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star wars/lotr crackfic AHOY!

Concept Based on this Thing I Reblogged: So let’s say Gimli and Legolas end up being part of the Galaxy Far Far Away and they are totally at home with the Rebellion.

Also, Gimmers and Leggy are the reason why the Rogue One team survives instead of being Death Star toast. So they end up adopting the entire Rogue One crew because REASONS, that’s why.

And because I cannot conceive of a universe that has Leggy and Gimmers together without thinking of @determamfidd and Sansukh, the Ghostly Peanut Gallery gets to watch all the shenanigans!  They get to adopt the Rogue One gang! And Skywalkers later on!

(Also, I cannot get over Legolas and Gimli mourning with Leia over the loss of Alderaan and exchanging mourning customers with her and maybe helping her with her elaborate braids, y/y?)

Also, to everyone’s horror, Jyn Erso and Legolas TOTALLY BOND AND BECOME BESTIES.  Because Jyn totally reminds Leggy of a certain redheaded Elf captain.  Maybe she’s a reincarnation? Who knows? **winkwinknudgenudge**

And Chirrut, because OF COURSE IT’S GOING TO START WITH OUR FAVORITE LITTLE SHIT SPACE NINJA, is totally going to notice Gimmers’ Dead Peanut Gallery of Relatives and will totally take to them all.  He will give a whole new meaning to I am one with the Force, the Force is with me.

sutoribenda  asked:

Hello there! I LOVE Comes Around Again and was wondering if you had any fic recs for your followers? :D Keep up the amazing work, I can't wait for the next chapter.

Fic recs! Sure!

Shameless Self Promotion: (Fics of mine that i’m particularly fond of)

Finding Comfort (the relationship of Legolas and Gimli as is develops between the passages of the book)

In Vino Veritas (Truth in wine; Legolas and Gimli at a party in the north post war)

Cul-de-sac Au (modern Au! also known as my biker!dwarves and hipster!elves verse)

WIP Fics I’m reading at the moment:

Sansukh (If you’re not reading it already, I’d be surprised. THE fic in the fandom right now. LOTR from the pov of Thorin and the ghostly peanut gallery.)

lay down your sweet and weary head (Thorin wakes up in his own past the day Smaug attacked Erebor. Everything is different now)

Winter’s Chill (lies quiet on the fellfield) (Post-Bofa Focuses on Dain and Bilbo in the aftermath (and Dain/Bilbo…))

Impartial Judge (Hogwarts Triwizard Tournament Au!)

Fic’s I’ve read and read again:

Anything by Dets. I’m particularly fond of “From One Age to Another” (Legolas and Gimli return home after the quest changed) She also has a more extensive rec list that’s got some amazing stuff.

They Say of Elves by Brancher (Fandom classic. Legolas and Gimli from Gimli’s pov told through old lies)

Through the Gloaming (Legolas and Gimli appear in Thorin’s company as they walk through Mirkwood)

The Road Delivered us Home (Bilbo returns to the Shire and takes in young Frodo. Then Thorin appears on his doorstep. New fandom classic. Bagginshield.)

The Afterlife Just Got Interesting...

Naturally, the first order of business that Peggy Carter embarked upon when she reached the afterlife was to climb her husband like a tree and snog him.  Thoroughly. 

She did have her priorities straight after all.

Then it was to greet her third child - Jane - who had died in an unfortunate accident as a teenager, then her parents, of course and her grandparents and all the family members and friends who had gone before.  Of course.

And then, once that was sorted out, she went and smacked Howard Stark upside the head.  Hard.


“You deserve it, for royally bollicksing up everything with your boy Tony.”

“If you want to knee him in the balls, I’ll hold him down for you, Director Carter,” Dum Dum offered loyally.

“Is everyone I ever know going to have a go at me because of Tony?” Howard whined.

The answer to that was a resounding “YES!” from everyone. 

Howard was wise enough not to complain after that.  Especially since the Howlies’ Captain and Sergeant were yet to join them and already, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were planning to have a very long discussion with Howard Stark over his treatment of his son. 

Had Fate been kinder, Rogers and Barnes would’ve been Tony’s godfathers

And then, of course, eventually, Peggy was brought over to a Certain Hall, which, technically speaking, should not really be accessed by the spirits of Humans, but then, Manwe, in his guise as a Certain Grey Pilgrim, lost a wager to the Lady Yavanna and a reformed Lord Melkor.  Therefore, a Chosen Few amongst the Spirits of Humans were allowed to mingle with Aule’s Children. 

Aule, mind you, was already bracing himself for the eventual day that Anthony Edward Stark would be set loose upon his Halls, considering what happened with Howard.  All of the Nine Realms would be right to tremble. 

Except Aule was looking in the wrong direction. 

Thorin Oakenshield - when he could be spared from cooing over his Dwobbitling and making up for lost time with his Hobbit husband - was only too glad to make the acquaintance of the “Lady Peggy” and show her the ropes, so to speak.  She was pleased to find that her favorite Captain and his beloved Sergeant were well on their way to their own “happily ever after,” though there were a few hiccups to contend with.  So apparently, even their currently living friends needed some back up to deal with the combined pigheadedness of Rogers and Barnes.  

She was up to the task. 

And this might have been well enough, but Dis, Thorin’s sister, wanted to meet the newcomer. 

The Princess of the House of Durin and the Director of SHIELD sized each other up and smiled. 

The Ladies of the Valar were delighted.

The Lords of the Valar felt the stirrings of a Great Doom. 

Jim Morita of the Howling Commandos summed it up perfectly:  “Uh-oh.”

And in her dreams, Natasha Romanoff found herself making the acquaintance of a warrior dwarrowdam and the legendary Peggy Carter.

Said ladies invited her to a dreamworld shooting range and said that eventually, they’d get around to bringing in Pepper Potts and a few other ladies of Natasha’s acquaintance.  Apparently, there was much to discuss…

- tbc -

Blanket Fort Rule of Thumb:  Whenever determamfidd updates Sansukh, please expect CRACK to be incoming. 

Also, please to beware the tygermama who is a Shameless Feeder of Crack Plot Bunnies.

The Name Game - A Future Fic in the Lone Bear & Cub 'Verse

Again, it must be stated, sadly, that this is all Tony’s fault.

Tony has a number of nicknames for Misha - Caplet, Stevelet, Steeblet, Cap Junior, Bitty Baby Cap, Bear Cub, Baby Bear - he’s rather proud of the fact that he’s got nearly as many nicknames for the little guy as he does for the little guy’s proud parents.

Misha, at nearly two years old, is already happily babbling in a mix of English, Russian, Romanian and to his honorary Filipino grandmother’s eternal amusement - Tagalog.  He’s already managing complete phrases in a loud, clear voice and it probably helps that every time he manages to say something new, he’s promptly nuzzled and kissed by one or both of his doting fathers.  He’s an affectionate, good-natured, cheerful baby and because of his Uncle Tony, his favorite game is the “Name Game” or as Uncle Sam put it, the “Who’s/What’s That” Game. 

Perhaps it’s because Misha’s growing up among a lot of talkers - who also speak different languages - but half the fun of the Name Game is figuring out what New Thing Misha has learned.  And usually, Uncle Tony is to blame for a lot of it.

“I’ll be the Bad Influence who’ll send the kid to MIT - the Tony Stark Scholarship Fund for Bitty Bear Caplets,” Tony boasts.  “Everyone else can be the boring uncles and aunties."  And then.  "Uh.  Maybe not Nat.  Definitely not Nat.”

Nat smiles angelically.

Steve, of course, is “Dada!” and “Dada” usually gets greeted by a happy crow and an insistence to be picked up.  Dada is usually happy to obey his tiny soldier’s orders, snuggling him close and asking him about his day, paying close attention to the cheerful baby babble. 

And then, one day, “Dada” becomes “Dada Dollface” which makes his poor Dada go very, very pink.

“Misha, where’d you hear that, baby?”

Misha, of course, points to his flabbergasted and amused other father.  “Poppa! Poppa’s Dada Dollface.”

Of course, Steve’s not letting this one go.  “Well, what about Poppa?  What’s Poppa’s name?”

Misha stuck a finger in his mouth and thought about it.  It didn’t take long.


Nat, of course, was “Tetya!"  "Pitty Tetya!” was another name, because apparently, Misha loved to pat at Nat’s hair.  But then one day, Misha was heard to say, “Pitty Tetya kicks ass!”

At which point, Steve and Bucky bellowed “CLINT!” because, of course, this was all Uncle Clint’s fault.

Uncle Sam became “Uncle Birdie” instead of “Cool Uncle Sam” because Misha loved his wings.  And in revenge for teaching Misha how to say “ass” Uncle Clint became “Uncle Birdbrain!” courtesy of Poppa.  

JARVIS was actually very touched to be called “Uncle Jarvis” to begin with and Tony pretended to be all resigned to find out that Misha was now JARVIS’ new favorite.  Tony also taught Misha, however, that the magic words were “Auntie Pepper is owwsum” which the baby dutifully repeated with a grin that was very much like his Dada Steve’s with a little extra twinkle in his eye that was all his Poppa Bucky’s. 

Bruce was “Uncle Doc” and his alter ego was “Uncle Hulk” and either way, when Misha demanded to be handed over to either of the two, he had to be obeyed or a tantrum would be in short order.  Uncle Hulk, for his part, would gently cradle the little one in big green hands, just like a kitten, and would happily watch the Muppets together, because they both loved Kermit. 

Occasionally, Misha would be babbling in his crib to what would be, at first glance, imaginary friends.  It’s not until Steve and Bucky ask more questions that Misha would tell them about “Uncle Monty,” “Uncle Jim,” “Uncle Dum Dum,” “Uncle Gabe” and “Aunt Peggy.”

There’s a lump in both their throats and maybe their eyes could be a tad suspiciously bright but they don’t doubt the presences of the loving Ghostly Peanut Gallery around their baby.

“Uncle Howard sad,” was a phrase they definitely didn’t expect to hear but it was pure luck that Misha had said it when Tony wasn’t around. 

Uncle Thor was good for tossing Misha high in the air and always catching him, much to loud squeals and giggling.  Uncle Thor and Aunt Jane would be getting a baby of their own very, very soon too and yes, Misha, that’s a baby in Aunt Jane’s tummy, not a ball. 

Uncle Nick had to learn to keep a lid on the swearing when he was around Misha although Misha did once tell Uncle Birdbrain to “go the fuck to sleep” when he was all “sick” and wouldn’t listen to “Pitty Tetya." 

Tony had wanted to teach Misha to call Director Coulson Uncle Agent but Aunt Darcy had gotten to the kid first.  Phil Coulson would forever be known as Uncle Squee or in Misha-speak "Uncle Swee.”

To this day, no one has yet to admit who taught the baby that Uncle Tony was a “Pain in the Ass." 

- end -

Note:  I mention the Howling Commandos Ghostly Peanut Gallery in honor of determamfidd’s return to Tumblr and because apparently my Ghostly Peanut Gallery have been taking notes from Dets’ own Ghostly Peanut Gallery of Dwarves in Sansukh. ** gigglefits **

kitsune-scribe  asked:

"Apparently, there was some kind of law in this universe that Steve Rogers will be bittyfied… oh, like, every time the team comes up against a magic-user who is not Wanda Maximoff or Spooky O’Connor." I know you just wanted to avoid listing every good Magic user in the universe, but the idea of Stephen Strange bittifying Steve for a day and a half because someone on the team annoyed him and that's the Magical Go-To for annoying the Avengers back is stuck in my head. And now it's in yours. <3

The short answer is that it’s Tony’s fault and he was supposed to be hit with the spell.

That was Dr. Stephen Strange’s official story and he was supposed to stick to it like glue.

Except, of course, Somebody Up There had a sense of humor or they really wanted to make Bucky’s life miserable (maybe he shouldn’t have snapped at the Purple and Blue Giggling Valar Clouds who were cooing at Steve) and so Steve was back to being bitty.


“But he’s so cute this way.  Can’t we keep him like this?” Wanda chirped, because she was just among the many legions (according to Darcy), who promptly adored Bitty Steve. Pity they didn’t make themselves more noticeable back in the 1930′s but then Bucky would turn into a permanent shade of green because my Steve, mine! was an instinctive reaction. 

Bucky growled.

Natasha giggled and Bucky’s growling only made her lift an eyebrow in response. 

Their other magical consultant, Spooky O’Connor, offered, “At least he’s actually very healthy?”

But that was lost on Bucky since Steve rolled his eyes heavenwards, strode over to his fretting, overprotective mate and crooked a finger at him.  “Come down here so I don’t need a ladder to reach ya.”

“Yeah?”  Bucky obeys, though.

At which point, when he’s conveniently in reach, Steve grabs him for a very thorough kiss.  Except Bucky decides it would be a fabulous idea to lift him off his feet.  Steve “eep’d” but he was happy to keep up the kissing even as the rest of the gang cat-called and whistled.  It did, however, go a long way towards the lowering of Bucky’s blood pressure.

However, there was still the matter of Stephen Strange.

The Winter Soldier went on the hunt for this specific magic user, who had a habit of checking into hotels using ridiculous names with the initials “B.C.”  He was able to track down Dr. Butternut Croquembouche at The Towers.

“Dr. Butternut Croquembouche” learned three things about the Winter Soldier.

a.  Never piss off Mrs. Rogers.  Which the Howling Commandos could have told him, had he been paying any attention to the Ghostly Peanut Gallery hanging around and making colorful commentary. 

b.  A very long time ago, Bucky Barnes’ Grampy cast a few shields that would protect his grandson from a great many spells.  Grampy had been a master at the Scholomance after all or so rumor had it.  A magic user had to hit those shields with the equivalent of a fucking HYDRA tank powered up on the Tesseract or get hit by a very enraged super soldier who also happened to be a dhampir to boot. 

c.  No, really, never piss off Mrs. Rogers. 

Bucky would later claim that he gave Strange the equivalent of “love taps” but it got the desired result.  Although Steve remained his healthy bitty-fied self for a least the day and a half - at Steve’s request, for reasons that the rest of the Avengers claimed they really, really did not want to consider too closely, the message was clear.  Bitty-fy Steven Grant Rogers at your peril. 

- end -

The day the Avengers (plus Bucky) find out that Phil Coulson is alive and Director of SHIELD is also the day Captain America finds out that Phil’s grandfather is Col. Chester Phillips.

Director Coulson is also in possession of an Infamous List, passed on through the generations, which was guaranteed to at least prepare him for the shenanigans of Captain Rogers and Sergeant Barnes. The words, “God help you, son” was Grandpa Chester’s dedication on the very first page.

—  Headcanon (and also I can SO see Col. Phillips being part of the Ghostly Howling Commando Peanut Gallery)
Captain America and Bucky Bear's Adventures in Tumblr

So our favorite nonagenarians get Tumblr accounts because they still can’t quite get the hang of the Twitter thing and fine, okay, Steve Rogers turns to art and writing while Bucky Barnes likes photographs to go with his writing. It helps them both cope with the sheer metric fuckton (as Clint has so eloquently put it) of psychological scars and trauma that they ended up with.

Tony being Tony of course can’t help but pronounce Bucky’s blog as so depressingly “hipster” whatever that is. Bucky just flips him off and laughs.

It’s Darcy who introduces them to the fandom side of Tumblr and hey, Steve already got himself followers because of his awesome rendition of Disney Princesses as dames in the 40’s. If Snow White looks suspiciously like Peggy Carter back in the day and also looks like she knows how to shoot that gun she’s toting, well, Bucky will back Steve up to the hilt.

Steve and Bucky once spent a day outrageously flirting with and making the aged and now so very fragile Peggy Carter laugh. She adored Steve’s rendering of her as Snow White though.

In the meantime, Bucky learns about fluffy chickens, memes, SuperWhoLock, making John Green find the thing and that shipping is no longer just a word that pertains to business and industry. Steve did a Johnlock fan art based on a famous fan fic that had John Watson and Sherlock Holmes as Hollywood actors. It nearly broke his Tumblr.

Bucky, in the meantime, ended up trying his hand at fan fiction.

So maybe he was a Tolkien fan from back in the day because he got hold of a tattered copy of The Hobbit from one of the British soldiers who traded it for chewing gum, socks and cigarettes. And maybe there were several nights where he read the damn thing aloud to the Commandos (but Steve was his main audience). And maybe he remembered that Thorin Oakenshield and his nephews got a helluva bum deal dying off like that and he read between the lines for Bilbo, who tried to cover up all that grief by writing that the Dwarves could be jerks too, which suspiciously sounded like the way he and Steve would mess around and call each other punk and jerk because like what that Princess Bride book said, it was how they said I love you without turning into complete saps.

So maybe Bucky found out on Tumblr that there was such a thing as Bagginshield and he figures, hell, that made a lot of sense. And he finds this story where Thorin Oakenshield and the other dead dwarves end up being this ghostly peanut gallery for Gimli during the whole deal with Bilbo’s old magic ring. And he gets it, the whole metric fuckton of grief and regret, because Bucky still has nights when he wakes up in a cold sweat, a ghost watching his life unfold and being unable to speak or stop things. And Steve is the only one who can hear Bucky clearly, in the silent spaces and the words that he could never say.

(And of course Gimli and Legolas ran off and got married after the War of the Ring. Seriously, why else did Legolas end up smuggling his Dwarf Fella all the way to Valinor?)

So Bucky ends up writing his own Bagginshield stories and maybe his rendering of Bilbo is a bit like he’s writing Steve’s wooly pated and wooly footed English twin. Or cousin. Most of the time, Bucky writes happy endings though it takes a lot of shit going down before they get there.

And Steve is happy to draw the illustrations for Bucky’s stories. Darcy says that between the two of them, they might break Tumblr yet. Natasha feeds Bucky what she calls Plot Bunnies and Bruce unleashes his inner Tolkien nerd and helps Bucky with Khuzdul, because yeah, Bruce thinks Dwarves are far more awesome than Elves. Thor promptly breaks all their brains by mentioning that Moria at the height of its glory is much like Asgard, except in a mountain.

He reassures them that nothing like the Balrog will be invading the Earth….anytime soon.

Technically speaking, one cannot be “accidentally” elected President of the United States.

Here are Ten Things You Need to Remember:

1.  Upon hearing that a certain Rich Nuisance was actually serious about running for the highest office in the land, Hamilton said, “If any jackass can run for President, I’m throwing my hat into the ring.  Rogers, you’re my running mate.”

2.  Steve “eeped” but to be honest, his judgment was slightly impaired by Thor’s Asgardian mead.  Also, it’s really hard to say no to an actual Founding Father.

3.  It totally didn’t help that Bucky egged him on about it.  “I’d always wanted to be the Second Lady.  Or Gentleman.”

“Do not throw away your shot, Rogers,” Hamilton smirked. 

Some epic facepalming ensued. 

4.  It also didn’t help that Tony Stark - who is decidedly Hamilton’s Favorite Non-Nuisance Rich Person - kicked off the HamiltonRogers2k16 campaign by making the generous donation of USD$5,000.  He was perfectly happy to give more.

5.  There may have been a Ghostly Peanut Gallery composed of Dead Founding Fathers, Family Members, Dwarves, Two Hobbits and Peggy (NOT Schuyler) cheering the two idiots on.

6.  Except for Thomas Jefferson, who pouted in a corner, chanting, “Never gon’ be President, my gawd, what is this country coming to?”

7.   Attys. Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson actually filed the necessary documents. 

8.  Officially, they were running under the revived Federalist Party.  Okay, they weren’t really running for President - Hamilton was just trying to prove a point.  But he was amazingly eloquent about their proposed platform and Steve, of course, could be depended upon to back him up.  

Also, the putdowns of certain candidates were incredibly entertaining.

9.  And then, Hamilton and Rogers basically summed up their talking points in an amazing rap that was helpfully contributed by A Dot Ham’s favorite adopted Puerto Rican son. 

“Why the hell did you give me the fastest bits of the rap? Do I look like Lafayette to you?”

“Try to tell me you’re not able to rap like you’re running out of time,” was the cool response.

Steve was too busy snickering in the background.

10.  Alexander Hamilton and Steve Rogers won by a landslide.  Ooops?


#HamiltonRogers2k16, Blanket Fort Crack because I crack what I want, fandom!

(Yep, I made a Sansukh reference.  Hi, @determamfidd - the crack for your last update was WAY overdue!)

it’s not about angels
a steve/bucky ficlet

It says something about how completely borked up their lives were that this latest episode of clusterfuckery was just…. yeah. 

Hell, they just had the now Infamous Frog Episode Which Will Now Go Down as a Day of Infamy in Avengers History last month.  But hey, Villain of the Week is now Evil Wizard of the Week, who somehow managed to lay their hands on some sort of Ancient Egyptian Grimmy Spellbook Thing and Tony’s studiously ignoring the Giggling from the Strange Clouds that he’s not seeing from the corner of his eyes or the Strange Voices who are not Avengers teammates making wisecracks and –

Did Tony mention that he hated magic and all sorts of supernatural shenanigans?  He does.  He really, really hates magic.  And all sorts of supernatural shenanigans.  Supernatural is now a show totally banned from being shown in Avengers Tower.  Ever.  

Of course, none of the hating is going to help Steve, who is now five foot ninety-odd pounds of tiny, precious Captain Adorable.  The one good thing about Evil Wizard of the Week (Tony refused to use the name of a guy who actually wanted to be called Darth Lord Plagueis) was that whatever he did shrunk Steve’s costume to fit. 

Except that there were Evil Minions that Tony was not going to think of as demons and imps from the Fifth Dimension (what even is his life), who are still coming for them and there’s Steve, jaw set, shield at the ready and it’s hella clear that he doesn’t have the super soldier strength anymore.  

All of them are moving to protect their captain but of course, there’s Sergeant Dracula over there in full berserk mode and okay, maybe Bucky may have finally worked out most of the brainwash thing but he’s still the fucking Winter Soldier and he is definitely fucking pissed off. 

Also,Tony is sure that all of them are trying not to think about the way Bucky’s eyes were now pure gold and terrifying and there are fangs. Yeah, did Tony mention fangs?  Fangs, people. 

He’s never gonna make another sparkling vampire joke ever again. 

Even the Hulk is giving Bucky a wide berth but there’s a definite Stamp of Approval from Big and Green.  

“Soldier Go Smash Puny Wizard.  Hulk clear way." 

And maybe there’s a few arrows sent from the general direction of their other resident sniper, making sure Steve’s six is covered.  And Steve, thankfully, understands that he’s not going to be of much help in this position, so he accepts one of Nat’s guns and follows her to cover. 

So it’s up to Tony and he gets people coordinated which translates to just getting the hell out of Bucky Barnes’ way and letting him nab said Evil Wizard.  Tony's not hearing the soft "Oooh, Mrs. Rogers is pissed" and "Classic SNRFB” because GODDAMNNIT.  SUPERNATURAL SHENANIGANS.  NO NO NO NO NO NO.  

The problem is that after they’re done, Bucky still looks like he’s about to start following in his Grampy’s footsteps and do some impaling of his own and Tony’s talking, Tony’s trying to talk Bucky down from this even as Clint is readying a tranq shot and this is going to be a bitch, it really is.

Until tiny Steve darts out from cover and goes right up to the enraged fang-y Winter Soldier with a shouted “Bucky!”

It’s weird and surreal but there’s Steve reaching up to frame Bucky’s face with his hands and the comms are on so they can hear Steve’s whispered, “Bucky.  Look at me. Baby, baby I’m all right.  I’m fine, baby, I’m okay.  Come back t'me.  Come back." 

Tony would like to question Steve’s decision of letting a still-fanged Bucky Barnes anywhere near ideal vampire biting places but yeah, Bucky does calm down, folding himself protectively over the now smaller body of his husband and partner, burying his nose in Steve’s neck. 

Steve would’ve protested being carried up like a bride on her wedding day but he’s pale and none of them like the way his breathing sounds so he’s outnumbered and outvoted. But Bucky, with Steve in his arms, is a lot calmer and the eyes are blue again and then:

"I ain’t letting you down.  I leave you alone for five minutes and God knows what kinda trouble you’re going to get into.”

“Funny.  Just because I’m temporarily de-serumed doesn’t mean I’m going to up and get myself killed!”

“I leave you safe and sound in Brooklyn the last time and you ended up in a HYDRA base anyway - you’re a goddamn trouble magnet, is what you are.”

“I was rescuing your ass - this is the thanks I get?”

“Thank you.  Still not putting you down.”



“Looks like it’s SNRFB as usual,” Sam observes. 

“It will be well,” Thor proclaims.  “Spells can be reversed.  It took True Love’s Kiss for the last one." 

"They’re kissing already.  Steve’s not getting any bigger,” Clint cracked.

“It’ll probably take a few more tries,” Natasha smirks. 

“Can we just get Tiny Cap away from here now?” Tony offers, trying to get control of the crew because, well, Steve and Bucky are a bit occupied at the moment.  “And we can figure out how to reverse the spell.  JARVIS, get me the friendly neighborhood witch on the phone.”

The friendly neighborhood witch tells them it’s going to take two weeks.  It’s the longest two weeks of their lives.

In the end, they’re going to sort it out and Tiny Cap really is capable of getting in as much trouble as he does usually and everyone - except Natasha - is all STEVE, OMG NO.  But Steve sets his jaw and Does the Thing anyway and while he can’t throw the shield around, that fine tactical mind is still in there, as well as that stubborn, determined spirit and Tony really, really regrets ever saying the “everything special about you came out of a bottle” thing because it is absolutely wrong.  

And Bucky is just as protective as ever and there’s a little huff and then a fond smile as he follows Tiny Cap, the little guy from Brooklyn who never had the sense to know when to back down from a fight, into the jaws of hell anyway. 

- end -

Note:  Eventually, I might write a fic in which I somehow have pre-serum Steve and a still brains-scrambled recovering Winter Soldier together because tygermama is an Evil Enabling Valar Cloud.  I’ll think about it further.  In the meantime, have fun with this one.  :P 

The Giggling Valar Clouds & the Ghostly Peanut Gallery

It’s true that the Purple Valar Cloud No.1 cannot draw to save her soul.  She leaves that particular type of artistic pursuit to the other Valar Clouds. 

She does, however, have a soft spot for Tony Stark.  Pretty much nearly all of the Valar Clouds have soft spots for Tony, to be honest.    And as much as he wants to stay in that Famous River in Egypt, he’s going to have to Face Facts. 

Also, Tony is not crazy.  That needs to be stressed.  Okay, maybe not any nuttier than usual. The Howlies all have massive soft spots for Tony as well, maybe because Howard had so epically screwed up the raising of him.  So they take turns looking out for Tony Stark.  He’s a bit of a handful. 

They now have even more sympathy for Bucky because of this.  Because all the Howlies knew that Bucky led the charge when it came to looking after their Captain.  And Steve was just as bad and they ought to know, because they were at Ground Zero when all the shenanigans Steve Rogers could get into happened. 

Howard is … well, it’s hard to accurately depict what Howard Stark is currently doing in the afterlife.  There’s a lot of moping.  A lot of regrets.  There’s certainly a lot of pride.  And love, most of all.  Howard’s a bit of a mess. 

He’d like to tell Tony that the Ghostbusting Proton Pack could work if he calibrated certain things to this specific setting but Tony’s not in the mood to listen anyway.  So he’s going to visit Peggy instead - it won’t be long now, before Peggy joins the Peanut Gallery with all the rest of them.  She’s more than earned her rest. 

Tony’s pretty busy these days, what with refining the clean energy project, the new SHIELD, helping Director Phil Coulson and his merry band of Ducklings and doing Avengers business.  He’ll never admit this, but he enjoys it each time Steve reveals his inner troll - Bucky says punk - but hey, it’s the 21st century so troll it is.  Tony’s almost sure that Steve’s actually managed to master far more of modern technology than everyone thinks.  Steve just enjoys playing up the Confused Ninety Year Old Act. 

So Tony wants to think that he doesn’t have time for magic, supernatural shenanigans and wisecracks from a Ghostly Peanut Gallery and Giggling Clouds of Doom.  He’s too busy. 

And by the way, Bucky did not appreciate having “War Bride” as his new codename.  Thanks ever so much, Ghost! Dum Dum, you asshole.  So there.  Tony’s ignoring.  Tony’s good at ignoring.  He is not seeing a thing.  Not hearing anything either but good ol’ AC/DC on his state of the art speakers.  No giggling.  No smartass remarks.  Yeah.  Working on the Ghostbusting Proton Pack here.  Move along.  Nothing to see.  These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. 

“Tony, why do you have the Clouds hanging around?”

The Clouds.  That’s the first thing that registers in Tony’s head when he turns around and sees Steve Rogers in his workshop.  For once, Tiny! Cap does not have his perpetual shadow with him, although Tony can tell that the loose long-sleeved shirt that Steve’s currently wearing that is several sizes too large is actually Bucky’s.  And he’s not going to look too closely at the interesting marks on Steve’s neck. 

Newlyweds.  Jesus. 

Wait.What Steve said.  “The Clouds, Tiny Cap?”

Steve shrugs.  “I’ve always seen them hanging around.  Not all the time.  Usually out of the corner of my eyes.  And then I hear the giggling.  They’re nice." 

There’s more giggling. And there’s some muffled swearing and ohshit Cap can see us and wonder if he’s gonna be sore at me for the SNRFB thing.  

"Not sore over the SNRFB thing.  I think it’s kinda cute,” Steve says wryly. 

Tony, well, Tony does the Sane, Sensible Thing when confronted by the fact that Captain America and he are sharing the Same Hallucination.  He faints.


- end (for the moment!) -

greenbergsays  asked:

I was gonna say something about Steve's ass and tits being his best physical quality (besides his eyes. and smile. that little tuft of hair when he first wakes up. GO AWAY BUCKY, I'M TRYING TO BE SHALLOW RN) and why would that drawing only show off one of them, that shield is RUDE but then that made me think: completely naked Steve shot from the side, shield coyly positioned to only cover from his thighs to just under his pecs but with his ass still visible. Happy birthday, Barnes.

CODE BLUE CODE BLUE CODE BLUE scream my Ghostly Howling Commando Peanut Gallery.

My Bucky Barnes Muse, however sends his love. Aw hell, he says that there was a time where strip poker happened and Steve was left with ONLY the shield….?

brooklyn the musical act two song list

So basically, this is what I got so far:

The Man Out of Time

You Should Have Left It In the Ocean

Everything Special About You

The Avengers

The Battle of New York

On Your Left

Picking Up An Old Fossil

Never Got That Dance

The Winter Soldier

SNRFB:  The Elevator

Even When I Had Nothing

Project Insight

‘Till the End of the Line:  Reprise

Trouble Man

Your Mother’s Name is Sarah

The Sokovian Accords

United We Stand Divided We Fall

Plant Yourself Like a Tree Beside the River of Truth

It Wasn’t Worth It

Not Without You:  Reprise

Just Two Boys From Brooklyn

And for those wondering:  SNRFB is Situation Normal Rogers Fucking Barnes and that segment is TOTALLY narrated by the Howling Commando Ghostly Peanut Gallery.

Also, I am looking at this list and I am thinking PAIN, PAIN, PAIN AND SUFFERING AND FLOODS OF TEARS before we get to the Happy Ending that’s probably not going to happen in canon because GDI CIVIL WAR but I’m aiming for the happy ending anyway.