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Danny "goes ghost" in NU too, only he turns blue and has kind of temporary flying and he can phase through stuff. That always confused me. Also, when he wails, it's not the wail. It's literally him screaming.

OHH AHHSDAH YES I FORGOT this could’ve been like a continuation thing ahhhh

I’m just gonna toss in a headcanon here; his ghost powers doesn’t function properly in other universes, temporarily disabling his basic maneuvering abilities like flying, intangibility and invisibility. He would still have his powers that could be used for offense like his ghost rays

but if he really needed to fly or anything he would need to -ahem- go FULL ghost to use those abilities all while dramatically draining his energy, preventing him from using them for long periods of time

this could also explain the ghostly “scream” thing hahahahaha its like a ghostly wail but does less damage

Danny Heritage Headcanon

I have fully accepted the headcanon that Danny is a (non-direct) decendent of a Banshee. Or his ghost half if your headcanon is that they are separate beings or DNA infused from the accident or whatever you may prefer; my point is is that somebody down the line had some hanky panky going on with a Banshee.

Legend says a Banshee is a messanger from the ‘Otherworld’ that wails as a warning that someone will die or has died. The wail is said to be so peircing it can shatter glass, much like two ghosts we all know. Their wailing is also known as 'keening’ a type of mourning lamenant that used to be sang over the dead in the form of high pitched cries and/or screams. They are also thought to be omens that fortell death.

Danny and Dan are ghosts who’s wails sound as if they are compiled of thousands of ghosts screaming. Danny and Dan possess ghost sense, telling them a ghost is near. They sense death.

Wailing + fortelling death= Banshee

Wailing + sensing the dead= Danny & Dan

My mind + this information = Danny & Dan = Banshee

McKamey Manor in San Diego, California isn’t your typical haunted house - instead of sighing at the usual scares like pop-up skeletons and ghostly wails, you’re bound, gagged, drenched in blood and terrorized for four to seven hours.

Claiming to be the world’s most extreme haunted house, it grinds down guests through sheer terror, doing things like force feeding them, riding them, shouting in their faces, shutting them in small boxes, and much, much more. Nobody has ever successfully completed it before.

Sound like the worst way to spend a night ever yes? Apparently not, because there are 24,000 people on the waiting list.