“where are the poc!” the fandom screams, while erasing existing poc from the narrative, or ignoring them because of who they’re dating/involved with. “where are they! i support them!” the creator and non-white people in the fandom point them out, nervous now as the shouts begin to sound like buzzing. “where!!!!!!!” the fandom wails, the sound eventually dissolving into confused white noise.

auramidp  asked:

Hello! I was wondering shouldn't Vlad technically be less powerful than Danny? Danny was inside the ghost portal when it started but Vlad got blasted in the face. Idk what do you think?

Yes, I’m inclined to think so. For several reasons.

  • Not only was Danny inside the portal, he was inside a very large working one. Vlad got hit with a small, contaminated proto-portal.
  • The only thing Vlad has over Danny is experience, and by the end of the series, Danny’s actually able to go toe-to-toe with Vlad. Regardless of the messed up timeline, he’s still in high school, and he’s grown a lot faster.
  • Vlad had his powers for 20 years, yet he never gained things like cryokinesis or the ghostly wail. We never even see him with a ghost sense.
  • After only 10 years, Dan became one of the most powerful ghosts in existence. The most powerful we see barring Clockwork. He’s able to change his form, disguise to look human despite not being one anymore, create ghost portals with his hands, use a time medallion alone to travel through time, and somehow permanently injure multiple ghosts.
  • All of that is after Dan absorbed Vlad’s ghost half, so honestly, his ectosignature is probably corrupted like Vlad’s was, making him likely weaker than he would be otherwise (without realizing it.)
  • Our Danny not only defeats Dan, but gains the ghostly wail 10 years early. Dan mentions at the beginning of TUE that it’s a new power.

Honestly, I think the reason Danny has such a large number of powers is because he was zapped by the entire ghost zone, so he’s basically absorbed a huge number of powers. The only reason he doesn’t have them all at the beginning is that he’s still growing and learning. Give him a few years, and fighting ghosts won’t even be a struggle anymore.

Or even that frequent. He’d definitely gain a reputation over time, and I doubt any ghost would wanna mess with him or anything under his protection. He might get a few who want to challenge him here and there, but yeah.

Not to mention how powerful some of his allies are.

He’d be able to wipe the floor with Vlad pretty shortly.

But lookit his face.

He has no idea.

Danny will actually develop all the powers of all ghosts. This is because when he was zapped by the ghost portal, the essence of the ghost zone itself was coded into his DNA.

This is why in that one episode Danny was able to go into a computer game even though only Technus should have been able to do that.

Also why he keeps learning so many powers throughout the whole series. Also (building off another person’s HC) since he gained his ghost powers as a teen his ghost form will develop greatly just as his human form until he reaches adulthood. He will eventually become the most powerful ghost ever.

Vlad only got zapped in the face and it was after he became an adult and finished growing which is why he didn’t really develop any unique powers like ice or the ghostly wail.

Okay so everyone knows the ghostly wail. But what if Danny got so much control of it, that he could tone it down enough where it wouldn’t hurt anything, and he could sense the sound waves that come back from it? Imagine, Danny using echo location using a toned down version of the ghostly wail! Using it to find small ectoentities that his ghost sense wouldn’t tell him where they are. Him being able to tell Tucker and Sam’s bodies response apart, being able to find them easily if they ever got kidnapped
Danny using ecolocation

DannyMay Day One: Hope/Hatred

I have fallen back into my OBSESSIVE LOVE for Danny Phantom and since DannyMay is a thing I’m hella excited to participate! I’m using @narwhalsarefalling prompts for the daily DannyMay. Here’s hoping I can make it through all 31 days *sweats nervously* I also want to include a little story for each picture…p.s. it’s transparent!

…After much confusion on the battlefield, Jack and Maddie are left speechless. The Ghost Boy, that they have tried to capture and destroy for years now, was hanging limply by the collar of his jumpsuit at the hands of none other than the Wisconsin Ghost. 

Beaten to an ectoplasmic pulp and breathing raggedly -ghosts don’t need to breath what is he trying to pull-Phantom throws a pathetic right hook. The Wisconsin Ghost simply laughs at his pitiful attempt, missing him entirely and as Phantom’s arm falls to his side, a bright ring of light appears at his waist. This only makes the Wisconsin Ghost’s laughter even louder, an evil sound dripping with malice that can make anyone’s hair stand on end.

Startled by the sudden flash, the Fenton parents brandish their weapons, ready to fire. However, as the bright ring-rings!?- splits up and down the Ghost Boy’s body, their white-knuckled grip loosens with every passing second. 

Black and white jumpsuit is replaced by blue jeans and a white t-shirt. Jack’s mind was racing, too many thoughts and emotions running rampant at the same time. Maddie was frozen in place, time came to a screeching halt around her. Twin gasps of horror escaped into the air. There, still within the grasp of the Ghost, was black haired and blue eyed Danny Fenton, the Ghost holding him up like a coveted trophy, laughing maniacally. The Wisconsin Ghost, with a sickening grin asks

“What will you do now?”

The Fenton parents stare at their son, who is still struggling pitifully to get free.


this isn’t happening

it can’t be

not my baby boy

Then, with great effort on his part, Danny turns to his parents. Face dirty, cuts and bruises decorating his body, with tears threatening to fall he opens his mouth.

“I’m sorry”

Those two little words shattered the tension like brittle glass. Everything they have ever seen and heard about the Ghost Boy takes on a new meaning. Every question mark answered, every doubt banished, every action explained. 

The Fentons leap into action. Jack fires at the ghost, effectively making him drop their boy, as Maddie slides under and catches Danny. Looking up at her, his eyes ask what his mouth can’t, Maddie gives him a teary smile and tells him to stay put. Giving him a quick kiss she lets loose a battle cry and jumps back into the fray. 

Plasmius proves to be too much of a handful for just the Fenton parents. For every blow they land he retaliates 10 fold. Though significantly weaker due to Phanto-Danny, Danny’s efforts, The Wisconsin Ghost is moments away from breaking free of the Fenton Containment Net™. Jack and Maddie can only look on in mute horror as their most powerful ghost containment method is obliterated in a single blast of ecto energy.

The Wisconsin Ghost makes his advance, all the while gloating about Jack’s incompetence

“Did you really think a poorly made ecto tissue would be enough to hold me!? my power is beyond your comprehension! You can’t even hope to defeat the BOX GHOST you are that incompetent! Your inventions cause your family more harm that good! LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO YOUR OWN SON! YOU DON’T DESERVE TO HAVE A WOMAN AS PERFECT AS HER! Maddie, I will give you one final chance, join me and I will let Daniel live.”

“Go to hell!”

“SO BE IT! IF I CANT HAVE YOU, THEN NOBODY CAN! You and that buffoon will die here and now!”


Turning their heads to the source of the noise, there stands none other than Danny Phantom, looking about ready to tear the Wisconsin Ghost a new one. Taking a deep breath, he lets loose a Ghostly Wail, the most powerful he has ever produced to date. the Ghost’s vain attempt at resisting only ends in his body slammed into the side of Dalv Corp. Since the walls are made of Extra Strength Ghost Proof Titanium™, the Wisconsin Ghost is going nowhere. 

The onslaught continues as the Fenton parents look on in awe, hands over their ears. Their son, Danny Fenton is the infamous Ghost Boy Danny Phantom, hero of Amity Park. They have so many things to say and so many to apologize for. So much guilt and shame, so much regret.

Finally the Wail dies down, black rings sliding past the ghost’s body, The Fenton parent’s blood runs cold as left behind is Vlad Masters. They can’t even begin to process that revelation when their Son has just fallen to his knees in exhaustion. They sprint towards him.

Danny looks up just as he is enveloped in the tightest hug he has ever received. His mother spouting apologies between sobs telling him how much she loves him, his father telling him how amazed and proud he is while holding back tears. Danny can’t help but get misty-eyed as he smiles, new hope blossoming within his heart. Grateful that he no longer has to bear the burden alone, elated that now he has his parents on his side, ecstatic that now they will understand everything.

“We love you for YOU Danny”

“Whether you’re ghost, boy, or something in between”

AU where Danny is Mute

Except he can still do the ghostly wail because that’s not his voice screaming, it’s his soul

But mostly I just want Danny angrily signing at ghosts and they completely understand him because ghosts understand all languages, not only spoken ones. 

And then he is both offended and pleased when they respond like he’s just talking, and can somehow still ‘listen’ to his signing even when his back is turned. 

ASL Puns 

A very sneaky child who takes online spanish courses in college and cheats hardcore by just turning into a ghost when he needs to do the listening tests. There’s no one around. No one would know. Easy credits. 

Wait a second. 

Universal-Translator ghost power also means he could just stare at computer programming - C#, for instance, and just… read what it’s all supposed to do. He finds your comma errors because it’s the only part that doesn’t read smoothly. 

Tucker getting into high-level programming college classes and insists Danny reads over his code when he gets super stuck, because to Danny is just looks like plain english with maybe some weird syntax where Tucker decided ‘fuck all’ and started naming things ‘turdbong’ and ‘helicopterdicking’ and ‘dankmemer’

Danny Heritage Headcanon

I have fully accepted the headcanon that Danny is a (non-direct) decendent of a Banshee. Or his ghost half if your headcanon is that they are separate beings or DNA infused from the accident or whatever you may prefer; my point is is that somebody down the line had some hanky panky going on with a Banshee.

Legend says a Banshee is a messanger from the ‘Otherworld’ that wails as a warning that someone will die or has died. The wail is said to be so peircing it can shatter glass, much like two ghosts we all know. Their wailing is also known as 'keening’ a type of mourning lamenant that used to be sang over the dead in the form of high pitched cries and/or screams. They are also thought to be omens that fortell death.

Danny and Dan are ghosts who’s wails sound as if they are compiled of thousands of ghosts screaming. Danny and Dan possess ghost sense, telling them a ghost is near. They sense death.

Wailing + fortelling death= Banshee

Wailing + sensing the dead= Danny & Dan

My mind + this information = Danny & Dan = Banshee

i’m sorry but how thick is simon that he thinks the woman calling “simon, simon” in a ghostly wail is baz’s mum? how the hell would she even know your name, simon?! come on!

at some point baz is going to be like “tell me the story of how my mum came to visit you again” and simon will and baz will be like… “hey now….” and they’ll figure out it was his mum right???

I’ve seen some people wonder why Clockwork let the events of TUE unfold and terrorize Danny, and, Clockwork’s neutral status aside, I think I know why.

Danny learns best by experience, a bit more so than most people. He’s stubborn, and he needs things to be drilled into his head if it’s not something he’s passionate about. And you bet Clockwork would know this.

When Danny and the gang are first sent to Clockwork’s lair, Danny’s more concerned with the new ghostly wail than the fact that someone with the exact same logo and very similar ghost suit as him is terrorizing the city. It doesn’t even occur to him what’s really going on until Sam glares at him. And when Clockwork shows up and tells him about and shows him all the bad stuff that happens, what does Danny say? “I don’t have to sit here and explain myself to you!” He doesn’t think his attempt at cheating is wrong, and, more importantly, he’s calling bullshit on his bad future. He has no intent to change.

But, to be fair, why should he? Anyone can show him anything on a screen. That’s why Clockwork prompts him to fly into the future. To experience and realize it’s damn well true. It’s not until Danny experiences that awful future and really learns that he gains the tools needed to defeat his older self and vows to never become like that. And it’s his struggle against Dan that really sinks it in, that really hammers in those steaks.

And as for why he lets the vat explode? Well, if he hadn’t, there’d always be that what if. There’d always be that maybe. If Clockwork had stopped it sooner, then for all Danny would’ve known, he could have saved them himself. He wouldn’t have known for certain he couldn’t save them himself. There would’ve always been that nagging, “You don’t know that I couldn’t have gotten there in time.” After all, if you never see the end of something, how can you be certain what the end truly was?

Letting Danny see the explosion sealed away that thought. It was the last thing he needed to experience to truly change, the last nail in the coffin.