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May i request for RFA and the Minor trio with MC getting beaten by her ex and hospitalized? Thank you!! :*

Hey hey! More angst!


  • He cries
  • How could this have happened?
  • Yoosung is with her through as much of her recovery as he can
  • She forces him to go to work, though, so he’s not taking care of her 24/7
  • Until she can come home, Yoosung spends every night at the hospital (he doesn’t go home unless he has to take care of Lisa or needs to change his clothes)
  • Once she’s out, he makes sure that everything is comfortable for her
  • He’s such a worrywart
  • Her recovery is slow, but she’s well taken care of, and when she’s comfortable, she returns to work
  • It’s not until the ex tracks her down again (this time at home) hoping to hurt her again because he wasn’t done with her and only stopped because someone called the cops
  • Except Yoosung is awake (playing LOLOL) when he breaks in, and goes a bit yandere
  • In that he grabs a knife from the kitchen and goes after the guy
  • He manages to cut the guy, call the police, and the guy is put in jail for breaking and entering, premeditated assault, and attempted assault


  • “She has multiple puncture wounds from being kicked with high heels. She’ll likely have scars for the rest of her life.”
  • Jaehee has to force back the tears
  • Especially when she sees MC
  • But Baehee stays strong for her
  • Jaehee brings tea and desserts to MC when the doctors allow
  • While MC is still in the hospital, the ex, who Jaehee has seen in pictures before, walks into the cafe with a large smile on her face
  • She’s gorgeous, unscathed, and Jaehee is furious
  • She refuses to serve the woman
  • When the woman starts throwing a fit about it, Jaehee pulls up a picture of MC at the hospital
  • “I have the right to refuse service to anyone. Especially the woman that put my girlfriend in the hospital!”
  • The woman begins laughing
  • “So that’s why? That means you’re Jaehee! You know, she called out for you when I kicked a hole in her stomach! So pathetic! And you’re not even very pretty! Guess she downgraded!”
  • Jaehee recorded everything, and there was a cop in the cafe that was a regular and usually showed up in uniform, but was in civvies today.
  • The woman is arrested on the spot for committing assault (possibly with a deadly weapon because heels) and confessing in front of a whole crowd and witnesses
  • Jaehee is able to tell MC all about it when she goes to the hospital that afternoon with a smile on her face


  • Sees red
  • The moment he hears that she was beaten, he wants to hunt down whoever did this to her and return the favor
  • However, when he sees her, it’s another story
  • He sits with her, stays with her as much as he can, touches her when he’s allowed to be a source of comfort
  • Hell, he takes time off work to take care of her as much as possible
  • He’s super considerate and holds her whenever she gets scared
  • When they go back to work together, she’s still pretty banged up, and the people that Zen has worked with before that know her are super freaked out
  • Zen explains what happened, and honestly, some of them are just as eager to start a fight as Zen
  • When Zen is walking her out to the cab they’re taking home one night, they pass the guy that beat her, and she just about screams
  • Once he realizes who the guy is, Zen throws a punch
  • Nobody hurts MC and gets away with!!
  • Zen doesn’t beat the guy nearly as much as he hurt MC (he believes the guy needs to be hurt double what he did to her), but makes himself clear
  • “If you ever so much as look in MC’s direction ever again, I’m going destroy you! The only reason I’m not going to kill you is because I need to be there for her! So count yourself lucky!”


  • Jumin is furious
  • Where were her guards?!?!
  • How did this happen?!?!
  • The moment he saw her lying in the hospital bed, barely recognizable, he was furious
  • A few people were fired
  • Her finger was even too swollen to even wear her wedding ring
  • When MC is able to talk again, Jumin discovers that it was actually stolen by the man when she was attacked
  • Jumin has the man tracked down, arrested, gets MC’s ring back, and then goes to see the man in question
  • He informs the man he has fucked with the wrong person
  • You do not hospitalize the love of the CEO of C&R’s life without major consequences
  • A few well placed bribes land the man in the worst prison in the country and the man lives out the rest of his days in absolute misery
  • Jumin tells MC nothing more than, “you never have to worry about him hurting you ever again.”


  • He brings his laptop with him when he goes to be by MC’s hospital bed
  • The moment Saeyoung hears the name of the guy who hurt her, he begins hacking
  • He ruins the guy quickly, hacking his facebook and phone, posting a picture from the phone of MC horribly beaten
  • “Look what I did over the weekend! :D” the post says
  • He hacks the guys email and sends out nasty letters to his boss, sends dick pics to various female coworkers, etc
  • He ruins the guys financials by buying a shit ton of sardines (his most hated food) and sending it to his house
  • Which he is later kicked out of, when his landlord gets an anonymous email with video of the guy hitting on the landlords teenage daughter
  • 707 ruins the guy in every way possible
  • Then he contacts the guy
  • “Congratulations! You have achieved ‘Hacker God’s Fury!’ Now, you can feel free to try to rebuild your life, but know, I’ll be watching. And if you ever hurt MC or anyone else like that again, you won’t have any possibility of rebuilding. I can and will turn you into a foreign spy committing high treason against the government and have you thrown into the type of camp you only see up North, if you catch my drift! ;)”


  • They were at an outdoor market together, browsing, enjoying each other’s company, etc
  • MC let go of his arm for a minute to go grab something from another stall, and suddenly she was gone
  • In the hustle and bustle of the market, he didn’t notice she had disappeared for a little while, but when he did, he started calling out to her
  • Mind you, he couldn’t see, but he still searched for her
  • When he hears the sirens, his heart drops
  • He rushes towards them, confirms it’s MC because she says his name when she hears his voice, and they go to the hospital
  • He’s in tears, blaming himself for this happening to her
  • She’s under a sedative because of the pain, so she can’t speak very well, but she manages to communicate to him not to blame himself
  • V doesn’t know the extent of the damage until a doctor tells him there was irreparable damage to both her eyes and no matter what they do, she will never see again
  • V decides to get the surgery because he knows his condition is treatable and hers isn’t, and when he asks her if it’s okay, to make she won’t resent him, she tells him, “Of course not.”
  • He’s sad he’ll never be able to see her eyes outside of pictures, but once they’ve both recovered, he’s able to take her home
  • He goes back to taking photographs to help build up some good money for the two of them so that they’ll always be financially secure
  • V’s first collection after she’s gone blind actually has all his photos 3D printed, so she can feel the shape of the images
  • The guy is arrested a few weeks after V takes her home
  • When he is, MC willingly testifies against the man, and V is able to do everything in his power to protect her


  • Saeran deletes everything about this guy
  • He becomes a ghost
  • He has no credit, no identity, no drivers license
  • Saeran then tracks him down, which isn’t very hard
  • Saeran kidnaps the guy, holds him captive, and tortures him
  • When the guy is on the verge of being broken, Saeran stops and releases him alone in the mountains
  • He then washes his hands of the guy altogether
  • Nobody hurts his MC and gets away with it


  • Hahaha
  • They wouldn’t find the body
{Buzzfeed Unsolved!AU} Hoseok & Taehyung


  • is 100% a believer, but tbh he doesn’t even freaking care if it’s a real ghost or a cgi ghost like,,,,,,,whatever is out to get him - he’s scared
  • could be fake could be real could be jungkook in a bed sheet he will STILL scream 
  • and god his scream is like,,,,,so high pitched you swear he’s echo-locating trying to find bats or whatever how does his voice go that high????? why is he a rapper he’s obviously main vocal material right here????? bang pd open your e y e s
  • but anyway, hoseok can’t believe he signed up for this
  • and he says this like one billion and one times as you’re driving to the location, which just so happens to be a haunted amusment park
  • and you both aren’t even halfway into the investigation when hoseok sees his reflection in the fun-house mirror and just that makes him run off screaming
  • you and the cameraman stand there watching him like,,,,,,,just another day at work 
  • but also,,,,you know hoseok isn’t faking his fear - even though people in the youtube comments are speculating he might be like no one can be that scared
  • but ,,,,, you have felt hoseok’s tension rise - his face go blood red with screaming
  • so amidst your snarky skeptic jokes 
  • and cackling over the fact that hoseok has not packed one, but three flashlights
  • you always know when to cut the cameras and take care of him 
  • so when it’s just you two, making your way through the rundown haunted house attraction
  • you can hear with each step, hoseoks muffled moans of fear
  • “hey at least we aren’t on a haunted rollercoaster where the ghosts could just push us off the top - we’re on the ground. we’re safe.”
  • you try to comment
  • but somehow the idea of the rollercoaster sends hoseok into a frenzied  chanting of “no no how could you say that no no,,,,,,”
  • one of the old anamatronic ghouls twitches a bit beside you and hoseok nearly tips over with a scream
  • you reach out to grab his wrist and steady him
  • “don’t worry, it’s just this place is stuffy!” you use your free hand to poke the anamatronic and it wobbles a bit but doesn’t move again
  • “see, come on -”
  • you let go of his wrist, but suddenly feel hoseok’s strong grip on it again
  • “can you,,,not let go,,,,”
  • he whispers and you feel for a second your face grow hot
  • but you know hoseok needs this so you nod, tanling your fingers together and hoseok really isn’t joking
  • he deathgrips your hand like he’s pulling you up from a dangling cliff
  • “c’mon ghosts of underpaid teenage workers and souls that were reaped from small children on this ride - come out!”
  • you shout and hoseok jerks your hand a bit
  • “don’t s-s-s–say that,,,,,”
  • you wave your flashlight around instead to mock whatever ‘spirits’ are around but nothing happenes
  • the only thing that does is that hoseok nearly has his whole face pressedinto your neck from behind
  • he’s so scared his lean and strong figure shivers like a leaf in the wind, you feel a bit bad as you always  do,,,,but your body is also overcome with its own nervousness
  • hoseok is close,,,,too close for comfort
  • it takes all your energy to not focus on his breathing and body heat and keep making sad attempts at ghost communication
  • for a split second, just before the exit is in sight - there’s a shrill scream
  • you assume it’s the camera crew outside trying to rile you two up
  • but hoseok believes it, he nearly presses himself flat against you and begs you to run toward the exit to get him out of here
  • you,,,,,,should say something funny to calm him down,,,but for once you agree
  • and running toward the outside, you and hoseok come out still holding hands in a vice grip 
  • that the entire crew takes note of and teases about later
  • but you don’t care,,,,,because hoseok comes to you after shooting and thanks you for actually pulling him out
  • you stutter that it’s nothing, but the two of you knonw what the real unavoidable subject here is
  • the fact that you two were so close, bodies pressed without a sliver of room to get through and well,,,,,,,,,things happened
  • but those things,,,to everyone but you two,,,will remain,,,,unsolved ;)


  • doesn’t give two damns about ghosts because obviously they’ve got no ability to hurt humans
  • one, probably because they’re not real and two, what would they do? swipe their little grubby ghost hands right through his body? ouch that’s really gonna hurt uhuh
  • he wouldn’t call himself a full blown skeptic, but not a believer either - to be honest he just wants to be the first person to get fought by a ghost
  • he thinks that’s cool,,,he thinks that’s funny
  • but you don’t understand him,,,,how is he so chill about messing with the paranormal with the DEAD
  • “and what if you get possessed? do you think that’s cool?”
  • taehyun’s eyes go wide and he jumps up and down
  • “hell yeah, imagine me - being controlled by some medieval like king or oh oh a pirate oh oh do you think i could get possessed by like michael jackson? or is that too soon? has he graduated ghost school yet?
  • you shudder at the thought and taehyung just continues to muse
  • when you two get dropped off at an abadoned, suppousednly haunted playground at 1 in the morning
  • you are far from please
  • while taehyung is swinging on the swings, asking if any of the ghost children want to push him
  • and standing at the top of the slide going im ruler of all GHOSTS
  • to be honest,,,,if you don’t stop him you know you’re gonna have unusable footage so you call him down
  • and taehyung arrives down the slide, skidding up to you like he’s a five year older
  • “im here, im here - are we using the ghost box thingy?”
  • you scrunch up your nose and nod, “unfortunately, yes we’re using the spirit box to see if there are any ghosts here. apparently a couple of kids died-”
  • taehyung takes the small radio and lifts it to his mouth “HEY WHO WANTS TO PLAY TAG?”
  • you glare at him, but listen to the static anyway
  • that’s when you first hear it,,,,your name
  • jumping back in shock you look up at taehyung who sems amused
  • “oh, you know their name? what’s mine!!!”
  • he asks excitedly and waits,,,,,,,
  • “……..z…….z………boyfriend……z….”
  • taehyung blinks and looks over at you “whose boyfriend?”
  • “….z…….z……….z…….co…couple…..z….”
  • you feel a strong shudder d own your spine and tell taehyung that maybe you should stop - there might be spirits here and they-
  • but taehyung is now wearing a frown on his face
  • “couple? us? we’re not,,,,we’re not a couple we’re friends!”
  • the box seems to almost vibrate in taehyung’s large palm
  • “….z…….love…….each….other………love…..z…z….z”
  • you can hear the words clear as day on the backdrop of white noise
  • you want to run over and chuck that box into the sand and run away but taehyung doesn’t seem to agree
  • “what do you mean??? we love each other???”
  • “zz…z……..z……..tell them you love them….z….z…..z… taehyung loves you…..z….z..”
  • although you’re paralyzed with fear you suddenly feel something warm pool into your face
  • “loves me? he loves me?”
  • you ask, faintly above a whisper
  • and taehyung turns even brighter red because he wants to say something, argue against this spirit box even though that’s the silliest thing he can think to do
  • when it crackles back ot life “z…..z…yes……love each other….z…”
  • with that, the thing turns off by itself and taehyung stares wide eyed at it as you stare at taehyung
  • you’d always believed in ghosts having some kind of understanding of humans better than humans did of themselves,,,but you never knew they were,,,,psychics,,,,,,
  • “i ,,,, i,,,,, um,, i -”
  • taehyung for once seems more flustered than you and all you can do is wait to see what he says
  • “i guess,,,we have proof that ghosts are real.” he mumbles finally and you narrow your eyes s he turns and runs for the vans parked waiting for you
  • you follow in a sprint, not wanting to be alone with any spirits even though they’re playing matchmaker and the thought of taehyung loving you isn’t all the bad
  • actually,,,,it’s very nie
  • and taehyung tells the crew you got nothing on the spirit box, but then as you’re sitting beside each other in the van his hand crawls over to yours and squeezes
  • “can’t believe a freaking ghost confessed for me,,,,” 
wanna one | mini aus [2/?]

[jisung, sungwoon, minhyun ver.]
part one

(tw; violence, blood)

  • rough childhood, initially joined to help his family financially
  • one of the more established / older members of the gang, tends to fit into the role of a mentor of some sorts to the younger recruits
  • fiercely protective over the others; treats them like family, and usually gives them general life advice team Mom
  • the type to be the #1 go to when someone’s in trouble and needs assistance, whether it’s for any negotiation jobs or field missions (is capable of pulling strings when need be if the job needs to be kept secret)
  • actually quite a good talker and very good at calming others despite his silly personality around the members?? has a stern but kind nature that makes him a natural leader
  • doesn’t really take care of himself as much as he should - forgets that he’s injured when he’s working with others because he’s so fixated on helping them (until one of the guys point out that hEY JISUnG YOUR ARM IS BLEEDING)
  • weak spot for kids and innocents, strong moral code
  • only gets angry when?? someone mindlessly hurts others, especially those who don’t deserve such treatment
  • scares off people by showing off his tattoo (located under his left collarbone) because he’d prefer that over fighting (although if need be he could probably wreck some fools) - despite his affiliation, he doesn’t actually like hurting people and keeps it to a minimum
  • one day, he’s visiting his neighborhood after a couple of months, and hears calls for help nearby
  • there’s a sobbing young boy being cornered by a few teenagers, scratched up and bruised
  • jisung can’t help himself from calling out to them and telling them to get lost, but they just laugh at him, calling him an old man and telling him to mind his own business
  • of course, he gets pretty pissed and loosens his tie, slightly unbuttoned dress shirt about to reveal his tattoo when he hears a sharp voice
  • you’re running towards the boys, scolding them with a fierce expression, and they scatter immediately once seeing  you (probably so they don’t get beat up, oops)
  • jisung just gawks at you as you scoop up the boy and comfort him, gently coaxing him to tell you where his parents were
  • tbh he melts a lil when you look up at him with the softest expression (as if you hadn’t just chewed out a group of rowdy teens a minute ago)
  • “are you his brother? you look a bit roughed up”
  • you study his appearance when he responds with a shake of his head before getting up again, gently tugging the boy along with you
  • before he knows it, you really close to his face and all of a sudden he feels his skin burning under your gaze
  • he closes his eyes as you get closer, only to feel something soft on the right side of his face
  • “you’re bleeding.”
  • he takes what he realizes is your handkerchief, and feels something warm seeping through the cotton - how’d it get there? 
  • “it’s okay, i won’t push.” you give him a smile that makes his heart skip a beat, and he gets a feeling that you knew the kind of jobs people took up to survive in this kind of neighborhood
  • with that, you walk by him with the kid to find his parents, only for jisung to call out to you again
  • “when will i see you again? i’ll need to return this to you.” 


  • the ridiculously disciplined, never-gets-drunk-ever, type of bodyguard
  • is always staying up doing some kind of paperwork and thus is always exhausted whenever on duty
  • is probably a uni student on the side tbh so he’s usually the one his client sees least frequently
  • lowkey looks like he doesn’t want to be there half the time during parties because politely rejecting the advances of rich arrogant rich people tires him out lmao
  • unfortunately as much as he hates pleasantries he’s also one of the best at them so…he usually ends up on duty on those days
  • constantly hit on at those parties because a) he’s literally model material and b) is probably everyone’s ideal boyfriend
  • usually rejects any modeling offers because he’s gotta make that Money you know in comparison to the small time jobs
  • aka people are always trying to steal him away from his current client because he’s basically an irl prince
  • super polite and composed, gives those soft smiles to let people know he’s listening to them in a conversation 
  • looks like just a pretty boy but he’s strong enough to overpower at least three men twice his size if need be 
  • always there to quietly watch over his client - also doesn’t like getting personal but let’s be real he can get pretty attached depending on the type of person 
  • in this case we have you, the child of a big corporate ceo next in line to inherit
  • of course you yourself aren’t really into having tons of bodyguards surrounding you (mind you, you’ve already taken some self defense classes)
  • but even so, your overprotective father insists, and you’re fully aware it’s for your own good so you accept (begrudgingly)
  • essentially, you end up with a personal bodyguard that looks more like a model than anything else and you’re kind of doubtful
  • because ! elite bodyguard with six years of experience ?? looks like a guy only a handful of years older than you at most???
  • but even if he’s cute,,,,he’s actually really intimidating and it takes you a while to build up the courage to ask him about himself
  • you find out he’s 21 - the same age
  • which basically suggests he’s been working since he was ????? 15 ?????? you’re shook but also a little saddened,,,because doesn’t that mean he’s never really had a normal life?
  • turns out he’s actually really good at his job wow literally no one has laid a finger on you since he was hired
  • you once caught him doing uni work on break without him noticing and smiled a little to yourself
  • a couple of days later he asked politely where all the new stationaries in the break room came from and the suspicious extension of break for staff 
  • and you were like oh ! i figured you might run out of pencils or a notepad sometime + i didn’t want to interrupt your work because,,,tbh the bodyguards get way too little time anyways
  • and as soon as you turned away minhyun’s face literally burst into a bright red at your words
  • “what’s wrong? :0″ // “asdfgafg NOTHING THANK YOU”
  • that was probably the first time you’ve caught him off guard gj
  • and he starts to think,,, hey,, maybe they’re not that bad
  • and it’s true?? you’re not stuck up and you don’t even ask for much in the first place
  • maybe a small part of him is starting to fall,,,maybe


  • is the resident Brewster - makes all the potions, charms, and wards that are needed for the group
  • because magic is technically Secret he works a human job as a florist (which is where he gets his materials - jisung, a fellow wizard, manages the store)
  • probably really into different species of plants and nerds out about them if given the opportunity what a nerd
  • takes HUGE pride in his work and will not hesitate to sass anyone who says that making potions is stupid or takes significantly less skill than casting spells
  • he’ll probably sneak a nightmare-inflicting charm on them just for the giggles and r evenge
  • tbh he’s more of a witch but he self-identifies as a wizard because you know it sounds Cooler
  • carries like fifty different potions for everything literally everywhere he goes by shrinking them and placing them in a pouch
  • healing potion ??? yes, speed potion ??? yes, nightmare repulsion potion ??? not sure why but yes
  • is a huge dork and has his water bottle look like an ancient potion flask or smth because he thinks it’s cool but tbh mage!guanlin is like bro that’s not with the times please don’t bring that out of the shop it looks really Unhip
  • he probably does anyways
  • highkey wants to get those robes that make him look like a wizard or something but usually jisung prevents him from doing so because sungwoon is probably going to wear it everywhere and confuse the customers
  • probably uses the shop as a place for experimenting with potion crafting and herbal combinations on the off hours
  • speaking of which it’s another late night when sungwoon decides to test out an ancient recipe for a love potion (probably to help his bud taehyun out)
  • and all of a sudden he hears the door bell signifying that someone entered the shop?
  • he probably almost screams at the noise because is it a thief??? or,,,,,a gHOST
  • he peers out of the backroom to see you, looking over the arrangements of flowers
  • sungwoon almost drops the potion in his hand because ??? wow what a Cute but also the shop closed like an hour ago why were you there
  • he clears his throat and your eyes meet his (cue him sweating bullets because he’s flustered from being startled while brewing)
  • “we’re closed, sorry! you can come back tomorrow.”
  • you looked startled at his words, and he inwardly wonders if he came off as too brusque
  • but then you tilt your head and say “but the sign said you were open…?”
  • sungwoon realizes with a start that he had forgotten to flip the sign and the lights were still on, and quickly runs over to do so
  • “sorry about that! i can still take your order in that case, though!”
  • you give him a smile that melts his heart before replying with a “oh, i can just come back tomorrow!” before looking at the flask in his hand curiously
  • following your gaze, sungwoon realizes that he brought the flask out with him oOPS quick find an excuse
  • but then he chuckles slightly, passing it off as his waterbottle, even taking a sip from it when
  • oh no
  • that isn’t the love potion, is it????
  • suddenly, his face starts burning and his heartbeat quickens when he sees your face ?? because,,,wow,,,,,you are super cute ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • basically he looks at you like a lovesick puppy as you leave while silently thanking fate for not making you stay or he’d end up doing something he’d regret woops
  • least to say although the effects wear off really quickly he still finds you really cute and ,,, greets you with a super bright (and even sheepish ?) smile the next morning
Bom Bidi Bom - Dylan O'Brien Smut

REQUESTED: No, but I’m very much addicted to this song so why not?

WARNINGS: Orgasm denial, oral (both receiving), hickeys, v slow and sensual, unprotected sex (WRAP BEFORE TAP)

SUMMARY: At a fancy ball Dylan has to attend for the premiere of American Assassin, you run into him and can’t seem to keep your hands off him, especially when you both have a history between you two.

NOTES: Based off this song (

Holy heck I love this so much, and I don’t think I’ve ever written for Dyl in general. 

Hope you enjoy!

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Routines with you and Ghost

  • He wakes you up or you wake him up, he nudges your side calling out your title ‘Guardian’. You gently shake him with your finger quietly until he awakes.
  • Your Ghost talks about what plans you both have for the day while you’re getting ready, patrols to do, out-planet missions, paperwork, it’s a normal morning for you, a Guardian.
  • You eat breakfast with your Ghost, a Guardian can’t fight darkness without a nutritious breakfast! You also packed snacks for the trip just in case.
  • He assists you in putting on armor. Checking sure you have everything. He’ll point out anything you’re missing so you won’t walk out of your quarters without it.
  • You walk out, greeted by other Guardians, civilians and even some children with some high-fives and hugs. The Traveler floats over the Last City as usual.
  • You both check on the Vanguards for missions and check the bounty board while you’re at it. It’s good to get some rewards so you can buy what you need with Glimmer.
  • You board your ship with your Ghost. Your Ghost checks if everything in order before launching off.
  • Things are pretty normal, killing enemies, almost getting blown up, epic soundtracks to listen to by Ghost, Ghost scanning things to get intels, Ghost scanning things while you shoot any enemies who tries to hurt him, lunch breaks, back to more shooting and probably almost dying or do died but get revived
  • Then some activities like learning Eliksni language from Variks, doing the Crucible to train yourself against other Guardians, visiting Lord Saladin, taking nice walks with your Ghost while enemies attack each other in the background…
  • Then returning home to get your rewards and do a little shopping for gears and weapons and a little something for your little Light.
  • Going home and taking off the armor safely putting them away while you and your Ghost then do some activities like discuss what happen today or watch movies or make a pillow fort or all of them.
  • Staying up some of the night to look up at the moon with your Ghost before going to bed with him snuggling against you as he turns off the lights.
  • “Can I say something before we sleep?” “Yes Ghost?” “….I’m happy to choose you as my Guardian.”

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protector is literally killing me. it's BEAUTIFUL. people have spent thousands of years trying to put words to the feeling of being in love and you write that Ache so. fucking. beautifully. /I/ hurt just reading it. thank you so much. that being said, (bc ur taste has won me over forever, BLESS), could you rec some of ur favorite bmc fics? (ik u answered an ask with some awhile back- I was wondering if you had any more?) TYSM in advance and i love you+your work to PIECES 💖💖💖💖

this ask delights me endlessly. thank you so much, anon!! I’ve been sulking over my ch6 draft today so this really helps my anxiety shut up 💕

okay so for anybody who didn’t see it before, here is a post from a while ago where I listed some of my favorite bmc fics. since then, I’ve been able to add several more fics to my catalogue of faves, so here’s some more fics I didn’t get to rec last time! all of them are boyfs except for one pinkberry fic!

Engagement Sequence by Kalopsia / @danisnotofire

“You shot my fucking client,” Michael growls. The phone, on speaker a few inches away, practically rattles with Michael’s vaguely concealed anger.

“No,” Jeremy says, his voice calm as he carefully folds his one good suit and places it into his bag. He has no idea who he’s talking about, but it doesn’t matter. “I shot my fucking mark.”

There’s silence on the other end, and for a moment Jeremy thinks he’s hung up. But then he speaks again. “I’m going to shoot you.”

“Find me first,” Jeremy challenges, because this is who the Squip has made him, this is who he is, and clicks the red button to end the call.


Jeremy and Michael are both assassins. They’re not looking, but they find each other anyway.

look, this fic murdered me in a back alley and then dissolved my body in acid and I would 10/10 rec the entire experience. please, for the love of everything, just read this fic. 

ways to cope by KatMelody / @theyugiohtrashcan

“How long?” Michael asks, voice painfully soft.
“Um… I… it was just an acci—”
“Jeremiah. Please don’t lie to me. How long?“

the one in which jeremy heere is so, so bad at keeping secrets.

check the warnings on this one before reading, because it deals with self-harm. but I really loved how the topic was dealt with, and if you’re okay with that kind of subject matter, it’s definitely worth a read.

a crimson headache, aching blush by pondify / @playground-ghost

He supposes that it began, as it always does, with Michael.

this is a very short take on the boyfs as friends with benefits, and the pining in it is exquisite. do you like angst and hotness packed into 865 words?? here is your treat for the day.

I could lay right here and burn in you all day by cataclysma / @lifehateslemons

“You better fucking look at me.”
Jeremy’s response is instant. His eyes snap open, immediately going to meet Michael’s intense gaze. Michael’s eyes are narrowed, dark behind the shields of his glasses. Fuck, he looks really hot like this.

in which jeremy is a kinky fuck and michael’s kink IS jeremy

hello do you like porn featuring 1. submissive jeremy 2. dom michael bossing jeremy around who then 3. immediately turns into a gentle soft boyfriend as soon as jeremy’s gotten what he needs??? here, have some scorching deliciousness.

Work in Progress by Nymm_at_Night / @nymm-kirimoto

Drarrymotter1015 and MoonGoon forge a friendship through fanfiction. On the other side of the screen, Michael and Jeremy try and figure out what’s left of theirs. Otherwise known the Fanfiction Writer! Au nobody asked for, but I wrote anyways.

okay look, you want to laugh your ass off over the boyfs unknowingly writing porn together over the internet?? because this fic’s got A+ banter, genuinely interesting story progression, and painful emotions all rolled up in the guise of the most meta-feeling fic of the year.

a little unsteady by starlithorizons / @starlithorizons

Michael’s hidden domain has always been the rollerskating rink - a home away from home. Jeremy isn’t so suited for the environment.
Maybe he can fix that.

oh my god just READ THIS, I love this fic so much. I’d give it both my kidneys if I could. some really excellent jeremy-michael friendship with a bunch of good pining packed in, as well as some of the best comedy I’ve seen this month.

when i’m close to you (we blend into my favourite colour) by sulfuric / @playertwojer

statistically, most people don’t take more than five seconds to say something to their soulmate after realizing the universe has paired them together. brooke and chloe take approximately six years, but better late than never, right?

this is a pinkberry fic (with a hint of boyfs) that really hits it out of the park with the soulmate trope. poignant, sweet, and full of growing pains. it’s top quality pinkberry material that spans over their entire friendship. 

*also there are exactly four WIPs in the fandom that I actually read and I’d die for all of them (I’d highly rec EVERYTHING from the following writers)

no such mirrors by Kalopsia / @danisnotofire

Jeremy didn’t know of any other superhero that had to commute.

Sometimes he was alone when he got the text, and it was easy to slide open the window and sling on over to whatever disaster was striking the City That Could Never Catch a Break. Other times it was during things like his parent’s divorce hearings, in Hackensack, and he’d have to spend his bar mitzvah money on a cab ride to the bridge and change into his spandex in the bathroom of a Dunkin’ Donuts. Even at home, he’d have to spend fifteen minutes slinging webs across highways and toll booths and the George Washington Bridge before he even saw what he was up against.

At least Christine could fly.

(or, the AU nobody asked for in which Jeremy is Spiderman and the rest of the crew has superpowers, except Michael, who has No Idea About Anything except for the fact he’s Spiderman’s #1 fan)

am I repeating an author in this list?? of course I am. surely you’ve heard of this spiderman au fic. no? then you better read it. it doesn’t pull any punches, seriously, and I’ve never been happier to be beaten up by a fic.

Brightly Wound by left_uncovered / @left-uncovered

Michael has loved Jeremy for years. It just takes him a while to figure it out.

Or: the five times Michael pined obliviously for Jeremy, and the one time he realized it.

this is like, peak Pain material, which this author excels at, so I encourage you to read it, because it’ll teach you to enjoy the suffering. funnily enough, I’m pretty sure I followed this writer for their stellar porn, but I always rec the pain. just read all of it.

Like Mother, Like Son by hurricanesunny / @hurricanesunny

Jeremy gets a text from his mom after a year of no contact.

okay this fic is like, the best post-canon fic you’re gonna find in this fandom. I’m not kidding. it’s gut-wrenching and handles so much of the consequences of the musical’s events with such care, and god, it’s an exercise in riding an emotional turbo rollercoaster. if a fic could save a life, it’d be this one.

is this a forest? ‘cuz there sure is a lot of pine by reptilianraven / @actualbird

“How do you say ‘I love you’?”

“Oh, wow, holy shit,” Michael coughs. Is his face warm? It better fucking not be. Pull yourself together, Mell. Breathe. “Where’d this sudden romantic side of you come from?”

Jeremy, uncharacteristically calm, shrugs. “I figure it could be a nice icebreaker for Christine, or something? I don’t know. It’s stupid, you don’t have to tea—”

Mahal kita,” Michael says. The things he does for this boy. This boy. “I love you in Tagalog is mahal kita.”


The misadventures of Michael Mell, pining best friend extraordinaire.

everybody who knows me will know that I stan bird so hard and would happily elope with any/all of their writing, so of fucking course I’m reccing this one. honestly, if you’re a bmc fan, this is the must-read fic, and honestly I doubt I need to rec this because everybody knows it already, but I couldn’t skip the opportunity to remind everybody that my bird bias is strong as ever, so.

okay, that’s it for now. happy reading!!

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Headcanon: how the boy + Desmond and James Kidd wuold react if they find out that theirs S/O is a mercenary?

Only gonna do a few of them, love. Apologies, but I still have a load of requests to do :)


  • He’d be confused. Really confused
  • Not in a bad way, but he didn’t know why you didn’t tell him
  • Eventually Connor realizes that you were fearful of what might happen if you had been hired to take out Assassin allies
  • He seeks you out immediately and wraps you in a bear-tight hug
  • You wrinkle your eyebrows as Connor tells you that he knows about your side-job
  • The fear that flies across your face is so quick anyone could’ve missed it
  • Connor assures you that he still loves you, but if you were approached by any skeptical people, you would immediately tell him as soon as you could
  • You only nod before kissing your lover, grateful that he didn’t hate you


  • He’s impressed, but Desmond knows he should’ve figured it out earlier
  • You were exceptionally talented with various guns and could slice anyone’s throat with as much stealth as a ghost
  • He knows from first-hand experience after you help Lucy and him escape Abstergo in the parking lot
  • You shoot down half of the remaining security personnel before your gun runs out and you immediately switch to a small knife which takes out the last of the guards that had surrounded
  • Rebecca tells Desmond about your background and he swears the info only made you more attractive in his eye
  • He jokes that you’re his bodyguard, but the two of you both know that you and Desmond are capable of protecting each other
  • Desmond promises you a normal life after the war but we all know that it never happens
  • Maybe with someone else, but unfortunately not with Desmond

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Monster HEAVENS Headcanons:

Yamato Hyuga

  • A Ghoul
  • Just like legends portray him, he scavenges graveyards for his next meal of human flesh
  • His cannibalistic nature could be a bit off putting, but he is among the gentler monsters as long as you do not harm his s/o
  • Often he will scavenge the coffins of his meal and steal jewelry and other treasure and leave them as gifts for his s/o as a sign of adoration. 

Eichi Otori

  • A devil
  • Although he is not harsh like other Devils, he is still among the most territorial and aggressive of all creatures
  • He turns into a sweet devil around his s/o, often only succumbing to their desires and worshiping them 
  • Protects his s/o with ancient spells and charms from other creatures who may try to steal you away from him, because you are his 

Van Kiryuin

  • A naga
  • As half man and half snake, you get the best of both worlds
  • His tail is long and black with iridescent diamond patterned scales. He takes extremely good care of his tail as a way to attract mates.
  • Uses his long body to envelop his s/o in a warm embrace then they are stressed or if he feels the need to be near them.

Eiji Otori

  • A banshee
  • Although he may be intimidating to approach, he is actually just a gentle and lonely soul looking for a partner 
  • Once he finds his s/o, he acts sort of like their shadow as a way to protect them from any dangers lurking 
  • Holds the same territorial instincts as his Devil brother

Shion Amakusa

  • A merman
  • Prefers to aid lost sailors in the sea, but is known to be half-siren and lure men into their death if they try to take away his s/o
  • A melodic song he sings for his s/o when they are particularly stressed
  • Often scavenges the ruins of shipwrecks at the bottom of the ocean to bring gifts to his s/o, because to him they are his greatest treasure.

Nagi Mikado

  • A ghost
  • He chooses who he wants to be seen by, so if you are lucky enough to see him you must be very special 
  • Often scares away strangers when he gets jealous, which is a lot. He is sort of a brat, so he will often drive away visitors
  • Ghostly whispers resonated through your body, reminding you that though he is dead you are the closest thing he has to Heaven

Kira Sumeragi

  • A Cecaelia
  • He is surprisingly very much into public displays of affection, opposed to popular belief because not often does he get to experience physical contact such as the warmth you give off 
  • Lives in a cave deep in the ocean where he brings his s/o to be alone, showing off many trinkets he had collected
  • Full body cuddling, where his tentacles envelop his s/o in a safe and warm embrace 
🎃 Wanna One as supernatural creatures  👻 - Hyung Line

[ Masterlist ]

[ In honor of just making this blog as well as spooky spooks fest coming up in a few days, here’s a Halloween inspired Wanna One imagine! It’s lengthy for a first post so it’s under read more. 👻

Maknae line will be posted tomorrow! 

- Admin V ]

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Oh, what about the rest of the NDRV3 guys for that S/O is kidnapped prompt?

I hope this is okayyyyy~ My brain was in NSFW mode for a long time so have a bitta angst!
also Hoshi was in the first so he isn’t included in this!

DRV3 Boys & Kidnapped S/O

Shuuchi Saihara            

  • He received the note in the post
  • You’d been asleep next to him but he couldn’t find you anywhere
  • And then a note came through the door
  • Making demands in order to have you returned to him safely
  • His breath catches in his throat
  • The piece of paper falls from his hands
  • They took you while you were asleep beside him
  • He didn’t notice
  • The weight of the blame comes crashing down onto his shoulders
  • His knees feel like they’re going to give way
  • He’s trying to calm himself
  • He needs to think logically, to keep his emotions in check otherwise he’s not going to get you back
  • Breathe. Breathe dammit
  • He’s sat down reading the letter again, working out how to get you back
  • They wanted him to co operate with them
  • But what with?
  • Whatever it was, you were what was most important
  • He needed you at his side again
  • He would do anything
  • When you saw him appear you were screaming through your gag
  • “Please… Let Y/N go… I’ll do anything you want…”
  • They just smile before kicking you to the ground
  • He’s at your side in an instant
  • “We want you to release our companion from prison. The one you arrested last week,”
  • He’d spent months on that case
  • But he just nods
  • “Give me 48 hours…”
  • He spends the next day making sure you’re okay, asking if you want a professional for support to talk to, getting you anything and everything you need
  • While staying up all night to find new evidence and release the criminal in exchange for your safety

Kaito Momota

  • “Y/N! I’m back! You awake?”
  • It was the early hours and he had hoped you’d wait up for him like you usually did
  • But you didn’t reply
  • Oh then Y/N is probably asleep
  • He went to your room, only to see an empty bed
  • Something wasn’t sitting right with him
  • The house felt cold
  • “Y/N?”
  • He called out continually, searching the house, until he found a single note
  • He’s out of the door in an instant
  • Nearly gets hit by a car gdi look both ways kaito
  • He’s at the location in no time
  • “Where is Y/N?!”
  • He sees you crying against your binds
  • And bruises on your skin
  • “LET Y/N GO NOW!”
  • He manages to choke out, before a sob escapes his lips
  • He didn’t want to cry before the people holding you hostage
  • “Give us all the information you have on the next space launch. How we can get on it. There’s someone in the space station we need to deal with,
  • Kaito’s face falls
  • He shouldn’t have known this information in the first place, so how they found out he knew he hadn’t a clue
  • “I…”
  • He hands over a piece of paper he’d kept to himself
  • “The details… are on there…”
  • Before they read it over he’s at your side, holding you and burying his head in your shoulder
  • Spends the following days apologising profusely, not leaving your side and continually kissing you reassuring you he’s not going to let you out of his sight for a long time


  • He wasn’t used to being threatened
  • Any time someone had truly tried to attack him with an insult he had managed to brush it off
  • But there were a particular group after information from him
  • On how he ran, how he was made, all his data
  • He’d refused, saying it was private and they should develop their own idea rather than steal someone else’s
  • He had taken you out for a meal (as the humans do)
  • But you’d gone to the bathroom and not returned for a long time
  • He started getting anxious
  • He timed how long you were gone
  • Over 30 minutes wasn’t normal
  • When the waitress came over he mumbled a question
  • “It’s just, she’s been gone a while… and I can’t go into the ladies’ to check…”
  • The waitress agreed to check the bathroom while he sat worrying
  • “There’s no one in there sir,”
  • She places the bill on the table, and he notices something tucked under it
  • How?
  • It was just a location on the note
  • He’d gotten the coordinates instantly and was on the way
  • They can’t hurt Y/N
  • The number of people at the laboratory was intimidating
  • He had a copy of his details ready
  • Because he knew no one else would be after him
  • Without a word he walked in, placing the paper on the table
  • “Where’s Y/N,”
  • “How do we know these are legit?”
  • He goes through four proofing processes, showing them each function and how it ran on him
  • They seemed satisfied
  • And opened a cupboard to reveal you practically folded inside
  • The days following led to Kiibo not sleeping and spending all his time watching you, calming you and just holding you telling you how precious you were to him

Rantaro Amami

  • Trespassers will be prosecuted
  • He’d known the risk
  • But he hadn’t expected the owners of the land to abduct you
  • But there was no other explanation to your absence without note
  • He’d received the warnings but had ignored them
  • Boy was he regretting that now
  • “Y/N??? Y/N???”
  • Shit
  • How could he have let this happen
  • He’s googling the location they specified
  • And emptying his bank account to get the fee for trespassing
  • The land owner just smirks
  • And steps to one side to show you bound to a chair
  • Your head is hung and for a minute Amami thinks you’re unconscious
  • “The money’s all here. Release Y/N.”
  • “I’m glad you could finally see reason. When damage comes to your property, that’s what it feels like,”
  • “Y/N isn’t my property for you to take. People aren’t possessions you sick-”
  • You stir and he’s beside you
  • “Hey hey, it’s okay, I’m here,”
  • The land owner is too preoccupied counting his money, so Amami picks you up bridal style and carries you home
  • Every night he’s holding you tight for fear of anything else happening to you

Kokichi Ouma

  • He’s in shit with another organisation
  • His recent activity hadn’t been to their liking
  • But he wasn’t the one directly possible
  • Some of his people had stepped out of line
  • And he’d punished them accordingly
  • But that wasn’t enough apparently
  • “Y/N~ I’m here~ I’m all yours for the evening~”
  • Silence
  • Immediately he has a bad feeling
  • He’s out the door before the note makes it through the letterbox
  • And the person sent to deliver it is crippled before Ouma, before knocked out by a kick to the head
  • “You dare tell me what I am to do,”
  • He took the address off of the note but that was it
  • He had contacts
  • And they were soon headed to the same destination
  • Before Ouma even arrived there were people knocked unconscious
  • The person who had you tied up was a sobbing mess on the floor
  • You ran to Ouma
  • He noticed your bruises immediately
  • “Just, give me a second,”
  • He kicked your abductor thrice
  • Before pulling you from there and taking you home
  • He’s mostly pissed off at those who had the cheek to take you
  • But he’s dedicating all his time to you now
  • He won’t let you do anything around the house, he’s pampering you until you’re completely recovered

Gonta Gokuhara

  • “Gonta is back! Y/N where are you? Gonta has a lot to tell you!”
  • He’s concerned when you don’t reply
  • Did Gonta do something wrong?
  • “Y/N???”
  • He’d found some pretty valuable insects
  • He’d been offered them by a stranger
  • He hadn’t seen a problem!
  • He didn’t for one minute think they were stolen from some millionaire
  • He was so confused when he found a note addressed to him
  • A trade?
  • Prized bugs for Y/N
  • Dread was just crawling inside him
  • He was trembling with the fear of not knowing what was going to happen to you
  • He met up with them asap
  • And when they brought you with your arms bound behind your back he went white as a ghost
  • He starts crying and immediately gives back all the rare species
  • “Gonta is sorry! Gonta really is! Gonta was given them as a gift from a stranger!”
  • You’re crying too now
  • The owner is just silent, letting you go and retrieving the insects
  • “Uh… I’m glad we have reached an understanding…”
  • You and Gonta are just a mess together
  • He is grovelling for the next few months
  • No matter how many times you tell him it’s okay he’s still apologising

Korekiyo Shinguji

  • He’d picked up an expensive book
  • From somewhere he shouldn’t have
  • But the person who’d bought it had been particularly obnoxious to him
  • So he wanted payback
  • He’d retrieved it, and was on his way back to you
  • As he reached the house he saw a vehicle speeding away
  • That wasn’t good
  • He sees a note on the door and realises what’s going on
  • It’s impressive they intercepted him before he even got back
  • When he returns to the owner’s house he can hear your cries
  • His short fuse is out
  • You’re sobbing when he finds you
  • With blood running down one side of your face
  • “To be so arrogant as to lay a finger on Y/N,”
  • Before handing over the book he delivers them a blow
  • Then he throws it on the floor and carries you out
  • Spends the week making sure everything is comfortable for you
  • Tends to any injuries you have
  • Just generally looks after you until you’re better physically and mentally

things we know about Joe after listening to rep:

  • He’s a killer
  • He’s a ghost
  • He don’t try at all
  • Younger than Taylor’s exes
  • Acts like such a man
  • Taylor sees nothing better, and is keeping him forever (like a vandetta)
  • Taylor knows she’s gonna be with him
  • Every love Taylor has known in comparison to his is a failure
  • Taylor wants to be his end game, first string, A-team
  • Has beautiful traits and does it with ease
  • His hand prints are on Taylor’s soul
  • His body is gold
  • Calls Taylor’s bluff on her usual tricks
  • His love made Taylor crazy
  • He is Taylor’s drug that she’ll be using for the rest of her life
  • Taylor needs him
  • He decides Taylor’s name
  • Taylor calls him mine
  • Taylor is his daisy
  • He loves Taylor (she gets so high, everytime)
  • He touches Taylor (trip of her life, everytime)
  • He must like Taylor for Taylor
  • Wears dark jeans and Nikes
  • He’s handsome, a mansion with a view
  • Spends long nights with his hands in Taylor’s hair
  • Taylor’s magician
  • Makes everyone disappear and cuts her into pieces
  • Is a gold cage, hostage to Taylor’s feelings
  • Got Taylor tripping, trip, tripping when he’s gone
  • Gets Taylor alone and it’s so simple
  • Has lipstick on his face
  • Taylor is his to keep and his to lose
  • Met Taylor in a bar
  • Illusionist
  • Taylor makes all his gray days clear
  • Taylor has his heart skipping, skip, skipping when she’s gone
  • Has scratches down his back
  • Did a number on Taylor
  • Taylor did a number on him
  • He’s gorgeous
  • His magnetic field is a little too strong
  • He’s so cool (it makes taylor hate him so much)
  • Ruined Taylor’s life by not being hers
  • Touched Taylor’s hand in a darkened room
  • Makes Taylor so happy (it used to turn back to sad but now she has him so)
  • Ran after Taylor (she was screaming “go, go, go”
  • Tried on calling Taylor baby, like trying on clothes
  • Moves to Taylor like a Mowtown beat
  • Rules the kingdom with Taylor inside her room
  • He’s the one Taylor’s been waiting for
  • King of Taylor’s heart, body and soul
  • He’s all Taylor wants and she’s never letting him go
  • The taste of his lips is Taylor’s idea of luxury
  • Helped mend Taylor’s broken bones with all the nights they’re spending
  • Loved Taylor at first sight, without reason
  • 25 years old
  • Painted Taylor golden
  • Said to Taylor that there’s nothing in the world that could stop them
  • Turned Taylor’s he’s into a secret oasis
  • Danced with Taylor with their hands tied
  • Taylor is the mess that he wanted
  • Left an indentation in the shape of him
  • Made a mark on Taylor, a golden tattoo
  • Makes everything stop when he says Taylor’s name
  • Taylor doesn’t want him like a best friend
  • Kissed Taylor’s face when they were both drunk (and Taylor was spilling wine in the bathtub)
  • Used to have a buzz cut
  • Saw the best in Taylor, even in her worst times
  • Saw the truth in Taylor, even in her worst lies
  • Wakes up by Taylor’s side
  • Taylor’s one and only, her lifeline
  • He ain’t reading what they call Taylor lately (here’s to her baby 🥂)
  • Fit like a daydream
  • Walking with his head down and Taylor is the one he’s walking to
  • Fly like a get stream
  • High above the whole scene
  • Loves Taylor like she’s brand new
  • Built a fire just to keep Taylor warm
  • Taylor’s drama queen’s and jokers fade to nothing when she looks at him
  • He’s the one thing Taylor did right
  • Laughs with Taylor
  • Makes forts under covers with Taylor
  • Taylor trusts him like a brother
  • Sparks up Taylor’s darkest night
  • Wears his initial on a chain ‘round her neck (not because he owns her)
  • He really knows Taylor
  • Ran away with Taylor
  • Has Polaroids with Taylor
  • Squeezed Taylor’s hand three times in the back of the Taxi

Things we know about Joe’s eyes after listening to rep:

  • Are like liquor
  • Taylor’s never seen that colour blue
  • Ocean blue
  • Deep blue
  • Starry eyes

The moral of the story is Joe is amazing, thank you Joe for loving our baby

So I have an AU on my roleplay blog where timmy doesn’t have fairies, and while that’s already depressing of an au, i decided to make a bRANCH of that au where he dies from overdosing on his parents medication because he kept thinking they were candy his parents were trying to keep away from it and becomes a ghost

he doesn’t remember his name, though while his body was rejecting all the medication he was eating before death, he saw hallucinations of fairies when he was absolutely alone before choking on his own vomit, and right before he died, he saw all the hallucinations turn to dust, so he calls himself Fairy Dust

sometimes shortened to just Fairy or Dust, he has selective mutism, and often just tried to write his name. His mouth is almost nonexistent, though once he opens it, tar spews out from it endlessly until he closes up his mouth again. There’s always dried tar under his eyes.He DOES have legs, but he tends to float and doesn’t really like touching the ground with his feet

aside from the tar spewing (and the ability to pretty much barf if up as much as he wants- not that he LIKES doing it), he can cause others to see temporary hallucinations, longest lasting ten minutes. typically uses this to scare people (or ghosts) who cause him discomfort, and as a means to escape capture or simply the fact he prefers being along

despite lack of mouth, he (if he’s comfortable with the other) can speak telepathically, and usually only does so when close to the other’s ear or whatever they use for hearing. otherwise, he remains silent with an eerie stare as he almost never blinks

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Hello may I request pranking hcs for Odasaku,Nakahara and Dazai?Thank you <3

Of course you can! ;)

Oda Sakunosuke

  • Oda says to his s/o that one of the kids is sick.S/o goes to see in the kid room and everyone bombard Oda’s s/o with tickles!
  • Oda disguising himself as a ghost
  • He finally got pranked back by waking up with colorful toe nails

Nakahara Chuuya

  • He wouldn’t prank his s/o
  • Chuuya’s more likely to be pranked, than pranking someone
  • Maybe his s/o diluting wasabi or spicy chili sauce in his glass of wine
  • or his s/o would be messing on his phone(autocorrect function)

Dazai Osamu

  • Dazai offers a massage to his s/o
  • While they’re asleep he doodles all over their face
  • his s/o would put cute pins and hair accessories on his hair for revenge
  • I also think that Dazai could be able to make his s/o trip and says ‘see?You’ve completely fallen for me’ *grins*

A/N This is a little Taehyung Smut inspired by Troye Sivan’s DKLA :3 Sorry for being inactive lately TT Elle and I are trying our best to write one-shots and reaction :D Hope you guise enjoy thus excoose if this is bad or has any grammatical error I am still ‘pure’ and have never written a smut before

Genre: Smut

Rating: M?

Warning/kinks: Slight!Dirty Talk, Smut

Word Count: 474(ish short)

(Gifs Aren’t Mine)

“Taehyung..we shouldn’t be doing this in the dorm” you whispered into his ear as he gently sucked on your neck causing you to moan.You quickly put your right hand over your mouth.

You felt him removing his lips from your neck.His eyes were dark and staring deep into yours “Don’t do that…let me hear that beautiful moan of yours”

Wrapped my thoughts around your mind

Wrapped your body around mine

He removed your hand and placed his lips on yours, you bit on his bottom lip.He moaned and you took that chance to stick your tongue into his.You moaned into the kiss as you felt his arm slowly went down your spine and grabbed your thigh

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Soriel Week Day 6 - AU/Crossover

Beauty and the Beast AU, a.k.a. Muse’s Completely Self-Indulgent AU That Allows Her To Draw Her OTP As The Leads In Her Favorite Disney Movie

Some details on the AU (and an extra sketch) under the cut if you’re interested! :D

(tl;dr: i’m borrowing the design aesthetic, but this thing has it’s own tweaked story!)

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I’m not sure how many people know what Monster High is, but they were like my favorites toys when I was younger so for nostalgic reasons here’s a Monster High au

  • Percy is the son of a salt water sea monster
  • His skin holds a greenish tint, contrasting his dark raven hair greatly and his eyes take the color of any near by surrounding water
  • He’s captain of the Monster High swim team
  • Annabeth is the daughter of a werecat
  • Her nails are always sharpened to a deadly point and she holds three track records at the school
  • She was raised to hate sea monsters (after all cats and water don’t mix)
  • But soon she can’t help notice that she’s lingering at the door to the school’s pool in hopes of seeing a certain green skinned guy
  • Her and Percy end up dating in their third year together and he loves to splash her to see the fur on her tail stick up like she’s been electrocuted
  • Piper is the daughter of a siren
  • She always wanted to be in chorus, but always opted out as she didn’t want her voice to cause someone to be forced to do something
  • Piper’s voice is a curse to her, she’s never really that sure if people really are doing something for her or if she’s forcing them through the power of her words
  • Jason is the son of Dracula
  • He’s a late bloomer in getting his fangs and learning to turn into a bat
  • When he does learn to turn into a bat the first thing he manages to do is fly into a brick wall
  • It wouldn’t have been so bad if the really cute siren girl hadn’t been watching and giggled like a maniac afterwards
  • Leo is a robot
  • He isn’t sure who designed him, only that they’d given him some super awesome hands that shoot fire
  • Often times people disregard him as not having emotions, but that’s far from true
  • He’s a gifted mechanic, understanding machines because he is one
  • Hazel is a mummy that’s been woken recently from the dead
  • She’s still getting used to the modern times and forgets sometimes that it’s morally wrong to curse a person
  • Her bandages get caught on stuff a lot of times, making her late to class almost always
  • Frank is the son of a werewolf
  • He’s really insecure about his transformations during the full moon and tries to skip school those days
  • When he finds himself crushing on a gold eyed beauty he’s not sure what to do
  • Nico is a ghost
  • He can’t remember anything from his past, but dead languages do seem to come easily to him
  • When he meets another ghost at the school by the name of Bianca he can’t help, but feel a sense of familiarity in her
  • Sometimes he kinda just fades in out of existence
  • Reyna is the daughter of bigfoot
  • And let me tell you how she slays
  • When she was younger she was insecure about her height, but soon realized what an advantage it had
  • Basically she could do scary looks really well while being bomb af 
What's Your Deity Name?


First Letter of Your Clan Leader’s Name:

A - Ash
B - Bionic
C - Creation
D - Dapper
E - Energy
F - Feast
G - Ghost
H - Hell
I - Invisible
J - Justice
K - Kale
L - Love
M - Mist
N - Nomadic
O - Orbit
P - Puzzle
Q - Quirky
R - Razor
S - Salty
T - Treats
U - Unifier
V - Violent
W - Word
X - Xylitol
Y - Yarn
Z - Zombie

The Breed of the 5th Dragon in Your Lair:
Bogsneak - Breaker
Coatl - Wanderer
Fae - Guardian
Guardian - Lord
Imperial - God/Godess
Mirror - Maker
Nocturne - Watcher
Pearlcatcher - Bringer
Ridgeback - Holder
Skydancer - Keeper
Snapper - Caller
Spiral - Magician
Tundra - Binder
Wildclaw - Recorder

Combine the two and post! Most of the combination make sense, but post what you think your name would have you be doing?

anonymous asked:

How would RFA+V react to MC being a ghost this whole time?

(For the Halloween Special)


  • what
  • ghost???
  • he’s a little bit freaked out
  • MC better show up to calm this bean down
  • does this mean MC was dead?? is dead??? 
  • his head hurts this is almost too much
  • MC will need to drill into his head that they are not a harmful ghost
  • eventually (and with enough explaining) he’ll calm down and start finding it very cool
  • “MC can you possess my computer and make me win this match”
  • that’s not how it works Yoosung
  • also if MC is non-corporeal he’s going to have A Hard Time because he loves cuddling 


  • it’s like if someone had dumped a bucket of water on her
  • you’re a what MC
  • a WHAT
  • a ghost Jaehee they are a ghost
  • scoots a chair out and sits down because This Is Too Sudden
  • let her breathe for a sec
  • first she asks MC to please prove it because what if it’s a prank??
  • then MC levitates and she shrieks a little 
  • she’s very scared at first?
  • not of MC just, the prospect of ghosts existing
  • does that mean evil ghosts exist too?
  • she tries to keep going as normal; maybe just, act as if MC is a normal human?
  • even when MC goes non-corporeal she tries to act normal?
  • when she grows comfortable with MC being a ghost it becomes normal to have MC levitating stuff around the house 
  • not to spook Jaehee just to hand her stuff


  • he knew his looks were drop-dead gorgeous but
  • damn
  • even the undead are going for him now?
  • in all seriousness though he’s kinda spooked
  • he just needs a little moment to organize his thoughts
  • ok maybe a couple moments
  • MC just gently stays near him to make sure he doesn’t go too crazy with the new over
  • he still thinks MC is very very pretty but…. they’re a ghost
  • is it- is it legal to date a ghost
  • he takes a few sips of his beer and comes to the realization he couldn’t care less?
  • like ok who cares this is his ghost lover and nobody can tear him apart from them
  • the joke “I’m drop-dead gorgeous” has literally never been used so much in a relationship
  • also if MC goes non-corporeal he will not be happy because he wants to kiss MC at all times and he can’t if they are non-corporeal like please just possess a pillow he’ll kiss a pillow


  • he almost faints
  • ghosts. jumin han didn’t believe in ghosts
  • until that day
  • now he’s just, kinda forced to acknowledge them?
  • and even more so the one he loves is one of them?
  • he needs to think this over
  • with a glass of wine
  • it’s not like he’d ever leave MC, he just needs to adapt to the situation.
  • yes he just needs to adapt.
  • small steps here and there so that he can get comfortable with this fact are a must
  • eventually he’ll feel entirely comfortable with MC being a ghost
  • sure, there may be times when MC forgets and goes non-corporeal and he ends up hugging the air
  • but he still loves them. 
  • also imagine jumin trying to explain to his business partner why their hand just went through Jumin’s date he’d be like “haha but they’re not a ghost not at all they’re everything but a ghost”


  • he was so surprised when he couldn’t find any records of MC on the internet
  • only one article
  • but that couldn’t be MC right?
  • it talked about a person born like a hundred years ago plus that person had already died so?
  • it can’t be MC can it?
  • think again you redhead
  • when he sees MC and receives his explanation he goes into shutdown mode
  • he just sort of curls up in the ground to think
  • well that’s the reason why he couldn’t find any info on them
  • haha…
  • ha…
  • h…
  • MC has to break this trance by making a pun
  • “I guess you can say…. I’m dying for you 707″
  • this little pun cheers him up
  • as much as he feels weird with it he also finds it very fitting?
  • there’s also little to no trace of him existing at the current moment
  • much like MC
  • he gets very comfortable with this
  • he loves his ghost honey


  • he found out when he tried to find from where MC’s voice was coming
  • but when he found the place from where the sound came there was nothing?
  • nothing he could touch or feel?
  • that’s when MC explained 
  • his throat went dry
  • this kind of… conflicts his beliefs
  • he can’t help but have all these thoughts- who is MC really? could they be an evil spirit? is he cursed?
  • no, there’s no way. MC can’t be a curse
  • there’s no way a curse can be this lovely
  • “V… I think, maybe instead of having our souls meet in heaven… My soul saw yours living here, and couldn’t bear not being with you…. So it came down like this.”
  • he finds it so sweet that MC is trying to explain this gently to him?
  • he doesn’t feel like he deserves that gentleness?
  • it’s like a slow dance- slowly, he warms up to this aspect of MC
  • until eventually it’s another feature of MC he loves
  • even when he has trouble locating MC or sensing their presence, MC makes sure to always whisper sweet things to him so he doesn’t feel entirely alone.

I barely made it alive
I came incredibly close
Jumped in a swimming pool
It’s there I saw my ghost

He said “listen up
Boy, now here’s the squeeze
You’d rather die on your feet
Than live a life on your knees”

On and on it goes
Until my head explodes
On and on it goes
Until my head explodes

I think alone at night
I find it hard to sleep
Reliving memories
I’m sick of counting sheep

I heat my bag and baggage
To keep me warm
I zip my coat up tight
As I walk into the storm

On and on it goes
Until my head explodes
On and on it goes
Until my head explodes
On and on it goes
Until my head explodes
On and on it goes
Until my head explodes

I ain’t scared of the dark
It’s where I see her the most
Questioning my thoughts
Like a talk show host

So where’d I go from here?
Now entertainment’s wrong
Can’t let the viewers decide
I know, I’m done
I’m done

On and on it goes
Until my head explodes
On and on it goes
Until my head explodes
On and on it goes
Until my head explodes
On and on it goes
Until my head implodes