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Snapchat ghost

Grainne Dowdall’s sister Sinead explained that the 14-year-old was just sending a standard picture to her friend from an upstairs bedroom in their home when the creepy presence was spotted. It looks like a ghostly female figure is peering in the window as the picture is being taken. (Source)

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The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall is known as the world’s most famous ghost photo. The two photographers saw the misty figure descending the staircase and managed to capture this amazing photograph. The full report appeared in Country Life Magazine.

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An octopus supermom

This octopus died in 2011, but scientists didn’t tell her amazing story until this year. She was spotted in the same place, holding her eggs in her arms, for a whopping 4.5 years—smashing the previous record for egg brooding. In 53 months, she was never seen eating, and over time she turned from pale purple to ghostly white. Like most female octopuses, she died after her watch ended—but her eggs hatched successfully.

enigmaticmedicineseller  asked:

This may be a strange question but it's so difficult to find out these things when you don't read Japanese. Do you know of any castles or forts that have myths or folklore attached to them?

Sure, quite a few of them do, but it’s just hard to read about. The most famous and probably easiest to read about is Himeji Castle and Bancho Sarayashiki, which was set in Himeji in one version of the story.

But one which has a story very definitively tied to a castle is Matsumoto Castle which has a shrine to the goddess Nijuurokuya-shin. The legend is that a young soldier saw a ghostly female appearance in the castle grounds, who promised to him that she would keep the castle safe so long that the lord of the castle provided an offering on 500kg of rice every 26th night of each month. If you want to try find more about it search 二十六夜神.

It’s notable for being one of the very, very few castles that never needed to be reconstructed so the legend behind it is strong. It was never burned down, destroyed by war, etc. I actually just went there last week, so it’s on my mind.