where my parents are from but I can be flexible) who was cursed to walk the Earth as a monster until he found true love…..okay it’s there now get on it Disney

A Painting that Stopped a Haunting

- Haunted Objects

- On some nights, seemingly chosen without rhyme or reason, the ghost of a woman would be spied by the owner and guests at Heale House, a historic fourteen bedroom estate in Devon, England. This ghostly woman, dressed in Edwardian-era clothing, could be seen seated at the piano or roaming the halls, entering bedrooms as if looking for something.

Guests would wake up to find her leaving their rooms, but the owner of the mansion, Alan Smith, would see her standing at the foot of his bed, the blue light given off by this spectre being what roused him from his sleep.

A final creepy addition to the sightings is that she was often accompanied by the sound of a piano playing low as if in the distance, typically classical pieces by Chopin.

For Mr Smith, these visitations were more of a curiosity, that there must be some kind of scientific explanation (which he never found,) but for friends and family staying at the estate, the sightings were terrifying.

For all involved it seemed that this extra resident had a deep rooted interest in the house, but who she was and what she really wanted remained a mystery… that is, until a chance encounter occurred at a local junk shop (actually named ‘Junk Shop’).

Whilst looking through the bric-a-brac Mr Smith was approached by the shop’s owner and asked if he was the owner of 'Heales’, to which Smith replied 'yes’. The shop owner then told him that she had an object that belonged to the house, and one that should be returned to its rightful place.

That object was a painting, the glass shattered, one that showed a woman seated at a piano, a woman that Mr Smith instantly recognised as the one who had been seen about his home in the dark of night. What’s more, Mr Smith recognised his drawing room as being the room in the background of the painting.

With painting in hand, research into past owners of the house began, and soon the identity of the woman came to be known. Her name was Mrs Bell, she was the wife of a beef rancher who lived at Heale House until the early 1900s. Shortly before Mrs Bell’s death the family went bankrupt, and all of their possessions had to be sold, including one of Bell’s favourites, her portrait painted by prominent Parisian artist Cyril Roberts.

Could it be this favoured possession that Mrs Bell was in search of?

That question answered itself! When Mr Smith placed the portrait in the drawing room of Heale House, all visitations by Mrs Bell ceased, and she was never seen again. Since that time the family have made attempts to actively contact Mrs Bell, but all failed – she has well and truly moved on, free from her search at last.

So in fact this is not the story of a haunted object, but rather the story on how an object stopped a haunting.

Ashley Hall 2014

Main Picture: Lampton Court (formerly Heale House)
Inset: The painting that stopped the haunting..

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A Descent Into Dreams: The Imaginative, Surrealist Photography Of Lotta van Droom

Lotta van Droom is an Ireland-based (Germany-born) photographer whose otherworldly images explore the landscapes of bodies and dreams. Inspired by artists such as Andy Warhol and Francisco de Goya, Lotta’s style is a beautiful mix of surrealism and romanticism. Characterizing her work are unnatural portraits and dream-like scenes, such as a man with hands smothering his face, and a woman with ghostly, skeletal wings and a collection of spherical eyes. Beautiful Decay